Sizzler Mania

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This time it was a Sizzler Mania



There was a Sizzler festival going on in our favorite restaurant and we were waiting for my son's exam to be over. Yesterday was the last day of his half yearly exam and I can gladly say, we are seeing some serious changes in him - he is putting a lot of effort going to the extra miles, and have been working hard since couple of months for the exam. He wanted a treat after the exam and I promised to give it as soon as his exam is over. So we went for the treat after his exam was over yesterday.

Me and my son went for non-veg and the other half of the family preferred vegen. I tried the Grilled Spicy Paprika Prawn Sizzler, and my son took the Classic Grilled Chicken Steak Sizzler. The lady went for a Mexican one where as our daughter went for Corn Mushroom Cheese Blast Sizzler. And how can we miss the sweet, that also came in the form of Sizzlers - Sizzling Chocolate Mud Cake With Ice Cream and then a Sizzling Brownie. So it was a Sizzler fest for us. Hope you can feel them.












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What a feast!

Every one of your food posts makes me extra glad we have an Indian restaurant as a client for our digital marketing company. I stop by to shoot more pictures for our social media posting and they send me away with the yummiest treats.

Now I need a sizzler.

You shared them fairly! Your son is the same your wife and the daughter the same you! 😃 Great dishes! Have fun pal!

Congrats to your son in advance. You guys had a great sizzler mania. You’ve been blessed with a wonderful family:)

Tasty food gives you tasty mind😍

good gift for your friend son I hope you all enjoyed it and the best thing is that the whole family was there

good appetite friend and congratulations to your son for completing his studies with good grades

These look yummy! I am going for the one at the top right...hehe. Glad you guys had had a great outing. I am also happy that your son has finished his exams. I wish him the best.

Great pics @sanjeevm. Your son seems to be enjoying his time after exams. 🔥

I am a huge sizzler fan and all of them look so tasty!!!

It feels good when having a lovely family gathering like this which I believe is special

😊😋🤙 YUM! now that's what I call sizzling!!

I would gulp down that brownie now pls. :P

as always, looking good.. all of u in those pics!

Hope your son's mid-term exams went well. And he must be very happy now because his father gave him a treat after his exam. A meal out means another close bond with family and some relief from fatigue. The food looks very tasty.

Yes, he did well, and all credit for his hard effort - deserved a treat.

Sizzler festival is so tasty. The food looks so wonderful !

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Delish. I hope no burnt fingers!

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good morning
How beautiful what you tell us, you should be proud of the progress in your son's studies, my congratulations
The dishes look delicious. enjoy it a lot
Thank you very much for sharing these special moments with us.
have a beautiful day