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Important info for those who are interested.

In this video, I cover the basics of how to keep your family safe around wild snakes, especially venomous ones. Understanding snake safety can really help anyone who lives in areas where snakes also live. From basic protective clothing, to reducing habitat and increasing education, a few simple steps just may safe your life, or the life of one of your loved ones.

The most important thing to remember is that most people are bitten when they are trying to either capture or kill snakes. Avoiding these two activities will exponentially reduce the risk of a snakebite, and remember that children should not play with wild snakes on their own. For parents who are comfortable with their children checking them out or holding them, I would recommend that parental supervision would be wise. Hopefully this video will help.


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Well done snake man!

Good Deeds here @papa-pepper. Gotta be proactive.
I grew up in the woods, I didn't hunt or fish, but my father and older brothers did.

I killed a 6 ft rattlesnake about 10 feet from the back door to my bedroom once.
We also had rat snakes and "earth snakes" get into the house frequently.
It pays to be able to recognize the different breeds, how to identify a poisonous snake (or not) are all necessary

Awesome video, fun beginning too!

Great job taking care of the fam! The memories created between you all are invaluable. Fantastic Video Papa.

Great information for us rubes .. rebloged

Just wear buckets around your feet.