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When a frog is placed in water that is heated slowly to boiling point it will not jump out and will die a tragic death. In the same way, as we get used to more layers of restrictions and denial of our most basic, primal human rights .. and NEEDS... we may indeed mimic our beloved frog. It is vital that EVERYBODY realise and understand that NO ONE, NO BODY knows what will come to pass. Not You nor I can really say what is going on, or whether or not this is a part of a very grand and very elaborate global manipulation by great powers with incredible resources and technology. What is most important right now, and that is what THIS post is about.. is UNITY, but not in thought
or belief. We will never all agree on one idea or concept, and nor should we try to. It is OK for us to disagree, and respect what role each of us plays in this great game of life.

Let it be said that those of us who are brave enough to speak out and think differently, and are working to potentially save our entire planet from utter totalitarianism in the worst possible way, need to be given space to speak. They no longer let us speak on Facebook, they no longer let us speak on YouTube, and today in 2020, they no longer let us fu*!ing speak at SPEAKERS CORNER! , the former home of Free Speech in the UK. Whatever reasons they may have, this is a very significant occurrence and it needs to be critiqued. Politicians can't do it, they have to toe the party line. Doctors and nurses cant do it because they are sworn to secrecy and will surely lose their jobs or worse. The only people who can stand up and speak out are you and me, and the very occasional whistle-blower who most people ignore.

So if you are someone who doesn’t believe the covid sceptics, may I please make a request?

Firstly I'd just like to say that just because i doubt the motives and integrity of those reporting this entire pandemic (by that i mean our governments, the WHO, and our media) it does not mean I wear a tin foil hat. Nor does it mean i think the earth is flat, or that I listen to David Icke. We are free thinking individuals who also are finding their way and their truth, and whilst i cannot say i am 100% right, things are potentially sso serious that we NEED space to speak up. Please that do not belittle us just for speaking out or having a different opinion. You may not agree, but WHAT IF WE ARE RIGHT?! Respect us, just in case, and love us because we are a part of one family that needs each other more than ever now.

As a retired British police officer recently commented:

.....We must be kind to each other, and realise that the "enemies" of others, have now become our own....It matters not the race nor religion of our neighbours, we must stand together now, and reclaim our freedoms and our country....It is obvious that there is a concerted effort, this year especially, to "divide" us, and therefore "conquer" us....We have more in common with each other, than the Government, and mass media would have us believe....

......I am old enough to have seen this tried before....A Government rarely, if ever, revokes the core tenet of Legislation, nor Statutory Instruments. They remain; at a cost to us all....Thank you for taking your time to read my words, and hope we can all have our lives back and to start we must take off the MASK


Do you want to live in The New Big Father Economy?

Is this pandemic serious enough to change the course of the entire world, and make most of us unemployed and thereby utterly dependant on the State for basic survival needs? I was watching a YouTube recently about a man who visited an ultra orthodox Jewish community in New York. They did not adhere to the lockdown or social distancing rules, and simply went about their lives as normal. It is true that they tragically lost some of the older and weaker people to Corona, but today they have overcome it and no longer fear it or restrict themselves. This man related this story with a smile on his face.

For many people now, your government is your boss. They pay you Universal income, you can take it for free. Right now there are no strings attached, but you just wait and see what C(ULD happen! What if your 'boss' says that to keep getting paid and to be a good 'employee' you must obey their rules? What if those rules include having a vaccine? Staying home? Not being able to visit your partner who you don’t live with. Not being able to visit a funeral. Not being able to attend parties. Would you want to live like this? These things are not that hard to imagine coming true very soon, with everyone complying with what sounds very logical.. or does it? And, please don't expect ANY miracle vaccine to solve this. It can be a bandage, nothing more. Notice how every year we have flu vaccines? notice how the flue has not been eradicated? This entire vaccine charade is going to make some powerful people a whole LOT of money.. Trump did not support vaccines, just to say!


I would like to share a few key points about what sceptics like me think and feel.
Not all sceptics have the same story of course! There are some who say the whole virus and pandemic is fake. I don’t believe that. There are many people dying and suffering from covid 19 symptoms, and it would not really be possible to have a worldwide global fake pandemic spanning many countries who all collaborate.

SO, i would like to share my story, and a view that is not just mine. There are many people who see and believe what I do, and on behalf of them as well I would like to share this information. Whilst it may or may not be true, perhaps you can see, at least, that there is an explanation that makes sense and doesn’t require the kind of conspiracy that some speak about. This story below is a kind of fantasy you might say, at least you can read it like that. It may WELL be true though, but i can not provide traditional evidence to support it. The only traditional hard evidence i have is from a nurse who i can not name because she's been gagged by the government! In this age there is no such thing as due diligence or real evidence. Our technology has made those avenues of finding the truth redundant. Due diligence is no longer possible in these kinds of situations.

Therefore i provide this story, which certainly has SOME truth in it, and im sure some inaccuracies.. Nevertheless, the evidence i present below is what i believe. For me at least, with a strong background in science and specifically Biology and Medical Microbiology, i have seen enough EVIDENCE that AT THE VERY LEAST i have to question what is going on. In fact, i take it much further than that and, being a solution based person, am busy getting myself and others off-grid and self sufficient..

Perhaps World War III began in 2019 but the public weren’t notified

Maybe our governments knew, but it was too late to do anything except react and try to contain an unknown and very peculiar virus. This virus originated in China, and was released either accidentally or intentionally into our world. President Trump was the only president to be a total renegade. No matter what you think of him personally, he knew things, and he demonstrated very clearly what he knew as far as he was able. He called it the China Virus very early on, and very plain and simple. He also refused to wear a mask almost all of the time. He is the ONLY public figure of his calibre who did this, and his message was clear to many Americans who knew that Trump was different from those other politicians. Interestingly Trump exposed the World Health Organisation as being totally owned by China these days.. and a LOT of 'information' came from the WHO to aid countries around the world respond (very badly) to this pandemic. Vital PPE equipment, totally inaccurate testing kits were all delayed, lost, or something was wrong with them. Somehow China 'bureaucracy' held it all up! I think that the USA withdrawing funding from the WHO sends a pretty clear message, that something is not right about the WHO.

There is a lot i could say about the whole China side of things but there are more important things to speak about. Remember, it doesn’t matter if what im saying above is exactly true or not.. All that matters is that it is plausible. When there is a crisis, either manufactured or natural, those in power will try to use those times as an opportunity to further their agendas.. especially the controversial agendas!

If you look at this objectively nothing about our Governments response makes sense. How can crowds be allowed to gather only at large commercial institutions and not anywhere else, like speakers corner (outside) .. for example? Isn’t it interesting that by many Presidents, Prime ministers and Royalty have had COvid. Some of them are older, and yet none of them died or became seriously ill. How comes there are almost no examples that I know of famous people dying from COVID? They get it and all seem to recover. It really does seem that hardly anyone who even gets COVID is seriously ill, and yet we respond like this?

They said to stay home to Flatten The Curve... WHy? so the hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. That approach will cost more billions of dollars and will extend for years if not indefinitely as our economies shift (collapse) totally to support only large corporations like Amazon. It would be a DROP IN THE OCEAN to have created HUGE hospitals,, or even better use any of the many huge vacant office spaces. Many of them could easily be adapted to meet the needs of an emergency corona virus treatment centers. Instead of locking everyone up and shutting the world down, they could have gone on a recruitment drive to get more doctors to assist in these corona hospitals. It would not be hard to train up new doctors and nurses to perform most if not all of the tests and work needed to treat and look after patients. I guess they can't go to medical schools and recruit people because they closed them down.

The latest lockdown in the UK was based on projections known to be false. Finally some British politicians are standing up against it, including the previous prime minster Ms Theresa May. In fact, Theresa is someone who no longer has to toe any party line since she has no greater aspirations after holding the highest office in the land. She gave our current prime minster Boris Johnson a strong message in parliament. We should listen to her!

Theresa May's Anti-Lockdown Speech

Numbers Numbers Numbers

Speaking of numbers, they are all meaningless. Its hard to believe that every day for 7 months we have been presented with these ridiculous numbers as though were able to really even know what they mean! They really are just presented to us in such a way as to scare us and make us do what they want.. If you understand them, and what they are, how they are derived you will know they mean nothing. Just to add insult to injury, hospitals have been paid and even officially instructed in secrecy to diagnose patients as COVID irrespective of what they actually died of. I know this second hand from friends. The tests themselves are also very inaccurate, as demonstrated publicly by Elon Musk who was recently have 4 tests in one day with 2 coming positive and 2 negative. And we use this data to base the greatest assault on Human freedom that ever came to pass?

Boris Johnson is today on lockdown himself after coming into contact with someone with COVID19. He survived it 7 months ago and recovered in a matter of days, and now he is not showing symptoms and is healthy. HELLO? NO Vaccine, just get ill, take rest, and recover. Things have gotten so out of hand with numbers that you can find two articles on the same web page of a respected newspaper and read totally contradicting numbers and stories. Let it be said that no one really has any idea what the actual numbers are ! All we can say is that the total number of deaths this year has not shown any significant change from previous years globally. Interestingly, the same can also be said for CO2 emissions. Despite all the changes and lock downs, hardly anyone flying etc., the rate of CO2 emissions is almost the same. You can only see it in the air due to the reduction in air pollution.

One thing is for sure. IF our governments have been manipulated by groups larger and more powerful than themselves (which is most of the rich and powerful people in the world).. they would not tell us, that is if they even knew about it! IF China had managed to target us and make sure we all fell flat on our faces, would it not be the most intelligent and incredible coup on the entire planet. I have hands on researched and worked with DNA and genetic engineering as a young adult. It is not hard to make a virus to suit any desire, and indeed some people are creating very positive and beneficial 'viruses' that can aid the body and help it maintain good health.

So in closing I hope you may understand at least a little better why some of us are speaking out.. at least enough that you can not get quite so upset when you see us posting.. and if you are a friend, what a damn shame it would be if you unfriended me because i speak against this movement, and urge caution when we so readily give up EVERYTHING!



I would like to leave you with what I think is a hilarious video by Danny Shine from 4 days ago. If you don’t know Danny, he goes about his business asking questions and going on a rant to the police and public alike. On this occasion he is outside of Downing Street with a megaphone!

In the middle of this video a very old woman approaches him and heckles him for ages. It is very funny to watch, but also quite interesting that in truth she had nothing much to say! Meanwhile Danny goes on a brilliant and comedic rant and asks MANY very pertinent questions to Boris Johnson ! ENJOY!




WHAT IF WE ARE RIGHT?! Respect us, just in case, and love us because we are a part of one family that needs each other more than ever now.

We are right. Bit by bit we chip away at the force field the zombies have erected around their intellects. Thank you for putting this all together.

And Danny Shine! I'm in love.

You can never expect the outliers to be popular or accepted.
It's a fact of civilizations throughout history.

The 'conformity mindset' will not accept an alternative - minority- view.
Until they are not in the minority of course - but then 'our job will' be over.

Thanks for keeping it real. So much I could say. This 36 sec video is ..

a couple of helpful thoughts hopefully.

Refuse Vaccine.jpg


I live with 2 nurses so this is all pretty real to me.

Those evil smirks from the Gates two. Why do they both look transgender?

To me this post is a personification of the saying "love will set you free"

It is your love for your community that encourages you to spend your energy to guide and share you intellect.

Many blessings to you and your family

Thank you

DIVOC-91 is an ancient Hebrew parasitic demon within their lore...But we all know they were laughing Inuit on 911...Oh vey.
So everything is dismissed.

Excellent post thank you very much for your share. Yeah, that beginning of your post really meant a lot to me. It's exactly the direction that this world is moving on to. This pandemic has of course changed my life just as it has changed billions of others lives around the world.
Sure, I do believe the virus is real.
I know 19 people who have had the virus (I myself have not gotten it (yet))
Of those 19 people who I know who have had it, none of them were seriously ill. The explained it as "It really sucked & I was in bed all week"
Of those 19 people their age range was 32 - 61. They all were off work for 14 days. Within 5-7 days, they all recovered.
It's really scary what IS to be coming in our future. Because as you said in this post. A vaccine is only a temporary fix maybe just for the year of 2021. In 2022, the virus would have mutated & this whole pandemic would begin again.
There has never been a cure for the flu however, it's spread about the same way as coronavirus (insanitation & becoming in contact with other with the flu). There is a vaccine for the flu every year. Some people believe in getting it (I of which do not)
& if I do get it, I will only hope that my body is strong enough to fight back. That's what inspires me to be in good health, because a healthy body both physically & mentally fights off viruses & negativity in the world & makes peace with oneself.
Again, thank you for the post. I really hope to hear more perspectives like this, where people can speak their mind freely without censorship from media, social media, or government.

Hi Alex and Co. We are in a bind. As free-thinking lover of peace and freedom, I would like to put my money where my mouth is, and support organic products, small businesses, ecological projects. But as the mum of 7 kids, I just can't. I have to buy what's cheapest. It's a rigged system, to the core. And indeed, growing your own stuff to really fill the needs of a family, it's a loooot of work. If you live in a modern society, you also need time to wash clothes every day, do homework with your kids. It's just impossible., to become self-suffient, when the rat-race vortex is pulling you back in all the time... But thanks for believing, and offering an alternative path. Love and light to you.

And this is the real crux of the problem and why big resistance is bound to fail

And nobody cares, so that is the crux of the crux of the problem. We are just a small planet in a tiny solar system in a little galaxy... who gives a monkey's anyway?

Control our self

Good information

Yesterday I started reading your post, and even though I agree with every word in it, I just could not finish it. My heart was pounding and my fists were clenched in rage, until I decided that it was not worth it. But the message you wanted to convey couldn't let me go, so I just had to come back to it. Good thing I did.

The most important part for me is in the beginning, where you talk about unity. Regardless how you interpret the virus and all the information surrounding it, I belive one thing to be more obvious than anything: the proponents and critics of masks are tearing each other up on social media! Granted, they might just as well tear each other up over other issues, but what I'm gathering is, this yet another attempt to create a ridiculous notion that further divides us in order to be ruled more easily.

The other thing is, all the human rights in the world won't be able to keep someone from stabbing me with a needle (or putting a bullet in my head) if push comes to shove. Well, I'll try not to be the one to do the pushing, but that may mean I'd have to run, hide, and all that. For now though, I'll try not to get too upset.

Yes I agree Alex, well said, let's keep the info real and inform as many people as possible. The information war is on.