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Audio Dubbed from German to English - conference on what is inside the vaccine šŸ’‰šŸ’‰ šŸ’‰ - their website with all information regading the video: https://pathologie-konferenz.de/

Original video being mirrored here - from dubbed from German to English: https://odysee.com/@en:a5/PK_Tot-durch-Impfung_english:a

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Thanks for posting, will absolutely share.

Took two nights but I just finished watching it. Thank goodness there are good doctors/scientist/pathologist and others out there doing the right thing. Sad part is this reminds of a movie I watched a couple two, three weeks back where this lawyer took a case for a guy whose cows were dying, caused by pollution from a large chemical company, it took years to win the case as they had to test everyone in the town and wait years for the results, we don't have years to stop this our children are at stake here.

Thank you so much for sharing !
I'll leave some rough notes about what is being observed:

Very in depth microscope analysis and discussion of the several vaccines:

  • on the hearth going into not so common effects, immune reactions, etc at 54/55m
  • stainless steel found in moderna vials in japan made in spain
  • reference to sports, muscle fibers disappearing and not going to come back
  • 1h.16m breast cancer that was improving got worse and required cirgury
  • 1h.27m artifacts / chips / nanolipids ? found 0.5mm sized, increasing in size after months, several "objects/artifacts"
  • 1h.33m non organic fibers probably graphene oxide
  • 1h.37m change in temperatures of object ?
  • 1h.41m crystal structure and white dots unknown
  • 1h.46m unknown metal structures, string like
  • 1h.57m question about metals, common in vaccines but not these structures / objects
  • 2h.00m conclusion: this is all reproducible, if a lemonade had these things it would be removed from market, this is a crime against humanity and it is legally punishable !