You are not alone in Winter 2022

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Hey You,

Winter is a time when nature must go through a total death season. That's why we call it crypto winter, as soon as there's death everywhere on the scene. Yes, we all know, that's a drag for your portfolio as well, my condolences.

But it's not the downturn that makes you feel unsatisfied, it's the lack of progress. All the miles to the crypto empire that you have to RE DO all over again.

Too bad for you? Or too good for you?

It's about the ride, eventually, so look at it this way,

you just won a second Ticket for the JoyRide :)

This is not about comforting anybody or telling you that it's going to be epic and you're the single greatest investor of all time for #hodl or buying right now, nope.
I'm just here to tell you guys and gals, you're not alone. I do get those texts and calls too. We'll get through that together.



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Time is coming and then bäääämmmmm :-)

That‘s right


It is very comforting to know that "we are not alone". Thanks @manniman for the support...




I'm actually in real winter and wish I was as cool about it as that moose!

I reckon we should just all be more like that moose regarding seasonal changes, in fact!


I've never met one in real life, besides in a zoo.

I've never met one, even in a zoo.

I hope you sneaked in after midnight and let them all out ;)

But this creature in your pic... I want his cool. Gorgeous!

Thank you for your upvoting!

Sir,Great post has been revealed through your writing. Many animals die in this place due to the cold of public in the winter season.