250% Performance Boost for inji

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Since my last #inji update, I've been working hard on tweaking the performance of inji.com and I'm glad to say that I was able to improve it by over 250%! 🤩

Over time inji.com became more and more complex, which required advanced measures to improve its performance, such as reducing/removing big libraries (i.e. opensea-js, dhive), webpack bundling, lazy-loading & -hydration of components.

There is still room to grow, performance to be gained and bugs to be fixed, which I aim to address in the coming days/weeks.

If you're interested in the project and/or would like to support it, you'll find all the social links (incl. Discord) at: https://inji.com/@inji

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hey man, been a minute, love inji and a bit disappointed i didn't check it out before (definitely saw you tweet about it). did have a question though, is it necessary for the twitter connection to have access to view my email? no worries if so, either because it's twitter default or because inji actually needs it, just wondering. it pushed me to make an email for my twitter psued & switch the email on my twitter just so i could sign up for inji

Hey thanks for the feedback. The reason inji is asking for the email is for security reasons, i.e. if you forgot your password, it could be sent to that email address.

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Weird, I didn't have to set a password when connecting my twitter account? Unless you mean hive master password, and I guess I created a new account for my twitter before connecting my twitter, through inji still, really easy process. However I would consider storing the hive master password more of a security issue, especially since inji could just be the set recovery account

Very good to see that the Project get's so many updates! Great!

Glad to hear better improvement about inji and I believe there's still more to come. Keep up the good work @therealwolf

Getting way faster indeed... I noticed from last week to this.

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