Game Over. The Winning Lion [Art Practice]

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Friday on my side of the world and whilst the sky has cleared out and mister sun is shining brightly, our electricity is yet to be back. I'm guessing there had been several transformers or electrical posts busted during the storm and we can only wait while they are getting them fixed. I'm hoping we will have it back today.

Anyway, instead of whining over things I have no control over, I had the power bank charged in the car early in the morning and I'm now using it to power up my phone.

I had been thinking yesterday about how to go with the Final Boss Slayer on the art quest on Zealy and even had freehand sketches done on my notebook while inside the car but couldn't get myself to continue it.

But thanks to a tiger's photo seen on Jane's post the other day for giving me some inspiration for a concept today. And so a little while ago, I went on to create an image of a powerful Lion who just defeated a final boss in a videogame.

Here's how it started. It is a painstaking process as I'm only using my phone.

Had to re-imagine the head of a happy and roaring lion. Here's a closer look of the doodles.

Then I gave it colors. This took me about two hours if I'm not mistaken. I haven't taken screenshots in between.

Next was to add a wide screen. The husband suggested I would draw a game console but I decided to have a TV screen instead with the word "GAME OVER" on it. But first I had to move the lion a bit farther from the left side of the page to have room for the screen. And here it is.

Then did more edits on the whole artwork. The lion was supposed to be on a couch but somehow, I could not make it appear so, lol!

Anyway, here's what the final piece looks like after some further retouching and edits. My interpretation of a lion winning against the Big Boss.

I'm not sure how it is displayed on larger screens (desktop or laptop) as I'm on my phone so please forgive me if the images are pixelated or something. I'm just glad to have done something productive this morning and the absence of power didn't make me lazy all the way.😁

Thank you and have a fantastic new day everyone!

Photos are my own doodles on sketchpad. Tiger's photo via Jane's post. No copyright infringement intended. 02062023/09:55ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!


Load shedding in the current time giving me a very irritating feeling also. In our country load shedding will increase in upcoming days because of financial crisis.

You are a good artist. It's really hard for me to sketch something.

I'm sorry to hear, Inti. Load shedding isn't nice. We don't have such here so far. Hope things will get better for you soon.

Thank you for your kind remarks. 😉

I can only hope that everything will be fine but in reality, it seems hard to go back to a normal day within a short time because the financial condition of our country getting worse with time and it hampering the productivity of electricity.

Kelan pa wala kuryente? Hirap nyan. Buti na lang malamig dyan. Sa min hirap pag brownout. Magdamag magpaypay.

Wednesday morning pa wala until now. Malaki ata damage sa main plant kaya natatagalan ang pag-ayos nila.


I also see this on phone, so it's look good to me ,a roaring lion 🦁♌
Sometimes i also used my phone with power Bank 😹

Thank you :)

Power bank is a life saver when there is power outage.


Hahaha yes 😂

As it comes home, the load shedding starts to be very high here in Pakistan, as you can see that the next month is very hot, so there will be almost no light for 12 hours. Your art looks so beautiful and amazing. You are doing your work very well. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.

Hot weather and no power, that will be tough. Does it always happen every year?

Our power lines got damaged due to the storm. Hoping they will get repaired soon.

Thank you for your appreciation of my work.


Most welcome.
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Nice art! Like the style!

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Thank you, PVM

You're so good at it! I don't know what the lion looks like if I am the one to draw hehehe

Salamuch sis. Kaya mo rin for sure😉

If I am to score you, it will be 101 out of 100. Aside from the image, the effort you must have put into getting this done must be huge.

Thanks to Ate Jane for the inspiration and I hope power is restored as soon as possible, happy weekend.

Thank you lots, George. You are so kind. I did try hard. Not easy to do things on mobile😁

And yes, glad that Jane's photo provided the inspiration.

I learned that our electricity may take time to be back. 3 towns are affected because the major plant was damaged according to news. But we hope they will be able to get it fixed sooner.


Let's be hopeful they will restore electricity soon, my regards to Farmboy...

Yes to that. Thank you. We just got back home. Farmboy says thanks and regards as well.


Thank you❤

Thank you for sharing it on Twitter.


Thanks. !LOLZ

Now there is a career in ruins.

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