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Beauty awakens the soul to act.

- Dante Alighieri -

I'm an expert when it comes to knowing what I like; I can define it clearly and feel content despite others having differing options or ideals. I'm unapologetically me. This extends to how I see beauty in respect of women; I know what I like and am attracted to and despite it being a diverse range of things one thing is me, beauty goes way deeper than the surface.

I don't have a type, am not partial to a particular hair colour, height or other such things...the beauty I see in a woman begins on the inside and works outwards. That's not to say I don't appreciate physical beauty, it's that which makes me look more than once after all, but connection only happens (or does not happen) after interactions on a deeper level than looks alone.

When it comes to a woman's physical beauty...I don't know how to describe it but...when I see it I just know and I don't generally worry too much about dissecting why, I just roll with it, move on or choose to find ways to delve deeper to find out who the true person is. But what happens when there's no chance of that happening, zero chance of me meeting and uncovering what lies beneath the surface of that beautiful woman? Does that mean I can't or won't see her beauty? Nope.

I watched a movie a little while ago called, Malèna, starring Monica Bellucci.

The movie delves into how beauty can be misconstrued or judged and demonstrates the repercussions of such judgement upon the subject and others. It's tragic really, but it has Monica Bellucci in it so I'm drawn to the movie.

Born in 1964, the Italian model and actress, in my opinion, is a very beautiful woman, has been all her life I guess. You can google her if you like, you'll find a million images from her younger days as a model to the most current images...and yes, I know you may not find her beautiful, you're an expert on what you like and don't like after all, but I do, very much so.

I find her incredibly attractive, sensual, mysterious and...yeah, I think I'm pretty-well smitten by the girl, and based only on her looks as that's all I really know of her, unfortunately.

I remember seeing her for the first time back in the late 1980's and thinking she was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen - not far from the truth of it either - and throughout the years that opinion has not changed. She's one of those women who has retained her allure and beauty throughout her life despite aging, maybe it's even because she's aged that I feel that way; after all, I've aged too, physically and emotionally.

Monica Bellucci has acted in many movies and I've seen most.

No matter how they present her I see her as beautiful. Whether it's a gritty movie like Tears of the sun as Dr. Lena Fiore, the Matrix as Persephone, Malena as Malèna Scordia, Irreversible as Alex (warning, this is a somewhat disturbing film), Spectre as Lucia, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, as Cleopatra, or any of her other movies...she's just beautiful in all...I know this, because I'm an expert in knowing what I like.

She's an example of how one can work with aging and how getting older doesn't mean losing one's appeal or looks. I actually believe it can deepen them as the person changes and the knowledge, wisdom and experience gained in life exudes from within and that's attractive. Would I have thought, back in 1987, that the 2023 version of Monica Bellucci would appear just as beautiful to me? I can't answer that, but the fifty three year old version of me certainly sees her that way and I love how she has owned her age, worked with it and accepted it, which comes across as beautiful in my estimation.

We are all judged in life; others look at us and with no other information other than what they see categorise us: Attractive, unattractive, smart, stupid, rich, poor, selfish, arrogant...the list goes on...but not always are those perceptions correct, or even close to the truth of it. Looks alone are not an effective way to judge a person, however we live in a superficial world in which the idea of beauty and what's attractive is quite skewed; this, helped along by the media, glossy magazines and trashy TV shows that imprint ideas on people foolish enough to watch them.

What we know as individuals is, who we really are within ourselves.

We have the ability to look at ourselves inside and out, honestly, and determine unequivocally who we are and it's that judgement that matters the most - the way we see ourselves I mean. Of course, we can also choose to improve our true selves and the smart ones are doing exactly that, from the inside out. I'm not saying it's not important to present well here, I'm saying that to present well, as an attractive human, one needs to start inside themselves and, even then, people will still form negative perceptions. The key is knowing oneself I think.

In my opinion, I look better now than I did when I was twenty, or thirty five for that matter...but do I really look better? I mean in other people's estimation? I don't know, and it doesn't really matter to be honest. I guess it's important to be content within oneself, at any age, and to focus on being the best version of ourselves possible at any given point. My best version stems from every moment of my life, the good and bad, and it happens within me then pushes outwards. Am I sometimes not my best version? Of course, but seeing it, being an expert of myself and looking to present myself better each moment, helps me to seek a best-life situation.

I can't help how I look, but I can affect who I am.

I wonder how time has changed you physically and, more importantly, how has it changed who you are within and your perception of yourself?

Do you lament the looks you've lost, do you accept your appearance now as your natural progression through life and celebrate the changes, or do you wish you could actively change your looks? Is there a person you look at like I do with Monica Bellucci, someone you feel is beautiful, handsome or attractive despite the passing of time? Besides physical looks, what things do you feel are important to you, within yourself, to help you be or become your best version and how do you actively seek to nurture and present them?

Feel free to comment on these things or others in the comment section below, I'll be happy to engage with you.

Design and create your ideal life, tomorrow isn't promised - galenkp

I asked my legit friend, @eveuncovered, for an image to use on this post, she obliged of course - Thanks for providing this lovely photo you took of yourself for my use Eve, I appreciate it.

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You just described your type XD it isn't strictly for physical traits. I mean some friends and I found Meatloaf attractive and it was based on his intensity rather than appearance which they tend to notice a lot and I don't notice at all beyond what I need at the time (one of my many brain glitches, I won't remember much of what someone looks like past that interaction unless I decide they're important enough to remember or see them somewhat regularly).

Seeing as physical changes over time are going to happen regardless (unless a cure for aging at the genetic level is found) so may as well just work with and do the best one can with it.

I think everyone needs to be happy with themselves and the decisions that they make (or at least accept in the case of terrible decisions); other people having negative opinions kind of becomes an other people problem because everyone is going to perceive whatever it is they want to perceive despite what's actually there.

For what it's worth I think you probably (because I only know what you're portraying for the last few years and what you are happy to share about your younger days) aged like a really cool tree (because I like trees but I don't like wines or whiskies and they're supposed to be better with age).

based on his intensity rather than appearance

Yeah, I think women do this a lot? That's how I understand it anyway. Set me straight if I'm wrong.

You just described your type

My type is no type I guess. So I have a type. I'm a fucken nutbag huh?

I know some of the most attractive people and yet they seem empty unless that beauty comes from the inside. Sure, beautiful, but attractive? Hmm, no. That doesn't mean others may not see them that way, they're experts on what they like after all.

I think everyone needs to be happy with themselves and the decisions that they make... because everyone is going to perceive whatever it is they want to perceive despite what's actually there.

That whole paragraph...right on!

For what it's worth I think you probably...aged like a really cool tree

Thank you, I appreciate that and sort of agree. I've never been super attractive, intelligent, interesting or anything else...I'm just me, but I think my continual improvement ethos has served me well and I've managed to do so.

I have no idea, apparently the stuff I do is non-standard? ^_^;

Your "type" is just very broad XD

I'm sure your girl-person thinks you're super attractive, intelligent and interesting XP And you'd be all of those things++ to some degree to anyone who you consider a friend, just in a different way (hopefully otherwise there would be drama x_x).

I think she does, although one never really knows I guess...what people say is often different from the truth as I found out (again) recently. I'm pretty sure she keeps me around for a reason though, and not just because I do the chores and DIY around the place. :)

Seriously though, I am very lucky to have some friends and people around me who see very clearly and value what they see; interestingly some see different things to others depending on their relationship to me and I think that's ok also. My girl-human sees most though, however there's others who see things she does not, things I'd rather she didn't see. You know? (You probably don't but you'll fill in the blanks.)

And yeah, there's women who see me in their own way and I imagine that could cause some drama should I let it, fortunately they (mostly) keep it to themselves. And then there's people who probably fucken hate me and that's ok too, each to their own.

I guess it's important to be content within oneself at any age, and to focus on being the best version of ourselves possible at any given point.

I hope I can look back and say this one day. To be honest, I am not happy with how I look at the moment. But I also have been accepting that my body has gone through lots of changes, and so has my lifestyle. But I'm trying to carve some time in my busy schedule to do things that make me happy and feel good. Fitness is a big thing for me, and I want to feel stronger, and the weight will drop off as i go. I feel since I gave birth, my looks have faded a bit, but again. It's the little bits of self-care that i also trying to incorporate into my self-care routine. Three months of it, and i already feel better! So it's about constancy now. But I'm also accepting I am ageing, and that's okay. I will accept the grey hairs with grace; it's like you say, how you feel about yourself. And I'm trying to cultivate an active self-love spirit, as opposed to body shaming, which is a learned behaviour I have been practising for a lifetime.

I don't have a Monica in my life, but I can appreciate a beautiful man. Henry Cavill is it for me. But I get what you say about the whole package. For me, character and charm are an important part of the attraction. Usually, wit and humour are key players for me, but I also need to be physically attracted to the person - pretty eyes are always a winner for me lol

It's incredible how linked looking and feeling good really are, one feeds the other I guess, and finding the time, yeah it's important, but super-difficult sometimes.

You're on the right track I think, certainly thinking the right way and it's there where attitudes form and actions follow. Acceptance is huge factor I believe, acceptance of oneself and the changes events (like pregnancy/births) cause and, of course, denying the influence body-shaming has; what a great marketing tool that is! Assholes.

I expected a Henry Cavill response, I get it too...puts us mere mortal blokes to shame. Lol. I like that last paragraph of yours though, it smacks of emotional intelligence and I understand what you're saying about the whole package scenario, I think the same, although not all men do I guess. Women and men are not all that different I think, only...well, women are fucken bonkers at times. 😜

I expected a Henry Cavill response

I detest this. am I that predictable? he ageing well - did not like him too young, but also not too buff. He also has a mischievous and nerdy streak which is appealing for me. full package deal here.

But i have met many beautiful men who were not as beautiful once they opened their mouths. LOL

I didn't say I expected it from you, just in general; he tends to be someone who is mentioned in this regard by the ladies; not the only one though. It's just the same as certain women would be mentioned by the fellows, Kate Beckinsale for instance. (Hot AF) Lol.

LOL, cleared up - I do not like being predictable - but I guess it's part of me being part of a bonkers nation. I cannot argue here - but then its also just the general populace who don't possess much common sense. But we digress - feeling good nad looking good are part and parcel!

It was predictable that you thought I thought you were being predictable.

Now I'm just fucking with you! 😋🙄

Fuck with them when they feel vulnerable why don't you! LOL

But also - I'm just trying to be difficult. Because I guess that's how I fuck with people!

a real and true men's view on women's beauty
I share your love to Monica, she is really very beautiful
I'm not a man, but I do see really nice women and those who are good, pretty but not beautiful
Monica is. for sure.
I do respect women who takes her age with dignity and calmness, without creating artificial dolls of themselves

btw I know many Italians don't like her. They think she is nice but not very smart. Amn't sure it's the truth.

I can't speak for all men, just myself, although I know many who would concur with my opinion on Monica Bellucci...except, apparently, many judgemental Italians it would seem? I'm sure all those Italian men who think Monica Bellucci is not smart are, themselves, all highly intelligent people...well, not really, probably just idiots considering they're judging the intellect of others without actually knowing the person. Like I said, people are judgemental, often without any real understanding.

I agree with you. Only when we know a person close, we can make more or less close to the truth opinion about him. And again it would be so subjective. For me he is stupid, for her he can be fine. We all are different, and our opinions differ as well. As far as I remember those men opinions are based on the fact Monica isn't super cool and intelligent in her oral speech. I don't know Italian and can't agree or disagree, but again - too weak reason for such a loud judgement about her intelligence.
People are so....people;)

If people focused more on raising people up rather than cutting them down, they would have better lives themselves.

ha..yeah;) world is a mirrow, and it reflects ourselves first of all

Monica Bellucci like Sofia Loren are beautiful women, not only because of the symmetry of their features, but also because of that mystery and elegance that they transmit and that they retain over the years and have had surgery or been transformed by age, beauty is relative for each one but there are an attraction in certain people that is undeniable.

I agree and you say it so well I have nothing to add. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and comment.

First of all, the picture of your friend is beautiful, she is a very beautiful woman!

Monica Bellucci is not only beautiful but in her look I see elegance, intelligence, she is a very interesting woman. You can see it at a glance.

I've seen several of her films and I like her a lot!

I will try not to make an extra long comment but the subject is very interesting.

I could tell you that I like a lot of actors, I couldn't choose one but singers? Chayanne is my favourite, and the passing of time has made me see him more and more handsome, even though .... had a face surgery a little while ago .... missed it!

In my case, I think that the passage of time has made me better not only on the inside, but also in my physique, I feel more beautiful, elegant, interesting and I'm super happy with my physique, much more than when I was 20 years old. Today, as in your case, I am the best version of myself.

I think that self-knowledge and loving myself makes me look great! And I look great hahaha

Hugs Galen!

First of all, the picture of your friend is beautiful, she is a very beautiful woman!

She is, and a long-term Hive user who started here around when I did back in mid-2017.

Monica Bellucci is too, elegant and intelligent as you say as well; she has a certain sophistication about her, an air of confidence, but not arrogance. Quite lovely indeed.

It's interesting to read a few people in answer to this post and how they see themselves and others; I expected it of course, there's some very switched on people around here.

Thanks for your comment...I'll have to go find out who *Chayanne * is, I've never heard the name.

The truth is that I feel better about myself than ever, I think it's because of the road I've travelled.

Really? You don't know Chayanne? He sings in Spanish, maybe that's why.

Don't tell me he's not super super super super super super handsome! The cutest guy on the planet, simpatico jajaja

I'm a guy, I don't say other guys are handsome, or cute. I'll concede that I can imagine aome women may find this fellow attractive...that's as far as I'll go. 🫣

You made me laugh out loud!🤣🤣🤣

And now talking about actors .... my ultra favourite is Hugh Jackman, you have to meet him, don't tell me you don't hahaha.

Of all the actors he is the most handsome!

The Australian? Yeah, he's a talented actor, seems a good dude too, family man, I can see how a woman may be attracted to him. Did you ever see the movie, Australia, with him and Nicole Kidman. It's a bit dumb, but is ok to watch just once I guess.

Of course I saw it, I saw almost all of his movies hahaha I like it when he plays Wolverine haha I can't help it. He's so cute haha

That movie you mention is beautiful!

Monica Belluci is a total smoke show. She always has been. I fully agree with you there. I didn't realize she was in Spectre. I am going to have to get around and watch it now. I think Selma Hayek is kind of the same way for me. She just keeps getting hotter as she gets older.

Oh yeah, Monica man. (Yes I'm on a first name basis with her.) 😋

Selma Hayek is the same, just retains her appeal as timw goes by. She was funny in Hitman's Bodyguard. Crazy. Lol.

She's pretty active on Insta and has been posting some mind blowing selfies.

I'll get myself onto Instagram one of these days, although I've been saying that for about...well, forever. 🫣

I wouldn't rush. It's mostly a bunch of crap anyway!

Yeah, I've seen it, which is why I don't have my own account.

I think I'm pretty-well smitten by the girl, and based only on her looks as that's all I really know of her, unfortunately.

poor of you 😁

Oh, Bellucci is a candy for god's sake, hahaha. But of course that aura of beauty carries the signature of what she is and represents, a successful woman. That also makes her beautiful.

I'm remembering something I read recently 😅😇. People who love themselves and are happy with who they are generally make good decisions and shine in the eyes of others (I think I put a little more spice to this).

Well... I like myself as I am and very much, no matter how many years go by.

Have a profitable and beautiful day, expert Galenkp.

poor of you

I know right? I think I deserve more.

carries the signature of what she is and represents, a successful woman. That also makes her beautiful.

Indeed, it's a mix of many things, as it is with a man also, a group of elements that all combine to create what people see and feel.

A person needs to live themself, to have a level of comfort and confidence before that will push outwards and touch others so I agree with your statement, what you read. I liked this also, "generally make good decisions and shine in the eyes of others," it is so very true.

It's been a reasonable day so far, almost 14:00h and no major catastrophes yet. I've got a couple appointments coming up so let's home things continue to be stable and positive huh?

I hope you're catching up after your busy weekend and time away from the blockchain.

I know right? I think I deserve more.

always ;)

I'm catching up and full of ideas, the thing now is to get them out. I think they will fall like fresh raindrops on the twists and turns of the blockchain.

Thank you, G.

I think they will fall like fresh raindrops on the twists and turns of the blockchain.

I'll get my umbrella ready...a light drizzle I'm ok with, but monsoonal rain is something else again. :)

I've never been beautiful - my sister was, but I wasn't. I knew this as people would say how beautiful she was in front of us, and nothing about me. Made me feel shite, as you can imagine. Yet - yet! My husband thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. He always has. Wierdo. I didn't believe him for years. But he looks at me and still says, even as I'm getting more wrinkled and grey, that I'm beautiful, and he truly means it. My grandfather was the same with my grandmother, right up until she died at 80. That's so cool.

Made me feel shite

Yep, I was the second lad and my older brother was the golden boy...The resulting dialogues made me feel the same way although I took it and used the energy to excel and feel I did a reasonable job to this point. :)

My husband thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. He always has. Wierdo.

Indeed, and that's how it should be because he's looking through you with clearer vision than folks did previously.

It's a cool state of being really and I think it brings a level of confidence (in self and relationship) that is really quite special.

Hello Galen, my feminine cyclicality is going full gallop, I feel relieved that I don't have the duty to be beautiful, not so young, and maybe not so appetizing, Beauty has nothing to do with age, beauty is born from self-esteem or the cultivation of your interior.

The external always shows what is inside. I say it myself that I am over 55 years old, and I feel just as beautiful and freed from following so many stereotypes that it only show the emptiness of the person.

Age adds wisdom, prudence, knowledge, and patience to me because you know that everything happens at the right time.🌹

I can't disagree with anything you say here, it's right on point and as someone of about your age, I feel that it's not just wisdom that can come through age, but a certain appeal and attractiveness.

Oh, my dear Galen, I have had certain inconveniences with my computer, and also by mistake I have touched buttons, I apologize, I am already correcting it, it also happened to me with two other people.

And it wasn't until today, that I realized earlier.

Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate that...

Lol, I figured. All good.

How you know me... Thank you... my respect forever.

I also need to change my glasses, too, lol.

Lol...It's ok, I knew it was a mistake and wanted to bring it to your attention.

I feel that it's not just wisdom that can come through age, but a certain appeal and attractiveness.

Everything you write resonates in my soul, I celebrate the resonance and the joy of having your references... Thanks, Galen

I hope you have a nice day, it's time for me to think about getting off my devices and relaxing.

Your friend is beautiful and resembles in a way the gorgeous Monica Bellucci.

Where do I start?

I found Monica extremely beautiful. I met her in The Matrix, but I've seen glimpses of other movies by her and she's the epitome of what we could call beauty. It seems hers doesn't fade. It's like the Rings of the Elves have done some magic to preserve that. Way to go.

And I think finding her beautiful has to do with my experiences in beauty. I had this friend. It was the first friend I had when I started kindergarten. Pale and the most gorgeous blue eyes. She's of Italian descent. And her beauty only grows with the years. Since we are around the same age, I bet I'll only see her getting more and more beautiful. And that's a blessing.

That idea of just knowing beauty is the reason why I started to write poetry. Beauty is to be admired. Of course, it has a bad side if people take advantage of it in some way. Nothing is uncorruptible. But more on the first point. There's this weird idea of not admiring how beautiful women are. And there's picks for it in any case possible. Types and attributes vary accordingly, but I believe when beauty sways your way, you can't help it but feel like you're in presence of something otherworldly.

It is an amazing experience and one to rejoice.

In what comes to looks, I found out recently that a lot of people had crushes on me when I was in college. It is amusing since I had 0 luck during high school and didn't pay too much attention to a lot of stuff during my university years. However, it seems the hair did a fine thing with my looks. Let's add to that the fact that even when I have a serious guise, it breaks off once I start talking to people. I hope to keep the same demeanor when I get older, but that's yet to be seen.

Your friend is beautiful

She certainly is, and that beauty reaches all the way inside her, although only those who care to look will ever see it.

I found Monica extremely beautiful. I met her

I got momentarily jealous as I thought you actually met her! Lol. (Joking of course.) She's a lovely looking woman, I think most women would say the same, but I'm not a woman so I could be wrong.

I like what you say about your kindergarten friend, the way you see here will remain constant, or deepen, throughout the passing of time...That's beautiful in itself. Beauty should be recognised, in a person, art, writing and poetry, thoughts, nature...everywhere...I feel sad for those incapable, or unwilling, to see and acknowledge it.

I found out recently that a lot of people had crushes on me

Bro, that hair of yours would break hearts I'd imagine and coupled with your intelligence, sense of humour and all...I'm not surprised about the crushes comment.

Thanks for your comment, sharing some of your thoughts and I'm glad to know you're a Monica Bellucci aficionado...but...back off bro, I saw her first! 😂

Oh, but I did met her (joking).

Ah, beautiful people and things are just so nice to see.

Thanks for your comment, sharing some of your thoughts and I'm glad to know you're a Monica Bellucci aficionado...but...back off bro, I saw her first! 😂

There's enough Monica for all the world. 🤣

There is much Monica, so little time to finally meet here...I'm working on it.

I tell you that I liked it more now than when I was 20 years old. I am healthy, I feel strong, willing to learn. I just did a Yoga teacher training and my friends are young people . I never think about age, it seems silly to me. I'm not a woman of heels or makeup, I was always a bit wild and now I enjoy it much more because I know that I shouldn't explain why I don't wear painted.

In the late 80s, Sting seemed very beautiful and attractive to me. He has known how to age very well, he remains beautiful ... I see him beautiful! I doubt he thought much about age 😁

Age takes a lot away, there is no doubt, but it's not necessarily a negative as age can add layers of value to a person also.

I think life changes us a lot but we also remain the same people inside to some degree, we just add on different elements. Sure, sometimes we need to discard parts of who/what we were, say the fear of failure, but mostly it's the moments of life that culminate into who we are at any given stage...and that's beautiful right?

Sting? I didn't expect that at all. I guess we all see different things in people and whatever we feel personally is the right way, mostly. I like Sting as a singer and he seems a legitimate dude so yep, good choice.

Aside from physical look, self-improvement is a fundamental quality I prioritize to become my best self. I actively seek to nurture it by setting clear goals and consistently working towards them. I maintain a growth mindset, viewing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. This itself would then give me the confidence to glow from inside out 😁

Learning to use 3Speak for some videos uploading, not sure if I'm doing it right but I guess I will just learn along the way! Should have a video that I stitched together (first time) up next week or so ✌️

I actively seek to nurture it by setting clear goals and consistently working towards them

Boom! That's a great line mate, and if applied more often than not it'll carry a person forward towards a best-life scenario. Continual improvement is what we should all be looking for.

I don't use 3Speak at all, although I recall I put a video of myself up once, ten minutes of talking about something, firearms I think it was. It's deleted now though and it's unlikely I'll do it again. I generally don't look at videos left here, I prefer to read.

Continual improvement is what we should all be looking for.

Yeah I feel that being driven is an attractive attribute to have!

I tend to lean towards visual content as a consumer rather than a creator. Nevertheless, there are certain pieces of content I possess that I believe would be better presented in video format because I think that expressing them through written words wouldn't fully capture their essence! 😅

There's nothing wrong with videos, I just get bored with them and switch off...most are not engaging enough, people blab on and on rather than getting to the point. I speed read, meaning I learned how to read very quickly and still absorb the information and so reading 1500 words takes less time than watching a five minute video. Of course, that's not to say I don't watch videos, it's just not that often and the content is specific to certain aspects of my life that I'm engaged with.

Yeah I feel that being driven is an attractive attribute to have!

The ability to strive for something is a valuable trait, yes.

Hopefully the content that I'm about to share doesn't bore you!
Was thinking of making my debut 3Speak video in the Outdoors and more Community 😅

Ah ok, that'll be good. I'll keep an eye on it. Is Monica Bellucci in it? That'll keep me attentive. Lol

Haha sorry to disappoint, not sure how Monica Bellucci would be able to feature in a post that is suitable for the Outdoors and more Community 🤣

I find myself in a similar situation as you. The physical self feels more like the frame of a very significant photograph, the connection though, the wits, are extremelly hot! People have noticed that on me. It's not easy to flash me by the looks, but I do turn around when I see someone looking so genuine, in the sense of managing a personal brand of style in clothing it feels special somehow.

Well, personally I do feel I am more beautiful as before. The things I have faced, the challenges defeated It feels like they have changed even how I looked. All I wish is to keep going deep in myself, keep dealing with my personal fears, with my hates, with all resistance and know how that feels. The person I was 10 years ago wondered how my 35 self feels today and so on. With luck, I'll find something worth sharing and I'll also write about that! Are you proud of an achievement you got in the last years? Something you feel like it moved you?

Attraction, between man and woman for instance, typically starts with physical looks. I've walked into poles on the street with my head turned to look at a beautiful women, but it doesn't/shouldn't end there as there is much more to a person that what is apparent on the surface. People judge that way though, from the physical perspective and some will not delve any deeper which often leads to a misperception of the true person.

It's good to hear you're happy with who you are now and how you've progressed from an emotional and physical perspective, I can say the same, although shadows fall now and then right?

Are you proud of an achievement you got in the last years? Something you feel like it moved you?

Absolutely, many things really. I don't like to say too much about it but there's things in my life that almost ended me and the fact I can sit here and type about it makes me proud of how I dealt with them, the decisions I made, the reinvention, ownership, effort, discipline...the journey as a whole I guess. There's also business/professional and relationship achievements, and also the achievement of having made it to my current age and to have built myself into the person I am. I'm not saying I'm magnificent, far from it, however I'm here, have some wisdom and knowledge, have built something from an emotional perspective, risen time and again, created a financial position and had some solid relationships along the way. I don't always like what I see in the mirror, but sometimes I do and I work towards more.

And how about you?

although shadows fall now and then right?

Yes, there's are always. But just like you are saying I am proud of how I am handling them, because I know the person I was a few years ago would have a severe anxiety reaction to these! Haha. Well I have talked about it in some post. For some reason I had anxieties to spare! And these made me hide inside myself through what I might call my darkerst years. There was a moment I stumble with personal development and noticed my current worldview was eating me alive. And then started facing those shadows one by one... slowly but surely, as those fears melted away I could feel myself capable of facing many more challenges. I guess, more shadows. But now I know, by experience, facing them will also widen the path for me, so I am very very proud!

but sometimes I do and I work towards more

This is the way brother. It does sound like you have an amazing life and trayectory. People always judge about material achievements, but, I wonder, can people feel safe around just that? Powerful people rule countries, but for some reason rarely that means whe wellbeing of all. When we talk about the achievements of the mind, of the heart, opening them both (I am convinced) , is what will make the world better. After all, we share what we are filled with, right? So... just in case no one has told you anything about that, lemme tell you, Good job! The whole world is now better because if the challeges you have faced!

By the way, I want to apologize again for my comments in your other posts. I really got stuck there, even after reading the whole post! Haha, it's been a while since that happened to me. So sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable. It wasn't my intention.

Anxiety can cause us to do things we know are unproductive, that we don't want to do and that can actually be destructive, you probably understand that well...and sometimes deal with anxiety can be very difficult. It takes time, as you found out, and I believe it's a constant work in progress, for me it is anyway.

It sounds like you have an amazing life and trajectory.

I like to think so, although there's been times when life hasn't been very good. I suppose that's probably why I worked so hard to make it better, to aim at the outcomes I knew I'd be happy with...because of the adversity I sought a better version of myself and my life.

I think we all have something to add, something valuable, to our own lives and that of others; the enlightened among us work towards that and others do not, it's a choice. I think you're the former, one who looks inwardly for ways to continually improve and also pushes that outwards to others. If more people were like this the world would be a better place.

Don't worry about that other commenting thread, I could see you were stuck on a concept that I wasn't really keen to discuss in that particular post. It was a pragmatic post that basically said, be your best version and not lazy, that was it. Your commenting didn't make me uncomfortable, it was just that I was trying to get a lot of things done at once and you kept circling back to your train of thought. There's nothing wrong with that, I just had to draw a line as it was spiralling into areas I didn't want to cover at the time. Being philosophical is great, but pragmatism is also, and I'm pragmatic. There was no harm done ok?

Monica Bellucci is really beautiful, and has aged gracefully. I think Kate Beckinsale might be my equivalent of your Monica. I really liked her in Underworld and Click. As for important things other than looks, I think treating others nicely is something I try to improve. I'm a believer of the Golden Rule.

Oh yeah man, I almost made this post about Kate Beckinsale, so I'm glad you mentioned her. That suit she wears in Underworld. Mmm. ✅

I think treating others nicely is something I try to improve.

How we treat others is very important and I think we all need to keep nibbling away at doing it better...All of us.

We might have a type and the type seems to be Monica Bellucci and Kate Beckinsale, because I third that.

Lol, we have the same type?

Ok, I'll concede that it is indeed a type, so I clearly have one...a's cool we have the same. 🤣

Excellent taste 🤌🏻

Well, you and I have impeccable taste really, it's common knowledge. 😉

This is the first time of me seeing this model,actress Monica belluci and yes. She is beautiful.

Well, i am a teenager for now and i am happy as i am growing taller day by day. So for now i am accepting my growth but when these looks will start changing into an old man then i might lament my old looks.

Beside physical looks, i think grooming is the most essencial thing for a person. I might not regret my old looks when i turn into an old man if am groomed enough.

Grooming is ultra important and something that can set a person apart over an above others who don't present as well. My father was an immaculate dresser when he went out of the home, well groomed also, always, he held to it right up until the dementia he suffered from meant he could not. Even then, I made sure he was well presented at all times and put a quite a lot of effort into that on his behalf.

There's many ways a person can ensure they present well, but good grooming is always advisable. First impressions are lasting impressions and one never knows who is looking.

Even then i made sure he was well presented at all times

Thats so nice of you as a good son. Your father must be a lucky person to have an obedient son like you.

And one never knows who is looking

Exactly, this is the thing. If you are at any event, as this is a time of social media addicts, so there are cameras everywhere and we dont know which camera is going to capture us.

My father raised me to show ownership and responsibility and have a sense of duty, honour and integrity, so it was I who was fortunate enough to have him as a father.

Yup. Every proud son says this about his Father.

This is cool. Well for me I've always been myself also and u will always be myself

Yourself is a good person to be and I applaud your selfiness. ✅

It's a lovely shot.
I know what I was watching when puberty kicked in.

Lol, oh yeah Linda Carter. Her and that magic rope of hers, I'm with you there.