Amazing nature: Landscape comparison - winter to summer


Hope you are having a great start of new week.

With new week I decided to try posting in new community I am also very interested in. You can read from the title already, that it is Amazing Nature. I am not new to community as I wrote few posts already, but that was a while ago. Now they brought the community to next level as they divided it into few different segments, but all connected with our beautiful and amazing nature of course.

One of the segments I am most interested in and have the most material to share is landscape.
We know that theme is very general, but it offers a great possibility for all of us. It is easy to find nice landscape as most of us are surrounded by it. I like to explore different World’s landscapes and had traveled around to see as much as possible, but we all can help each other with sharing some photos from landscape around us, or maybe landscape we documented with camera from our travels. I am trying to promote my homeland as much as possible here on Hive, with last post in my Tour de Slovenia series created just yesterday. Today I will focus on my travel to Iceland. Many of you already know that I have been there twice, but for those who don’t know I can tell you I have been there in February 2017 and in July 2020. My itinerary was similar, but yet with many differences. Second trip was longer, so I was able to do more. Also huge advantage traveling in summer times there is daylight. You have daylight also through the night, meaning that you can explore around a lot if you want and sleep when you return home.
Main difference between those two trips was still weather, or better say climate.
I will present you few photos from the same of similar places in both seasons.
You are welcome to comment below which time of the year you prefer? I am sure opinions will be split and from my personal standpoint I would have difficulties to decide as well. Looking only photography standpoint I would say winter, but overall experience was more pleasant in the summer.

I tested pull left / pull right photography for the first time in this post. It is new for me, so I am not yet sure if I like it or not. I would be really happy to hear your opinion on it. What do you prefer? Old style with full photos seperated or this new version with smaller photography but handful when you are comparing.
Anyway I will leave both options in this post and we will see what the future holds :) I am really a rookie with this post editing. I don't know anything about it :) Credits to @jason04 who created incredibile useful post couple of days ago rregarding formating your blog. You have to check it on the following link.

In the left column you can see photos from winter time back in 2017 and in the right column I am sharing fresh photos from summer 2020.



Just some road photo across Iceland

Budakirkja Church

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Kirkjufellfoss 2017

Kirkjufellfoss 2020

Seljalanddsfoss 2017

Seljalanddsfoss 2020

Just some road photo across Iceland - 2017

Just some road photo across Iceland - 2020

Budakirkja Church - 2017

Budakirkja Church - 2020

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon - 2017

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon - 2020

That is all from me today, hope you liked my photography and stay safe guys!


Nice photography and blog formatting! Imo worth a reblog and follow! Keep up the good work! 👍

Thank you very much, support means a lot!

Oh wow!!! What a starking contrast, but beautiful in its own way! Thank you for sharing.😍

It is interesting to visit same place at two different seasons. Or city as well in 20 years span to see the difference.

Thanks for visiting my blog bro. By the way, you could also add captions to your pictures


I just used my nft pics for advertisement lol Hahahaha.

Anyway here is the code:
<div class="pull-left>imagelink<center><sub>2019</sub></center></div>

<div class="pull-right>imagelink<center><sub>2019</sub></center></div>.

That would somehow help you in this case since you have two pictures in the same place at different times. Have a good day?!

Hey man your post the other day was one of the best I saw in Hive for a long time. Really helpful! I might use some other things from it as well, hope you don't mind :)
The first thing I will use is this new code you dropped. Thank you very much for your input and sharing. It means a lot for us rookies on this field. Your post really looks from the other planet at the end.

Have a great day!

Amazing captures. You really make me want to visit Iceland
Sounds I like the winter landscapes more :))

Ohhh yea, I like to tease with some nice photos :)
Iceland is amazing as I often say.

Beautiful pictures of Iceland. I'll have to check out the Amazing nat6ure community

It is worth checking. I saw you are usually not posting to any community, but you might consider using some. Photography Lovers is also community with a lot of great stuff in it. I am one of the curators there and would be happy to see your photography skills in there!
And as I am speaking, I would invite you to participate at the photo contest ther as well. Theme this week is - Animals.
Hope to see yoir entry!

Wow! Your photos are stunning! I love the Summer/winter comparison!

Thank you!
It is like a different place. Being there you feel it even more...

Wow! your photos are stunning! I love the summer/winter comparison.

so intresting to see the contrast between the winter and the summer!
That is such a beautiful place and you caught some wonderful photos of it!
I would say I prefer the winter photos but I'm with you that the summer experience of the place would be more pleasant.
Thanks for sharing!

I knew winter photos will win :)
Still I have some summer photos very nice as well. Maybe selection also favorited the winter photos.

Everything has it own advantages, so I would advise to go twice, like myself :)

Wow! Great photos. I liked the summer and winter versions of the photos. :)

Glad to hear that!

That is great!
Thank you very much.
I will definitely make new posts to the community in the future.

It's my pleasure :-)
I like the text format. It's perfect to compare two pictures of one place :-)

Love the way you have shown this with the summer and the winter what a great idea of presentation and the photos are as always...amazing 👍

Thanks for your feedback.
I am really a beginner at editing/formating posts. But with some help I manage to put together something. I thought this comparison is just perfect for this format. I am glad I recieved good response.

Your welcome i am not much of a editing/for-mater my self but there is always room to learn and i am learning more here from looking at people's post and reading like yours 👍

 last month 

Amazing photos. Lovely contrast between summer and winter .

amazing pictures)

Posted by Waivio guest: @waivio_diana-ch

It is a cool idea if you want to make a quick comparison but i still prefer the bigger screen photos and they are all amazing in seeing the difference between summer/winter nice photos Iceland always looks picturesque no matter what 😊

Thank you for your feedback.
It is a good format yes, but photos lose on quality. I am not sure if everyone click on it to enlarge.
I will use it from time to time, but not for my best photos :)

This is true they don't look as good when enlarged but as you say the format can be used for other purposes 👍