hived-rpc-scanner update: v0.1.1

in Python11 months ago (edited)

hived_rpc_scanner is a CLI tool to check the status of Hive RPC nodes by testing certain endpoints.

Screenshot 2022-10-14 at 01.19.27.png


Requires Python3.6+.

$ (sudo) pip install hived_rpc_scanner

alternatively, with Virtualenv:

cd /tmp
python3.6 -m venv hived-rpc-scanner-env
source hived-rpc-scanner-env/bin/activate
pip install hived-rpc-scanner

if you already have an old version, try upgrading with pip install hived_rpc_scanner --upgrade.


$ hived_rpc_scanner --nodes <node_url_1> <node_url_2> <...>


  • Removed deprecated tag api samples.
  • Added samples for json_rpc, market_history_api, rc_api, reputation_api. With these changes, we have at least one sample for each plugin.
  • CLI command (hived_rpcs_scanner) exits with a non-zero status code if one of the endpoints fail. Useful for CI/CD pipelines and smoke tests.