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Hello splinter boys and girls living in the Splinterverse, hope you all are enjoying the new reward mechanism in Splinterlands with the great opportunity of tons of loot chests everyday and hundreds of loot chests at the end of every season!

This is my entry in Weekly Battle Challenge with the XENITH ARCHER which is not so important monster to many people but it is one of my favorite while I ma using the LIFE SUMMONER GENERAL SLOAN with plus 1 RANGE attack and when the battle is an EQUILIZER ONE. The 2 MANA monster can be very helpful in such situations. Today in this battle I will discuss about how important the XENITH ARCHER in low MANA matches with the EQUILIZER and CLOSE RANGE rulesets!

In my battle, I will reveal how the card is performing in such a match against one of the most powerful enemy in the Splinterlands. **This match was a risky one for me but with the excellent performance of the my awesome monsters with tons of RANGE attacks I won the match. And that's why I couldn't resist myself from sharing this amazing battle with you.

This is a NEUTRAL MONSTER which is a fantastic card with the cheapest MANA cost, I can say that it is one of the best NEUTARL RARE cards among the all CL SET!

This card is an excellent card with moderate or mana which will cost you only 2 MANA with the amazing number of HEARTs RANGE attacks if you play with the EQUILIZER ruleset with the GENERAL SLOAN summoner.

I have chosen this card because of the following reasons-

  • Due to the low MANA MATCH

  • GENERAL SLOAN summoner will increase the RANGE attacks of the all monsters by 1.

  • This is a EQUILIZER ruleset match, so health will not be problem!

  • Also the CLOSE RANGE RULESET will not affect in choosing the monsters with RANGE attacks!

In this battle I have used the LIFE CL summoner: GENERAL SLOAN which is one of my favorite SUMMONER. It does excellent job by increasing one RANGE ATTACK of all the monsters of my team.

Let's know about the the chosen cards first.


Current market price


You can find out more details about the splinter cards supply, abilities and market trends from splintercards

Let's dive into The Battle

My battle was a 42 MANA battle with CLOSE RANGE and EQUALIZER rulesets.
And I have chosen my RARE LIFE summoner GENERAL SLOAN (level 2) as my summoner. I chose it because this summoners will increase the RANGE attacks of my team monsters by 1 which is amazing! And, that's why I have chosen the most of my monsters with RANGE attacks.


My monster positions

As I expected the enemy team with the TARSA and with FIRE team monsters with the PLUS ! MELEE ATTACKS is devastating for any team. I chose the GENERAL SLOAN as the summoner it offers increasing the the RANGE ATTACK. I also like this because, the daily FOCUS is about life team for today. So, I chose this. Also in silver league, life summoners are very good in winning ration.


I have chosen the DRAGON monster CHAOS KNIGHT as my primary TANK! as it is very cheap and it has a solid health with the significant number of ARMOURSs with the excellent abilities of SHIELD so that the MELEE attackers will get half of their attacks. As MANA cost is slightly important issue here because of ** 42 MANA match** and I need to be careful in spending the MANA without any solid reason and this summoner is a heavy attacker also with decent speed that make it perfect for using in the first position.


For my second monster lineup, I have chosen the great neutral monster GARGOYA DEVIL. It is an awesome monster with the amazing ability of FLYING with the CLOSE RANGE so it can attacks from first position being a RANGE ATTACKER. And the FLYING ability with very necessary to miss some RANGE and MELEE attacks!** It has an extra chance to dodge many extra attacks from the enemy team in the match.


My third monster is one of the amazing life monster PRISMOLOGIST with its excellent ability of BLAST with lot of RANGE attacks which will make this monster excellent with the life summoner GENERAL SLOAN.


My fourth monster is another super monster PELACOR ARBALEST with the outstanding ability of DOUBLE STRIKE so it can attack two time each round to the enemy monster and make a huge damage to will kill any enemy monster. This card is amazing as the GENERAL SLOAN will increase one RANGE attack that is really insane. Though speed is bit slower but very effective!


My fifth monster is 8 MANA monster SILVERSHIELD SHERIF with the good ability of SNIPE. It has a good number of hearts with good speed and excellent number of RANGE attacks. Also m7y selected summoner will increase it range attacks by 1. SO it is amazing cards and it will consume a lot of sneak attacks with dodging due to higher speed.


My last but not the least monster is the 2 MANA monster XENITH ARCHER without any ability but it can absorb some sneak attacks of the enemy monsters as the ruleset is the EQUALIZE! Also the increased RANGE attacks due to the summoner will make this spare 2 MANA into a heavy dutiful monster.


My battle

When I saw the TARSA summoner with the FIRE TEAM I though I am going to loose the battle as usual as the enemy team has some good SNEAK ATTACKER and ALSO SOME GRAET CARDS WITH THE OPPORTUNITY ABILITY. But my the ruleset EQUALIZER did excellent jobs and also my primary "TANK CHAOS KNIGHT" did outstanding performance by reducing damage from multiple attacks from the enemy monsters due to its SHILED ABILITY and many extra armors. Also my life summoner increase one RANGE attack of all the enemy monsters having RANGE attacks and thus did a lot of damage to the enemy team in the BATTLE!

My first tank was doing great job here because of it's SHIELD and significant number of ARMORS. IT did excellent damage to the first two main TANK of the enemy team which is amazing!

And my another and one the best monster PRISMOLOGIST was doing best with its BLAST ability by doing great damage to the target monster and the adjacent monster also. It was devastating for the enemy team as the BLAST ability was very troublesome in every battle.

Finally I win the match as the CHAOS KNIGHT, PRISMOLOGIST and SIVERSHIELD SHERIF did amazing job with the huge number o f RANGE ATTACKS. I saw my victory at round 4 with my existing 2 monsters with full health which is amazing.

Most importantly, now all the new players can afford these excellent card with the excellent stats with very cheap cost. And this card can be a great card for many situational based battle in Splinterlands game!

The gif has been created through ezgif


Finally the amazing victory of my team was surprising for me and I got the idea of the EQUALIZER, CLOSE RANGR rulesets with the amazing monsters with low MANA and the great combination with the SUMMONER ABILITY. The combined strategy will make you expert through higher winning rate and higher rewards!

I got 0.8 28 DEC and 1876 R-shares from the battle reward by adding 17 trophies.


If you want the full battle replay for enjoying the XENITH ARCHER, you can watch my full BATTLE here

And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunities of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands


Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the Splinterlands and Splintercards resources.



Nice battle

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