Splinterlands! Maxing Out The New Rewards Cards!

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Hello everyone! I am here on my favorite play-to-earn game, Splinterlands! I am maxing out the new rewards cards that came out recently. I was waiting for all the prices to drop, and it seems like a great time for me to go buy them now! I like to wait a bit when the new cards come out to max them out. Sometimes, you can get great prices if it is an exceptional Legendary Summoner card or something when it first comes out as it may increase in price.

I often find that most cards decrease in price over time, so this time around, I waited a little while before maxing them out! The stats I give you for the cards below are for when they are maxed out, as I show you in the video. I started with the Legendary cards first! I max out the Legendary cards first as it is so fast to do as they only need 11 cards to be maxed out!

I actually maxed these cards out last week but am just now putting out the video, I noticed the prices have fallen even more for some of them, Buying cards for pennies is what I plan on doing! I have always bought Alpha and Beta Splinterlands cards for cheap on the market and then I just HODL them until I need to sell something or if the prices skyrocket. I really love to HODL the best. recently, I had to sell some cards as we are trying to buy a house!

I hate to sell Splinterlands cards ever but sometimes when you have something going on, like trying to buy a house, lol, it is the best option. I checked the other day and my collection value has definitely gone down in value a lot. Part of it, is the market as well, and that is all normal. Crypto goes up and down, very normal to me. I am glad I have my rewards cards all maxed out now and it was pretty cheap to do so! I added the current market price of each card below.

My Venator Kinjo Legendary Neutral Unit Reward card s now maxed out! His attack is a 1 melee, 2 speed, 1 health, and only costs 2 mana! His price right now for one card is $2.47! Mine is maxed out and valued at $24.07. Venator is so fantastic as he has the ability Reflection shield. He does not take any damage from Blast, magic reflect, thorns, or return Fire. You can use him in the second position if you think your opponent will play Yodin Zaku's Blast, and he will not be hit! It's like he stops Yodin Zaku or any other card like the Ruler of the Seas' Blast ability with the Reflection shield ability! The Reflection Shield ability is a powerful one! Immunity is another ability he has, which is excellent as he is immune to negative status effects.

The camouflage ability is incredible as he cannot be targeted unless he is the tank, in the first position. He also has the slow ability, which reduces your opponent's speed and amplifies, increasing your magic reflect, thorns, and return Fire by 1. He has a melee attack of 1. The stats here in this blog are all for my maxed-out cards here.

Venator 2.png

The next one for me to max out is the Fire Unit Legendary card, Countess Sinash! I love her as Fire is my favorite Unit! I love that she has the following abilities now; Opportunity, which targets the lowest health monster on your opponent's team; Camouflage, where she cannot be targeted unless she is in the first position as a tank; and Swiftness, where all friendly monsters gain speed. She also has Affliction, where that card, if it is hit by her, cannot be healed, and the excellent blast ability! Love it! She is also a great attack as she has a 4 ranged attack and 4 speed! She also has 4 health and costs 8 mana. She is currently priced at $2.02. Mine is now maxed out and is valued at $19.78.
Countess Sinach.png

Next, I bought the Blood Maker; he is super cheap at only .01! Mine is maxed out now and is valued at $3.60. He is a common card Fire splinter card, so I maxed him out after I finished this video. Otherwise, it would have been a 2-hour long video, LOL! He costs 5 mana, has a 4 ranged attack, 6 speed, and 5 health. He has the scattershot ability where he attacks random enemies and has the ability cripple, where your enemies lose 1 health when hit by him. These stats are for a maxed-out Blood maker.

bloofd maker.png

Merdhampir is a Common Water card next on my list! He is a 4 mana cost card. A common water unit card with a 3 ranged attack, 4 speed, 6 health, and the abilities Life Leech where his health increases each time it damages an enemy's monster's health in proportion to the damage dealt. He has cripple where if he hits that monster, he will lose 1 health, and he has snare. When he hits a monster with the flying ability then they lose their flying ability! It only costs .01!
Mine is maxed and valued at $3.60


The card Tide Biter, an Epic unit water card, was next on my list to max out. He is only .12 for one card; mine is maxed out and valued at $5.52. He only costs 3 mana and has a 3 melee attack, 4 speed, and 6 health. He has the abilities Reach (he can hit from the second position), Reflection shield, so he does not take any damage from Blast, magic reflect, thorns or return Fire. He also has True strike, so he cannot miss. A powerful card for sure.

tide biter.png

The next one I maxed out is an Earth Unit common card, The Vampire Bat. He only costs .01, and my maxed-out one is valued at $3.60. He only costs 3 mana and has a 3 melee attack, 5 speed, and 6 health. It has the flying ability and dodge, which increases his chance of evading melee or ranged attacks on it.

vampire bat.png

The next one I maxed out is the earth unit card Vampiric Blosson with Immunity (immune to negative status effects), Deathblow, where the card does 2 times the damage if their target is the only one left on the enemy team. It also has Opress, which does double damage when attacking a card with no attacks! It only costs .02 and my maxed-out one is valued at $2.53. It costs 5 mana, has a 3 ranged attack, 4 speed, and 7 health.

vampire blossom.png

The next one I maxed out is the Vulguine, a Rare Life unit card - I said in the video about a giveaway for this card so pay attention to what you need to do to win one, lol! He was so cheap at $2.45 for 45 cards! He has Scavenger, which gains 1 health each time any monster dies; dodge, which has an increased chance of evading melee and ranged attacks; and enrage which has an increased melee attack and speed when damaged. He only costs 2 mana, has a 3 melee attack, 3 speed, and 4 health. He costs only .02 and my maxed one is valued at $2.42.


The Death unit common card Ever Hungry Skull card is the next one I maxed out! It cost me .52 for 45 cards! Great prices here! He is only .01, and my maxed one is valued at $3.60. He is a common card, so I maxed him out after the video like the other commons, lol! He has the abilities of flying, thorns (when hit with a melee attack, gives them thorns attack), and the return fire ability, where when he is hit with a ranged attack, he will return Fire with reduced damage back to their attacker. He has 5 mana, 3 melee attack, 4 speed, 11 armor, and 1 health.

ever hungry skull.png

The next one I maxed out is the Death Epic card The Revealer! he costs only .11, and my maxed one is valued at $4.97. His abilities are Stun (when a monster is hit by him, it has a chance to stun the monster causing it to miss its next attack turn. He also has Reflection shield and Immunity when maxed out! He costs just 4 mana, has a 2 magic attack, 2 speed, and 5 health.


The next one I maxed out is a Dragon unit card, the Rare Dhampir Infiltrator Sneak card with the abilities, sneak (attacks the back end monsters), Double strike (attacks twice each round) Cripple (each time an enemy is hit by a monster with cripple it loses one max health) and Affliction (when a monster with Affliction hits a target, it has a chance of causing it to be unable to heal). It only costs .04 right now, and mine is maxed with a value of $6.00. She is an excellent card for sure!

dhampir infiltrator.png

Thank you for joining me in this video of maxing out the new rewards cards! I hope you all had a great season ending two days ago, and I wish you all luck in the new season as well! I hope to see you on the battlefield or on Monday, July 4th. There is a Twitch live-streamed Bronze tournament of mine. I have giveaways in the Twitch chat in between each round. To win a giveaway, you must be active in the Twitch chat.

If you are a Twitch follower of mine and nightbot randomly picks you, you win a card. Twitch Subscribers of mine win the card and a wheel spin. On Monday's live-streamed tournament, there will be a $54 Gold Foil Soul Fiend Life Splinter Legendary card on the wheel! Good luck to you all in winning it! It is pretty nice odds as there are only 50 prizes on the wheel, so if nightbot picks you, you have a 1 in 50 shot of winning! Join the tournament HERE and then join my live stream on Twitch for giveaways HERE

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
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Congrat! The cards are cheap now😂but will be expensive after print out

It really is a great time for shopping, I'm excited about so many good and cheap cards!


I know right! I have to go back and grab a whole boat load of the .01 cards, LOL! I mean I will HODL them for a few years and then look back at this video and say wow, I bought these for just pennies, haha!!

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This is my plan, getting all the reward cards to max and then enjoying the overflow when they stop coming out and then enjoy the 3x price increase


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WOW, you did some good buys here, I mean it's a great time to invest some $$ in cards right now. Probably, I will follow your lead there but with a lower budget ofc 😂 Baby steps😂
Great content!

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Realmente es un gran juego he visto a mis amigos jugar con las cartas y todo eso pienso entrar al selecto club muy pronto..saludos

Hey Clove71,

i realized that your DEC continously growing while you recorded the Video. How did you do that? :)

Thanks for you Content

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i hope i can max out also my cards, but for now ill just play and combine cards