Splinterlands: Value Retention of The Soulbound Cards

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Hello, everyone it's @Joetunex and @Josediccus here again, in this video we discussed the splinterlands' economy by talking about SPS and cards. The new SPS requirement for getting maximum rewards is the most talked about issue on Splinterlands and today we created a debate on whether the new craving for SPS will cause a massive exodus or sale of cards.

@Josediccus believed that a lot of people owned cards in excess and they might begin to sell these cards so that they can buy SPS. He made emphasis on the idea that there are people who owned cards for the sake of collection Power, but since collection Power is no longer the real deal, they might want to dump this in the market to buy SPS.

@joetunex argued that players would inevitably need cards to play the game and since almost every player needs one card or another, cards will always be in demand. He also pointed out that land expansion will suck up a lot of cards anyway and players will not want to dispose of their cards to buy SPS, rather they might choose an external source. At the end of the day.

We hoped the need to earn maximum rewards will not push some massive sale of cards even when it's a good thing to finally find a solid use case for SPS.

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