Jongo's DeFi Strategy With Splinterlands

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Disclaimer: I'm not an investor. I've got the technical knowledge of a toad. And when the topic of DeFi starts showing up, I cringe and try to find shelter. The following post is just what I have been doing (and plan to do) for the near future with my SPS journey on #Splinterlands

It's been well over a week now, since our beloved SPS air drop ended!

And in all honesty, it really hasn't been that bad. Sure we miss it, but at the end of the day, we're seeing many more use cases and exciting developments on Splinterlands that is exciting fans of the game on many levels.

I mentioned my 'plan' last week in a post but there was this glaring issue that kept popping up last week...

The DeFi pools, weren't yet paying out!

O.K., let me do a little bit of story time to help frame this situation better....

One of the main reasons I have stayed away from DeFi as a whole is because...I hate MetaMask. I can't stand Ethereum, BSC, Solana and every single blockchain that requires me to pay a bunch of fees on the most unfriendly user experience known to mankind.

Truth be told, I've lost out on a lot of opportunties because of my failure to embrace MetaMask and those related blockchains. However I've been pretty happy overall in my bubble here on Hive. So when TribalDex announced liquidity pools and essentially all the DeFi features of 'the other chains', it caught my attention.

Of course, I needed to do my homework and once you understand this stuff it does make it so much easier. But there are two major benefits for me personally, to focus on TribalDex when it comes to acquiring SPS.

1. It's fee-less!

2. It's on Hive!

So I was all excited last week for when the air drop ended, and we could dive into the liquidity pools that were being offered...However, it didn't seem to be active and the rewards didn't show up right away. Thankfully, it's all ready now and just....WOW!

Splinterlands-Collect-Trade-Battle- (1).png

Now this has gone down quite a bit since last week, but still...

Earning 123% on the SPS-SWAP.HIVE pool...And just under 100% on the VOUCHER-SWAP.HIVE pool is a no brainer for me.

Impermanent loss doesn't even factor into my equation because....I never lose! If I lose Hive, I get more SPS. Of I lose SPS, I get more Hive...And the same with VOUCHER. Just brilliant. What's so cool is that you can manage a lot of this directly inside of Splinterlands when it comes to claiming rewards, but to add (or remove) from the pools you'll have to go to TribalDex itself...


So my game plan is as follows...

Step 1: Staking SPS inside of Splinterlands

This still earns around 30% APR, and you can easily manage your SPS holdings directly inside of the platform. I'll try to add between 50-100 SPS each week and get that staked. However what will I do with the excess SPS and VOUCHER I'm earning?

Step 2: Increase my shares in the SPS-SWAP.HIVE & VOUCHER-SWAP.HIVE pools

Nothing huge but....


I'm just getting started, but I have targets I want to reach by the end of the year. I'm going for 1000 shares in the SPS pool and 250 in the VOUCHER pool.

This will be a slow and steady approach, but as both these pools are paying out in SPS...I can't help but be a little bullish lol

On top of all the amazing use cases coming up for the game itself, the Genesis League Soccer news today should get people asking themselves...How can we get more SPS? lol

Well, thanks to @splinterlands and TribalDex, it's stupid simple!

DeFi on Hive...What a fantastic concept!!


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Wow, @jongolson! I see I wasn't the only one frowning liquidity pools because of metamask! A year ago I tried to invest in SPS in pancakeswap, but being completely ignorant about it, I missed the opportunity. They looked like Black Magic to me! When @myfreebtc wrote about this five days ago, I tried them and I loved it!!! Look at my little babies:


I know they are not much, but that's all I can invest right now. I'm very bullish about Splinterlands and this was a great move! Thank you for sharing your experiences about it with us!!! !PIZZA !CTP !PGM

Dude, trust me lol I understand the frustration!

But awesome to see you in those pools as well. I love just stacking them and rolling the rewards back in...All with no fees!


I need to learn how to roll them back!! I love the no-fees part, too!

The reward pools on Hive are actually so much better than anything you can find on other blockchains... no transaction fees.... Now for some pools you can earn rewards in SPS/DEC, then they have other reward pools in BEE and then there are the fees that add up. It's an eldorado lol

I love it. It's really helped me think 'big picture' on the game.


Compounding works great and with no fees lets it stack that much quicker. I think you just have to ignore the USD value and look at the count of SPS to keep the emotions out of it.


My opinion is that SPS will sky rocket...So I'm trying to accumulate as much as I can.


This sounds good, Jon.
I do not play the game, but I have staked SPS in the game
I guess that is a good thing.
I will have to get more information on the liquidity pools.


It changes everything and you view on the game. It's funny because the game, is just one element of the entire eco system


The strategy is pretty good and I love the fact that you might not even touch your staked sps in the game and still invest slow and steady. Awesome

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It'll roll into bigger and better things. Just need to keep my hands off it lol


Impermanent loss doesn't even factor into my equation because....I never lose! If I lose Hive, I get more SPS. Of I lose SPS, I get more Hive...

LPs with the highest APRs always feature a high-risk, dud token on one side.

I would rather use this pool to build my HIVE stack faster but just like you, I don't really mind what happens here.

Both sides are going to make up long term portions of my crypto portfolio, so it's a win win!

Happy days :)

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That's my thinking for sure. Regardless of which token goes up or down in the LP, I love them both, so for me there is no loss.


I share your "hate for MetaMask" it is incredible that some accept for fees that they would not allow their bank to charge. But I guess if you do it right you still have margin, I've also used them sometimes.

I'd rather stab my hand with a rusty screwdriver than use MetaMask lol


I think I prefer to keep my SPS staked in game to get VOUCHERS and SPS instead but the VOUCHER pool sounds like an attractive offer. However, I am not sure if I want the IL when VOUCHERS get a pump.

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There's no IL if you love both the tokens in a pool.


Its hard to be a fan of Metamask or the fees with ETH and BTC when you have Hive!! When transacting is so easy on Hive, why bother with the others!?

That's EXACTLY my thinking LOL


I'm happy to see this new opportunity inside Splinterlands. Thanks to some guidance from @achim03 I was able to set up a couple of small positions in the DEC:SPS liquidity pool.

Yes, the news about the new Genesis League Soccer game, and a possible cooperation with Warner Bros is exciting...

Achim is a genius when it comes to the game and it's eco system. I enjoy his posts when he starts talking game-fi strategy!


very nice post, thanks for sharing. I love how you're saying that you always win on these LPs :)


Can't be impermanent loss when both tokens are wanted lol


Yeah I got that ;)

I'm pretty happy with this as well... I'm playing in the DEC:SPS pool, and pretty much sending the DEC and SPS I get from it straight back into it.

It's brilliant. And with no fees, makes it that much more attractive for people to jump into it.


The looks of things does call to be bullish, it makes a lot sense to be accumulating those SPS from every angle possible. I threw my VOUCHER lying around in the liquidity pool two days ago, the plan will be to keep throwing VOUCHERS in there as I accumulate.
We are seeing a side of the game where you don't have to be a player to earn, one can just invest via the tokens.

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That's what I'm thinking too. If I need VOUCHER for anything, I have access to it!


I cringe everything I here the word defi these days. Sounds like a way of throwing away your money. Personally I am yet to have a good experience with a defi platform. But I am bullish on splinterlands innovations and what is being built. I'll invest in the defi side of it only because they have proved them selves to the community and great developments are always being made on the platform.

^^^^ And that's a huge reason why I'm going in on the liquidity pools. Splinterlands has proven itself and it's something I actually use every single day!


adding to the voucher one now!! I need to do this more often and build it up.


Yeah man, and I'm just going to roll it mostly all back into it. Best thing is, fee-less. So if I need to be liquid, need VOUCHER etc...I can do it in a second.


Thanks for the strategy. Every little bit I learn helps.

For sure, glad it helps.



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