Spirit Hoarder - The End of Positivity!

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Hello Splinterfans!

This week we have the battle challenge with the deadly Spirit Hoarder.

The lore tells us that the Spirit Hoarder is an awful demon capturing souls and keeping them for eternity in its mystical orb. Perhaps there is a way we can harness the power of the Spirit Hoarder?

The Spirit Hoarder is a powerful legendary monster that is a must for any magic attack for some of its great abilities. Although it is a low mana monster, it can pack a powerful punch. Everyone knows that the Spirit Hoarder has a great backline heal ability, but today I will show you the power it gets at level 2 - Dispel.

The dispel ability clears all positive status effects on the enemy monster that it hits. This can be a nice double-whammy on your opponent as we shall see.

My own Spirit Hoarder is a level 2, but I need to upgrade him to a level 3 as soon as possible for the extra ability.

Let's see what the Spirit Hoarder can do.

My Team

This is a high-level mana battle and a good time to test out my Immortalis summoner.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
ImmortalisVoid ability
Mycelic SlipspawnTaunt
Queen MyceliaHeal ability
Goblin PsychicSilence, Heal and Affliction abilites
Spirit HoarderOur man of the moment
Kron the UndyingStrong healing magic attack
Djinn BiljkaLow mana, strong magic attack


My opponents:

The rules for the battle are:

Equal OpportunityAll monsters will attack from any position.
Keep Your DistanceMonsters with melee attack may not be used.
What Doesn't Kill YouAll monsters have the enrage ability.

Watch the Battle on Splinterlands

ROUND 1 - Melcylic Slipspawn vs. Baakjira

My opponent has very cleverly gone for the water deck and the powerful Baakjira in the tank position, but not only that, he has placed his taunt in the back row with two healing monsters including his very own Spirit Hoarder!! The crafty devil!!! Will this be enough to defeat my magic attack led by the awesome Immortalis?!?

I have a very strong 11 attack score vs. a quite weak 6 of my opponent. Will all their healing pay off somehow?


In the first round, their taunt Wave Brood is almost decimated by my attack. The Spirit Hoarder removes his positive health effect and Goblin Psychic gives him affliction... there will be no healing for Wave Brood in this round as my opponent didn't consider the cleanse ability.

ROUND 2 & 3


In the second round, the removal of the positive status effect by their Spirit Hoarder barely dents Mycelic Slipspawn who is still standing strong with an 11 health score unlike the poor Wave Brood who is the first to fall, followed by their Spirit Hoarder.

In round 3, my opponents demise continues with the loss of Merdaali Guardian and Angelic Mandarin in quick succession.

Round 4

In round 4, Nerissa Tridawn falls leaving Baakjira with no attack to fend for himself.

Round 5

In round 5, Baakjira, now with affliction, is quickly finished off. The water deck is brought to its knees.


In this match you could see the Spirit Hoarder removing positive status buffs and his healing power to support the respective team.

However, he is not infallible with his low mana and once a monster has affliction, it cannot be healed anymore. My opponent should have used Baakjira with possibly River Nymph to counter any affliction problems. Would this have been enough to counter my magic attack? We will never know.

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from carocta Pixabay.
Screenshots and characters are from Splinterlands.

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Ugh, looks complicated :) 😁

yeah, it gets more complicated !WINE !LOL

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Sounds Like Evil Version of Groooot. Hehe!

ahha yeah true!! !LOL !LUV

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Don't you just love it when you open up that second or third ability on a card. It's like a whole new magical world of possibilities!

It sure is, this is why I am happy with the new rule change so that I only spend 1 day in silver. I prefer to stick with gold and the extra abilities, the matches are more fun.

Yeah, I can appreciate that. Although, when I do brawls I usually pick a novice level because my GF cards aren't maxed leveled.

yeah, i can understand with GF, that would be not so easy! I still play bronze in brawls too.

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Thanks for your support team.

Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

It was a great battle, the way you presented the post I really liked it, innovative, on the other hand, as a recommendation, focus on detailing more how you thought to align your monsters, rather than in the description of each round. Good job.

Thanks for the feedback and great tip! Appreciate it. 👍