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RE: Splinterlands Strategies: Rent Golem or SplinterRents?

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I was sold on Splinterrents by the fact that I didn't need to transfer the cards I have for rent on my library account to a separate account - something RentGolem required me to do. (If you're playing your account, you still need a separate account - i'm not playing on my library account.) Unlocking all cards and then send them to another account was something I did not look forward to, so I was really happy when the guys from Splinterrent made it so that it was not needed.

When I asked for something that would make my life even easier, they didn't hesitate to implement that.

Overall, I'm very happy with it. I didn't think I needed a rental bot, and thought I was doing pretty good manually. However, I'm on day 3 now, and my rental income has more than doubled. Guess I wasn't doing so good after all 🤣


and thought I was doing pretty good manually.

Double is great! I am not doing quite so well, but all that manual drudgery was boring as hell. Liking it so far, hope they don't get overloaded once everyone realises they are dishing out too much on 'the other one'.

Just saw an announcement their fees will probably go down. Competition is a good thing 😁

Not related to my doings (I hope). 😀