Splinterlands Strategies: Rent Golem or SplinterRents?

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Renting Services appear to be the latest trend. No sooner than I hear about Rent Golem than another one turns up.

I was going to compare the two but as I have already made my mind up on which one I am going to use and my opinion may appear biased.

Depending on your technical ability, your love of GUIs, and 'how much you want to make' you are going to prefer one over the other.


Rent Golem

I signed up for Rent Golem at the end of last season and added just one of my many accounts to their very impressive sleek user interface.

...'impressive you say, I can't see a fucking thing'...

You need to get registered via their Discord channel and then add your accounts to the dashboard. I added the posting key for @dismayedworld only.


...'any better?. The Rent Golem UI is very detailed and I can see lots of love has gone into it'...

If you want Rent Golem to start renting your cards then you add your posting key directly through this UI.

My initial thoughts of this were 'great'. I could see rents being updated and more being canceled as the leases were underperforming.


What I didn't see was a marked improvement over my manual efforts of changing prices using PeakMonsters and evicting renters every three or four days.

Giving me the time back to do other things is all very well but not when Rent Golem charges a hefty 20% in commission.

…’to make Rent Golem worthwhile I would want a 25% increase in rent AND my time back’…

Maybe I did not give Rent Golem long enough, but that overpriced commission was gnawing at me and after just one day I stopped using the service.


Today I paid my 'fees' of 469 DEC for an income of 2472. I felt cheated, to say the least. There had been barely any difference and that was just one of my accounts.


Less than a week later I saw this message in the Team Possible discord. I like Team Possible and if I could ever be loyal enough to stick in a guild it might be this one (it’s not going to happen!).


@davemccoy has been around forever. His guild holds 11 PLOT I purchased using their syndicate years ago. I get VOUCHER from their guild as the PLOT counts toward the airdrop regularly.

In a nutshell, I trust him and his guild.



SplinterRents looked to do what Rent Golem did and was only charging 5%. This looked very interesting and so signed up for it right away and added the same account (@dismayedworld) to their system.

SplinterRents runs exclusively via Discord and a chatbot. It might not be in everyone’s comfort zone but is fine with me.


Like Rent Golem I added the @dismayedworld account which initially showed little difference. I could see a lot was going on in the background and evictions were taking place.


One difference between the services was that Rent Golem cancels and you can see this clearly using the excellent PeakMonsters interface.


SplinterRents cancels using a different method which is still confusing to me. They did tell me for the first 24 hours I would see this, but it has not stopped.

explanation_of cancelleddue to price.JPG

They explained that it is a method of saving RCs, which to many can be a big factor. As I have a lot of HP, it makes little difference to me.

The Splinter Rent guys are aware and have told me it will be fixed in due course.


I paid my dues to Splinter Rent this morning and 77 DEC did not seem expensive. The next bill will be a lot more but I can visibly see results and they are encouraging!



@dismayedworld appears to be the least affected of my accounts but is around 200 DEC a day up from when I started.

Here are some BEFORE and AFTER screenshots. The AFTER ones are current as I write this article.





Other accounts are doing much better. I added @slobberchops and @bingbabe this morning which are streamlined Wild Diamond decks.

@chops.support holds all my surplus cards and has masses of cards within. This is the only account that is struggling a little on RCs. I changed the update to 20 minutes (the others are all on 15).

...'55% RC's and still declining, the account has 752HP and is struggling. I will need to modify the cycletime again'...


This checks your unrented cards every 25 minutes and tries to complete against what else is on offer. It's a user-definable parameter and is generally set to 60.



To surmise, it depends if you want a fantastic user experience or you simply want more income and fuck the looks.

Rent Golem is hosting a website. That is going to cost something and so they need that extra income. The devs are very helpful and accommodating, and right now Rent Golem has the edge.

Splinterlands players know about it, it's being heavily shilled in prominent Discord channels and it works effectively.


...'neither services give you a rundown of what they are doing, unless you check the chain data, and then it's hardly readable'...

SplinterRents is very new and not so well known outside of the Team Possible guild. It requires a little more technical ability but to be fair both of them require you to be a discord user.

The chatbot is clear, I didn't need to ask anything besides opening the channel for the bot (nobody accepts anonymous chats due to spam these days), and then things start working right away.


I have seen large gains in my DEC income by using SplinterRents after just a day, and for the moment am happy to let it manage my cards.

Both Rent Golem and SplinterRents trust the users to pay up. If you don’t then the heavies will knock down your front door and threaten you with your life.


Which one is for you?

If your want to be a real tight-arse, then neither. Peak Monsters and the manual way cost the mandatory 5%. Both the Rent Golem and SplinterRents fees are on top of this 5%.

Rent Golem looks sleek, polished, has highly enthusiastic people running it, and has the communities' ear. SplinterRents is more basic, has equally enthusiastic people running it but is much newer and less well known.

...'at the end of the day, we all want more DEC and use whatever yields the most. Make your own mind up'...

I suspect the performance of both to be similar. Both will gain you more DEC and give you that time back.

If you decide to try Splinter Rent, please use my referral code when adding your account to the chatbot. $register 272745745130586114

Rent Golem (Discord - https://discord.gg/7knbs5Xt, Website - https://splex.gg/)
Splinter Rent (Discord https://discord.gg/JkwyAWkd)


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Drooling Maniac.JPG

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Thanks for the honest review! And thanks for providing valuable feedback.

The Splinter Rent guys are aware and have told me it will be fixed in due course.

And this had indeed fixed as of now ;). Now card rents will only be updated at the end of a rent day if the potential price is higher than the current rental price.

Hi and thanks for visiting! I am still getting that status message on cancelled rents from @dismayedworld. Is it going to stay like this or does it need some time to correct itself?


ing! I am still getting that status message on cancelled rents from @dismayedworld. Is it going to stay

i think its suppose to happen. they only cancel when the expected market price for a card to get rented out is significantly higher... IDK about you but im never not a fan of more profits!

I was sold on Splinterrents by the fact that I didn't need to transfer the cards I have for rent on my library account to a separate account - something RentGolem required me to do. (If you're playing your account, you still need a separate account - i'm not playing on my library account.) Unlocking all cards and then send them to another account was something I did not look forward to, so I was really happy when the guys from Splinterrent made it so that it was not needed.

When I asked for something that would make my life even easier, they didn't hesitate to implement that.

Overall, I'm very happy with it. I didn't think I needed a rental bot, and thought I was doing pretty good manually. However, I'm on day 3 now, and my rental income has more than doubled. Guess I wasn't doing so good after all 🤣

and thought I was doing pretty good manually.

Double is great! I am not doing quite so well, but all that manual drudgery was boring as hell. Liking it so far, hope they don't get overloaded once everyone realises they are dishing out too much on 'the other one'.

Just saw an announcement their fees will probably go down. Competition is a good thing 😁

Not related to my doings (I hope). 😀

I missed the whole splinterlands opportunity as I'm not into card collecting but have seen it's impressive growth.

20% is expensive but if they are running a website etc it has to be viable?

Maybe I should get some DEC and deploy them?

20% is expensive but if they are running a website etc it has to be viable?

I agree, they need to cover costs but users are going to go for the gains regardless of loyalty. I see nobody bemoaning this 20% rate or stating it's too much anywhere. I am just telling the facts.

users are going to go for the gains regardless of loyalty

This is true unfortunately in many cases but we have to think longer term than short rewards. Viability of the project is my primary consideration mostly.

The DEC is the key token as far as I understand it.

DEC has lost 94% (vs USD) of it's value since September 2021. Talk about a comedown.

Holy crap, happy I missed out on that one.
So DEC is dirt cheap right now? Not that I'm looking to buy any.

So DEC is dirt cheap right now?

Yes, and currently getting cheaper.

Both seem reasonable and with a nice revenue (20% fee is crazy....no way). Are your decks decent card wise? Better said...while playing I do my quests and get around 500 dec a day and also rent out some cards with additional dec I guess. Deck is gold 1/ diamond 3.

Im always thinking what is wise to do in weeks when I am not actively playing

Are your decks decent card wise?

2 are Diamond, Wild decks, 1 is a Diamond Modern deck, another is a Silver/Gold deck, while the rest are.. well just the rest. I am expecting 20k DEC a day now, maybe more. I haven't played actively for ages now, renting is still the way to go.

Do you still have those masses of promo cards? I remember you opening shitloads once!

Really decent income on the daily that is for doing ...well managing them.

I still have some of the promo cards while I sold a lot of them last summer when the price was going up. This is the left over stash

You did sell a lot. I remember that post of your from several years ago, everyone thought you were nuts. Hope you got some great returns, it's this foresight that makes us the cash!

I think with these promo cards from back..with selling them back them (including a gold foil legendary which was reaaaally expensive now so that is a bummer) and with what I sold last year, the returns in general were really good and I have no remorse of the choices from them. You do what you do.

With the chaos cards from now those returns are not at all there yet, and so we wait and we will be fine in the end right? I dont mind the investment from the chaos cards, in the end with dec and sps and everything that comes from it splinterlands has given me a lot..and is just really cool from a game!

With the chaos cards from now those returns are not at all there yet

Some are doing OK, staple cards are always good to invest in multiples and the base summoners are all decent, even Sloan. The rent well at lower levels.

I bought only like 120 packs to I guess most of the cards are like lelvel 3 cards now by me. Good one. Let me just put some cards on the market again. A lazy sunday with formula 1 on the background, perfect for that.

Splinterrents for me, it's working fine, has increased my RoA.

I was cautious to begin with but have now chucked all my spare cards in.

I will be watching it. My rent today is down on some accounts, but fine on others. I love automation but it needs to be monitored.

Ah looks like the later gets it, the other one doesn't sound too bad, but that fee, errr no!


They probably are similar in performance, but that fee.., way too high.

I will be having a look at this soon as I may be offline for a bit and I'd like to keep some income coming in. 5% seems a much better deal.

Both are easy to use, but you know which one I prefer. I have seen decent DEC gains since using it.

I've been diving into the rental market and while I'm still just a little guy, managing my collection isn't so bad but I can definitely tell how if I had more cards a good bot would definitely be the way to go.

Thanks for a great comparison if / when I decide to use a bot in the future!

I would take a look at both. A rumour passed my ear that Rent Golem is now 10%, but I am not sure. It's still double that of SplinterRents, but you get all the UI goodness. They are both valuable tools we can use.

10% isn't so bad but I'm kind of a scrooge mcduck, try to keep every penny or in this case DEC hehe.

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not bad!

I heard about rent golem but I don't really like the 25% split I don't think I have heard of Splinter Rents. I tend to change my cards depending on the rental prices so I wonder if that process is still manual.

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Seeing so many websites about and servicing Splinterlands is always a good sign, but why wouldn't you just rent your cards straight from the game?

Please update the SplinterRent discord link