Your best episode yet. It goes a long way if you can change ones opinion about your guest the way it did for me.

This is some of the best feedback we've ever received - thank you for taking the time to say so.

Giving @azircon the opportunity to share his story & articulate his why is exactly the type of conversation we aim to have here - bonus that it lands on open ears and resonates with folks.

We've got a couple more OG community members coming up in the next few episodes as we try to paint the full picture of the 5 year anniversary. Hope you enjoy 'em!

Thanks again @flauwy !

Oh, I certainly will. You guys have created a great show. At this rate you will be counted amongst the OGs in no time. !1UP

Such an inspiring Podcast for me personally, I consider @azircon as one of my mentors in this space, a support mechanism not only for me but for the whole of Team Philippines and because of this, we consistently strive to better ourselves and our impact within the Community. I am glad that you were able to do this, people may decide to change their views, I hope that it can be seen that without people like Azircon, greed would most definitely take precedence and Community would be made secondary. Thank you for being the voice of those unheard, we salute and stand behind you!

Inspiring purpose that Azircon is fulfilling, that is for certain. We can all take away from this conversation and do a little bit better. Simple guidelines ole' Kaonashi expects the community to play by - be kind, follow the rules. For the most part, this is a great community that we've built over the years and I would hate to see it be spoiled. Let's go!!

Appreciate you taking the time to listen and share this, Mango!

I would not have missed it! Thanks for making it happen

thank you Mango. Perhaps more praise than I deserve. I like to point to the greater audience, that I am not a very popular person :)

No, I am a person that does not praise easily, you deserve it, you have taught me so much and I try my best to reflect this to our Community through the sharing of blessings. Thank you!

If you like Ecstasy of Gold, check out the modern-day dubstep remix Ecstasy of Soul!

Hook 'em Horns! 🤘🤘

Nice! Cheers for sharing, Duce 😎

Love that this happened!

Us, too, man. Us, too. Made for a very cool reflective / retrospective & look forward given the anniversary is upon us. Lucky timing! Special shoutout to @mangomayhem for suggesting we get connected!

Thanks, enjoyed listening in on the interview. 👍

Appreciate you taking the time to do so and for stopping by to share!

We've got a couple of good ones queued up the next couple of weeks - hope ya enjoy them, too 😎

this is pretty cool

Thanks for taking the time to give it a listen, @gorthole

I think I will put a few relevant links here:

These are well known posts, but still many haven’t read them. I think they are still relevant

Glad ya posted these - thanks. Great reads for perspective. Thank you again for the history lesson, Azircon!

I am surprised and sad to see that we have largely failed you at hive in terms of exposure. I will try and change that

Hey man - it's all good! We love the conversations this podcast has afforded us to have and the growth in exposure has been slow and steady. We'll continue to do our best to present meaningful conversations with inspiring folks and share their stories with the community, regardless of growth, but any additional eyes & ears are always welcome! That hopefully just means we'll have a bigger pool of great people to bring onto the show. Thank ya sir!

You are welcome. Hive is a strange and bizarre place and like real life it's not fair.

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