The HiveSQL proposal needs your support

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Last night, the HiveSQL proposal went unfunded, therefore switching back to the subscription model.

As usual, when this happens HiveSQL continues to work fine but its users contact me in a panic because suddenly their free access to the database is interrupted. They must then activate a subscription in order to be able to continue using this service.

And each time, the dramasphere ignites.

I added a drama buffer, but ...

During the last similar situation, I decided to implement a timeout so that those who rely on HiveSQL to run their process are no longer caught off guard.

Long story short, if the HiveSQL proposal is no longer funded, access to HiveSQL remains free for 24 hours from the time the funding has been discontinued. After that, an active subscription is required to access HiveSQL.

You can visit to learn more about it.

Note: Although existing accounts can still access the database for a few hours, you need to activate a subscription if you want to register a new HiveSQL account when HiveSQL is in subscription mode.

HiveSQL needs your help to switch back to free!

I introduced the HiveSQL proposal to make it free to use. The aim of the proposal is to enable as many developers and users as possible to benefit from this valuable tool and develop applications and services for our ecosystem. I invite you to read the introduction post to better understand why I made this funding proposal.

For months, thanks to your amazing support, HiveSQL has been free for all to use! But unfortunately, to be funded, the proposal must stay above, previously the Return Proposal (#0), and now the HBD Stabilizer Proposal (#213). And the bar keeps rising, making it sometimes harder and harder for long-backed proposals to stay funded. The same goes for new proposals. But this is another story.

This timeout buffer I added allows the process relying on HiveSQL to continue running, but it won't last forever.

Therefore, I kindly ask you to add your support to the HiveSQL proposal so it can be funded again and quickly switch back to free use for everyone.

Support the HiveSQL proposal!
Vote for the proposal on PeakD
Vote for the proposal on Ecency
Vote for the proposal using HiveSigner

Thank you to all who already supported the proposal and made HiveSQL free till now!



I know how much work goes into keeping a service like this operational and active from personal experience... and it's a lot of work!

It's also very cross discipline work that requires a high level of skill across multiply complex systems. More so, while most of those complex systems share some things in common, are all unique in significant ways. Databases and networking have similar qualities... but knowing how to configure a firewall, and knowing how to run a huge sql database, are NOT even close to the same thing. There are people who specialize entire careers on just one of those things.

Even more so, this really is an 'enterprise' grade service, and at a 'bargain basement' price to the fund. It seems to me this is exactly the kind of value that differentiates the Hive ecosystem from other more financially centric applications of distributed technology.

@arcange I am really quite fond of how you designed this to be free if enough people agree to support the proposal, yet still available for a quite reasonable price if not. I think it sets a great example and is a very responsible model.

I do have a question too. I can't imagine anyone who even remotely understood how much goes into setting something like this up... especially with the size of the database... would fail to support this proposal? Is this just because of a lack of voting by a vast majority of stake holders? Or is there some other reason for this not having enough support to be funded?

Thanks for your work, and your sense of value and contribution.

Thank you for your support and for sharing your own experience.

Even more so, this really is an 'enterprise' grade service ...

I can only agree, this is how I'm used to working and the level of service the people I work with have always been used to. It is sometimes disappointing that some do not perceive it and I am happy that you give an experienced opinion on this subject.

Is this just because of a lack of voting by a vast majority of stake holders?

In terms of the number of voters, the proposal is in 7th position, which in my opinion is not a bad score. It seems that it is many less powerful voters in terms of HP who support the project rather than the big stakeholders.

Or is there some other reason for this not having enough support to be funded?

The only ones who could answer that question are people who do not support the proposal.

Once again, thank you for your support.

I was already supporting it and a few people follow my proxy. I really value access to this data, so I hope it can be funded again.

Thank you @steevc

I voted on the proposal. It is a service that should be supported and funded.

Thank you for your support @darmst5339

@arcange is it fair to say that the HBD Stabiliser is overvoted, i.e. as per proposal #213:

Due to the size of this proposal and the expectation that it functions as a 'return' type proposal, stakeholders should take care to not "overvote" beyond what is needed to clear the original return proposal. Any other proposals with fewer votes than this one are unlikely to receive continued funding

I'm new here, I intentionally didn't vote for either #213 or #0 to my eye they are already at a threshold where the proposals with more HP weight behind them probably should be funded.

Thank you for your support @richardslater. I can only agree with you.

Just voted with my proxy.

Thank you for your support @demotruk, much appreciated!

Supported :)

I did my part and I hope other people do too. This tool makes it possible to create applications that can work very well and bring benefits to the entire hive ecosystem.

Thank you for your support @underlock! 👍

My proxy already voted this proposal & I wish it will be free again.


Thank you @theguruasia. That's my wish too.

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Just supported. It's a great service - thanks for providing it - hopefully we'll get it funded again very soon.

Thank you for your support @tdctunes!

I am unfortunately already supporting on this, my main account, but I'll add the extremely minor weight my alt has as well. Hope this gets funded again!

Every vote count. Thank you for your (and your alt) support @oblivioncubed! 👍

voted with both accounts
it ain't much but it's honest support :)

Thank you for your support @cmmemes, really appreciate it!

I used is less frequent nowadays but still supported because I just love it.

Thank you @ace108

You're welcome.

Just voted for the proposal. Do you plan to open source HiveSQL?

Thank you for your support @grider123

HiveSQL can be hardly open-sourced because it isn't just a piece of code but a whole infrastructure with multiple servers, firewalls, IPS, security and monitoring tools, backups, ...
That being said, it's not that hard to write a block streamer that split blockchain data into a database. There has been plenty of such code examples available out there.

Thanks, appreciate your answer =)

Really wish you had thought ahead and did a slightly larger proposal above the absolute minimum so we can have a larger buffer than 24hrs (previously 0hrs) ... if you don't use that buffer (aka always funded) at some point and the service stops existing you can return the buffer funds. Sadly your proposal is for 700+ days or we'd suggest changing it next time you do a proposal for like 110 or 120 instead of 100. You could have put the extra in savings even and extended the buffer even longer with the savings interest.

Oh well one would have just expected with how heavily used your service is that it wouldn't have been in danger of loosing funding in the first place.

What makes you think I didn't think before making the proposal?

As for its price, I am for simple things and I favored a reasonable price.
As for its duration, campaigning to get a proposal funded is exhausting and not my favorite thing to do. That's why I made it for two years.

Oh well one would have just expected with how heavily used your service is that it wouldn't have been in danger of loosing funding in the first place.

Are you suggesting that I overrate the proposal to make sure it doesn't lose its funding? This is nonsense to me.

The infrastructure is dimensioned in such a way as to be able to support the current load and even more.
I cannot constantly resize it, then adapt the amount requested for the proposal, without negatively impacting the latter.

this feels like lost in translation :D

The idea form peakd was that when you put the proposal you could have gone with 10-20 HBD more per day and use that 10-20 in case of situations like this, where it happens that there is not enough funds in a day do distribute. So you could use those funds for some time, give it a bit more buffer time.
If you had 10 HBD more then needed from the start of the proposal you could now use that 10*days funded to go maybe even a month or two unfunded and free.
And in the end if you never use it you could just give it back or use it when this proposal has ended and the new one is not funded yet.

All this I understood. But I'm not a fan of convoluted solutions.
Maybe by dint of working in IT, its binary context rubbed off on me.

well it would be more convenient for people that use the service :D

some other proposal got more votes or did the Stabilizer kicked in with more funds needed?

The stabilizer was raised ~ one million HP yesterday

Yes @bil.prag you are correct he completely mistranslated or just willfully misunderstood the statement thinking we were trying to attack... we were trying to help. still not certain he understands the way this would help everyone mostly him.

Thanks for your help translating a bit.

felt a bit of that in the response and knowing you and Asgarth i know it was not.

as i was looking what was going on the thing he did made sense when he posted the proposal as Stabilizer was not a thing then, so you would not expect a lot of changes. Now that Stabilizer is used there is more chance to get kicked out because there is not enough daily funding even if you are above the limit. So it makes sense to ask a bit more so you get more "room", especially in a service like this.

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