Hive Ledger application submitted for official review

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Just a quick note: I have fulfilled all the requirements and submitted Hive ledger application for official security and functional review.

It usually takes about a month for Ledger Team to review the app. They process submissions in order of priority based on several criteria such as market cap and exchange support. We're not in CMC top100 but we're pretty high and I believe Hive application will be processed soon.

During that time, it should appear in Ledger Live as an "unaudited application in developer mode". If that happens - it will be much easier to install and test it (current process is too complicated for most users). Will post an update when that happens.

Next step

Because of Hive nature (multiple roles of private keys and username instead of public addresses), it is much more complicated to associate the account with Ledger device than most other blockchains. To make it easier, I've designed a new wallet dedicated to Hive Ledger application.

Hive Ledger balance view

The design is finished, covering all use cases for cold storage and governance (proposals and witness voting!).

Because using hardware wallets is safe, this piece of software will be available online without the need to download and install anything. I want it to be a good-looking and easy-to-use wallet for Hive. Especially for newcomers. I believe this should increase our adoption rate.

Now we wait

Now we need to wait for the review results and during that time I'm going to spend even more time on the new wallet.

Support me with your witness vote. Click on the image below

banner_engrave 100.png


Awesome news, this is going to be very cool stuff to get on Ledger wallets. Opens up lots of doors for us. Cheers and thanks again for everything you've contributed!

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Hey. Nothing personal, my account is currently following spaminator's trail, but should stop soon.

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Amazing job!
Hope ledger deliver on their side.
Vote you for witness a long time ago :)
I encourage others to do it as well!

Thanks a lot for your support :)

Great, but I don´t get why would someone transfer Hive off from the Hive wallet? It is quite save there, and as HP you get the inflation and rewards! Why store liquid Hive elsewhere?
It would give some visibility, yes. Is this the main reason?

It is quite save there

Until you compromise your key by pasting it into a comment or somewhere by the incident. Check out @keys-defender to see how often people lose their assets because of this.

And there is no such thing as "transfer funds to hardware wallet" - consider it as a key manager (it can be compared to the Hive Keychain). You might keep your assets on your current account, just replace your owner key with the one derived from a device. You won't compromise it because you will have zero knowledge of your private key.

I see. That is smart!!

keychain works :) But yeah I think for ledger users love to use it for everything. Opens the door for the ledger only community :)

I'm using keychain on a daily basis and it is great. But it is definitely more difficult to compromise your owner key when you can't see and copy it ;) I will change my owner's keys for sure. Better safe than sorry ;)

And yes, it should open some doors for "ledger" people. It will be much easier and safer to keep Hive as cold storage.

Should be also difficult to compromise the owner key if you store it on whatever place :) and use only keychain with posting/active

It is infinitely harder to compromise it when you don't have your private key ;)

On keychain is also encrypted with sha256 right? But sure for some people, it has a huge advantage, special if hive becomes more mainstream.

Dummy Proof. Can the Ledger then be used as a PKSA for HAS of @arcange?

Yes, it could be used as a PKSA.
The main problem is that you currently have to manually confirm each transaction.
If this is not a problem when there are actually some financial transactions, it is different for the social aspect of the platform. It would be extremely tedious to confirm every comment or vote.

That sounds logical, but some upvotes are tremendous and I'd like to confirm a 50bucks upvote for sure (if I had one) :))

Interesting 🧐, then that's the way all chains do it? 👨🏻‍💻

I didn't know that.

This is nice

Awesome effort and work. Thanks

Will delegation transactions be possible as well? Could be big for investors to reap in daily returns from delegations while holding their hive wallet on ledger and their safety measures.

Sure ;)

Screenshot from 2021-11-09 23-45-21.png


This is amazing. Keep up the good work

Awesome! Can’t wait to start using it


Wow very nice. Many people love ledger so it would be nice if we are in that club :)

We will get to the club ;) The app is ready, source code is clean and covered with unit and integration tests, manually tested etc. Pretty sure it will be accepted and published ;)

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Awesome, it's great that the review happens and we can say we are officially a coin which can be supported on ledger. Great work.

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WICKED - can't believe I missed this - any updates?

I'm in contact with the Ledger Team and it's under review. Will post an update soon.

Wicked. Have not been posting as of late but am getting involved now I've sorted my life out a bit so am doing a bit of the rounds on any news and bits I may of missed, appreciate it

Any idea how this will work in tandem with the announcement of Ledger's new Crypto Life Card?

Don't know tbh, will make a research on the topic

Awesome. I’m hopeful as are many others I’m sure.