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New Hivesigner Interface is getting ready for the release. Excited to share details of what we have been working on.

We have rewritten and redesigned Hivesigner UI component in Vue + Typescript. Improved user flow, added new pages, combined documentation into single place, added multi language support, optimized for mobile browsing, bugs fixed and much more. Read on to learn more about changes.


What's new

  • New codebase
  • New design
  • Better, simplified user flow
  • Documentation unified
  • Signer page, you can search common operations and sign quickly
  • Accounts page improved, view and copy private keys
  • Dockerized instances/images
  • Testnet/Mainnet setup for both API and UI components

Some screenshots










Try it out

We plan to release new UI into production ( during Hive Hardfork 25 which is scheduled around end of this month. As we continue to add missing elements, any feedback, bug reports are greatly appreciated from you as well as from app developers until release. Help us test it! 🙇

Staging instances


New source

Read details of Hivesigner proposal

Support proposals

Ecency | Hivesearcher | Hivesigner


Great work and thanks. I look forward to giving it a try. I must confess, I have always found Hivesigner a little clunky and awkward to use but it has always felt more 'secure' than Keychain. Probably just me and my wayward intuition and how I 'feel' when I use something but all the same, I hope my possibly missplaced theory that its safer will be reinforced with a much improved user experience!

Hope you're well and best wishes :-)

Both has its strength for sure. Yes, improving user experience and still being secure way to sign. Thank you!

Good news! Do you know if the new Hivesigner will activate the Beechat in PeakD as well? Cheers.

Beechat uses special message to be signed while Hivesigner already signs message and creates access_token. I wish they could add support for access_token, just like Only thing they would need is to decode access_token and verify user.

Thanks for the feedback, I have no idea about the engine behind them so I was curious how/if there's such a possibility.

I don't like the changes. Less convenience is not good for something that is supposed to be about adding convenience.

What's less convenience, if you could elaborate more?

It’s looking good ! Good work dude! Can’t wait to try it out.

Great to hear that, you can try staging or testnet instances and give early feedback when you get chance. 😉

This looks very good news :) .... Happy to see new things come out :)

thank you for the continuous developments you are making

Good job...I Will try it

Interesting! I can't wait to give it a try.
Keep up the great work! 🙂

Good to know it is in constant development as it is a very important tool for Hive

I like the look and feel UI i see now even someone who is redirect to hive through ads can do a lot before asking for help

Yes, it is much more easier to follow the flow. Documentation all in one place, eventually we can add Hivesigner guides into documentation making it even more easier to understand and use.

good job.

progress keeps coming, this will keep this platform growing.
we are very happy with this progress

Nice job, looks neat man!

This looks awesome!

Thank you! Try it out on your apps and see if everything works properly 😉

We have pushed a fix for this, could you please re-check?!

Thank you for all your work. Looking forward to try it.

good job with the new updates

This looks awesome! Can’t wait for the new Hivesigner

The font is really pleasant for the eye.

Great stuff. I like the center table - just looks so much better with that small tweak.

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It seems that this will indeed be very useful and should be welcomed

I had a few issues like 3 or 4 days ago when I made a new account and tried to login into ecency via hivesigner using firefox and google chrome.

Both of the browsers started to take up 100% of my PC usage and I have a super gaming computer that typically is around 5% usage for just using browsers. I had to terminate the firefox and google chrome processes using control alt delete. The windows froze up. Not sure why that happened or if it was just ecency that was the problem.

@ecency tagging you for this

That's strange most likely some post/link on content might have caused issue. Do you remember what post you were reading or what page you were on? Could you try again and see if it happens again?

When it happened I was just trying to sign in via hive signer on the main ecency page.

Somewhere there was some sort of glitch and not sure why.

I'll try it sometime soon on different accounts and see what happens

Could it be due to making a free account that didnt have any HP?

Could it be due to making a free account that didnt have any HP?
No, it shouldn't related at all. Please try again and let us know. Eager to find out cause because we want to keep the fastest website.

Hope this is helpful... I did a video review and then gave some suggestions written in the post as well. Just a quick review I'll do more later.

looks really good.

Y se usará con el mismo usuario de hive ? O se deberá crear una nueva cuenta?

Hi @good-karma,
I voted you as the witness right now!
thanks for your development of ecency !!!

Looking good 😀

All thanks to you 😉