Peak Open Projects - Update #4

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This is a quick update on the latest developments related to Peak Open Projects.

Update #4

The code for all projects developed and maintained as part of our proposal is available here:

We do our best to open the repositories as soon as we consider the code to be stable enough and we have completed our initial brainstorm on the implementation.

Some direct links to repositories already available:

div.png - Platform

Developers: @asgarth

A bunch of updates to the core platform have been completed, but there are a few changes @asgarth would like to do to better handle navigation and component loading. Hopefully all changes will be completed early next week, meanwhile the platform is totally usable also without those improvements 😊

Recent activities:

- Integrate analytic platform [COMPLETED]
- Refactor common code into separate files [COMPLETED]
- Layout and font improvements [COMPLETED]
- Rework app navigation and component loading animation [WIP]

Explorer [ module]

Developers: @yozen, @asgarth. Feedback and suggestions: @jarvie

The Explorer got tons of updates in the past week and we now consider it good enough to be integrated into the next PeakMonsters update (mostly into the Explorer page).

Some of the main changes:

Updated block view2nd layer apps data
Account headerPost/comment view

Recent activities:

- Define a common layout for all operations [COMPLETED]
- Greatly improve rendering of Hive transaction in block/account lists [COMPLETED]
- Show 2nd layer data for Splinterlands [COMPLETED]
- Show 2nd layer data for Hive Engine [COMPLETED]
- Support new view for post/comment by permlink [COMPLETED]
- Format VESTS in HIVE/HP [WIP]
- Add pagination to Account transaction list [WIP]
- Dark Mode [WIP]

Market [ module]

Developers: @igormuba, @asgarth. Feedback and suggestions: @jarvie

The market module is now updated to support multiple view options to better suit different type of users.

Note: Though the open source code is now available, public user interface will not be accessible until it is finished and tested. This feature deals with money, and it would not be responsible to release the UI until fully vetted. We will then have a version at least on with hopefully other interfaces using the open source code.

Multiple View Options for Market module

Recent activities:

- Support multiple view mode [COMPLETED]
- Create layout for SWAP and LIMIT views [COMPLETED]
- Integrate Keychain [COMPLETED]
- Allow users to place orders [WIP]
- Integrate charting library [WIP]

Sting Message Protocol

Developers: @igormuba, @mirafun. Research and suggestions: @asgarth

Core functionality of the backend has been implemented. The next step will involve integration with the front end to bring forth a testable prototype.

Recent activities:

- Signing and Verifying user messages [COMPLETED]
- Creating community channels [COMPLETED]
- Encrypted group messages [COMPLETED]
- Encrypted direct messages [COMPLETED]
- Server peer-to-peer network discovery [WIP]

Notification System

Developers: @muwave, @asgarth. Research and suggestions: @jarvie

This first week we focused on building a solid base of helper functions that will make the next stages of development a lot easier. We also outlined in detail how the system should work and built the backbone of the API.

The notification system will not track all the transactions on the blockchain, but rather users will be able to decide which notifications they would like to receive. For example, you may be interested in receiving a notification for every upvote you get, or maybe just the upvotes on a specific post, or maybe only the the upvotes that you receive from a given user on a specific post. You can be as specific or as generic as you want.

We are now working on implementing the main functionalities for core Hive transactions and then we will extend them to second layers like Splinterlands and Hive Engine. Then we will move to testing and front end interface.

Recent activities:

- Blockchain live stream [COMPLETED]
- Matching functions to find patterns in transactions [COMPLETED]
- Create and delete accounts [COMPLETED]
- Subscribe/unsubscribe to specific notifications [WIP]
- Front End [Not started]

Hive Node Beacon

Developers: @asgarth

One of the standard API provided by Hive nodes seems to not be working as expected for some nodes.
This is just a small update to add a new test that will check the validity of the results provided by nodes and updates the score accordingly.


The above API can be tested with this command:

curl -s --data '{"id":1,"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"condenser_api.get_active_votes","params":["peakd","a-hive-launchpad-via-peak-open-projects-a-proposal"]}'

The expected result is a list of all votes with additional details on the voter. Some nodes return 0 for the reputation field.

Recent activities:

- Add test on 'get_active_votes' API [COMPLETED]
- Update dependencies and license [COMPLETED]


How to support the @peakd project

If you're a project looking to integrate one of these tools message us.
If you're a developer looking for a part time open source project message us.

We have been voted as a top block producer on hive (aka "witness"). You can add your vote for us on the main witness page our "witness" account is @steempeak


You can support our proposal to develop open source tools for the whole Hive community using one of the following links:

You can donate 5% of your Hive Reward Pool earnings to @peakd to help use improve the interface: Turn on in settings

We invite you to share and brainstorm some ideas with us:

The PeakD Team
About us:
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Do people even read anything on Hive?

This post should be buzzing with activity over the potential of the development within.

I worry Hive will never be more than a poor man's work place littered with a few high hopes experiments. Some that never eventuate and the rest that carry on for years on years without completion.

If the people already in this ecosystem aren't excited about things... how the F can you expect outsiders to get excited.

Outsiders that stumble across such an article get a read of the human element by the comments section. If that is non-existent then this here is no social operation. It's as mentioned: a workplace. And it's minimum wage for most.

Anyway rant over.

I'm highly interested and excited for STING. If also a mobile version of PeakD was in the works I would likely be jizzing my pants.

Yet... I wonder what difference it will all make. The saying "too little too late" could be the curse of steemit..... I mean Hive.