DJDOGE Week 6 Entry 𝕏 Got Talent

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I host the weekly 𝕏 Got Talent music space on 𝕏 and we just had the opportunity to collab with Vibes this week! πŸ™
I had the pleasure to meet some of amazing Vibes / Hive community members, and I know that everyone on 𝕏 hopes you join us again soon!🫢

This is my submission for week 6 - Cover of Billy Joel, Always a Woman, piano backing track.

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Haha. I see you made it to Hive as well. Its @vessymink with the screen record. She skipped this week of Vibes but she always seems to get involved somehow. 😘

Welcome to Hive, hope you enjoy your stay.

Ill just leave the link to the spaces announcement today. We also reward with a few dollars everyone that joins the space. In case you want to start stacking a bit of Hive beyond this post payout πŸ˜‰.

More info here:

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So bleak I missed the space but was in studio sessions all day at it was at 3am for me. Glad I got to hear your submission and awesome to see you part of it all. Really enjoying your voice and this rendition of always a woman <3

Beautiful performance Djdoge. Love it.

A pleasure to meet you, Sister .... Welcome to the beautiful family of Hive Blog, God bless you! β™₯

Welcome to Hive

Smooth singing, So cool to see you here with us in the Vibes Competition, welcome, looking forward to more of your entries