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I purchased Temtem on impulse recently after I heard some people say it's a lot better than Pokémon, so kind of had to try it. After know how stubborn Nintendo are with keeping their games on their own consoles and slowly evolving them over time to fit the current technology and adaptation, while at the same time suing the shit out of anyone who dares to slightly mod their games. I figured maybe a completely new adaptation close to Pokémon might be the better way forward.

Temtem released in January 2020 and are still in early access, so keep that in mind when looking at the gameplay footage. A lot of it reminds you of Pokémon quite a bit, even the storyline is eerily similar, not sure if they did that on purpose just to show it to Nintendo knowing what kind of overprotective people they are towards their IP or just wanting to play with the devil and risking a cease and desist, but here we are.

The looks of the game are cartoonish but really pretty, the color choices especially. The monsters you can't really expect much, there's just so much unique ones one can create after Pokémon has quite literally created everyone and them themselves starting to just dish some out that are closely starting to resemble chairs or some random items. They're cute, though, still.

The big difference here is of course it being available on the PC, it running smoothly (somewhat) but optimization is not something you can blame them for since they're still in early access. Since it's still early access you'd be surprised to have to buy it for €36 but maybe it's worth it, let's see how much gameplay one can get out of it in its current state.

I'm gonna share a few screenshots I took and then the gameplay videos, unfortunately it'll be several videos even though I recorded them in one sitting due to some weird freezes at random, presumably due to it being early access.

Character creation screen:

Temtem Screenshot 2021.05.07 -

My finished character, which may or may not resemble me irl for those who been curious what I look like.

Temtem Screenshot 2021.05.07 -

The world, your Temtem in your first squad slot follows you around!

Temtem Screenshot 2021.05.07 -

About to battle two trainers!

Temtem Screenshot 2021.05.07 -

My Temtem, this game focuses on a 2v2 fightstyle over the usual 1v1, although Pokémon later adapted 2v2 as well.

Temtem Screenshot 2021.05.07 -

A look at their version of a Pokémon Center, those two trainers over there really wanted to use the same machine.

Temtem Screenshot 2021.05.07 -

Gameplay footage in 1440p:

Let me know what you think of the game and if you're interested in checking out further progression throughout the game.

Will try remember a bit more often to take screenshots throughout it as the places look really neat to share in future posts!

Off to tame some more Temtem's!

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Very interesting review, I may actually check this out. I've never played Pokemon (maybe because I'm a hardcore PC Gamer for the most part?). I've played so many PC classics and newcomers, but never the Pokemon/Slime Rancher type, and TemTem looks interesting.

That said, for gaming, I've focused on League Of Legends for so long that stepping away from it (not a fan of it's latest powercreep) and pursuing new games feels like I'm emerging from a fog.

Either way it'll have to wait til I'm done with exploration masterpiece The Outer Wilds, and noir-acid-trip-wall-of-text-masterpiece, Disco Elysium.

Super glad to have read about it here though, and I appreciate all the nice screenshots. Thanks for reviewing.

(P.S. Vel'koz is a super-solid support at most ELOs, I'm sure you could make it work well if you gave it another shot :D)

Strange that this game wasn't in my wishlist yet. I always did like the Pokemon games and this does look VERY similar. Great that it's available on pc and it is kinda fun to see your tames running around after you. I think I'll try this one at some point, although I will wait for a sale. I'm starting to become a little wary of early access games. So many never make it to the finish line :-(

Just installed Epic Games Launcher for the few free games I collected like Jurrasic World Evolution, Surviving Mars and Pine. The last one is free to claim this week btw.

Cool, thanks for the info! Will you be posting your experience in Hive Gaming? :D

Definitely! Trying Jurassic World Evolution at the moment, but Epic Games doesn't have an easy screenshot thingy like Steam does. So... no posts about that yet! So far it's fun though... maybe I'll get myself to make screenshots later.

Hmm, if you got nvidia geforce you can take extremely high quality screenshots through it like I was doing in the gameplays here. Other than that the windows key + prt sc key should work, it'll add them to the default picture folder if you're using windows.

I feel like this game has promise to it. It has the vibes of pokemon however it doesn't yet have the allure that pokemon has. Many grew up on pokemon, trading cards and battling and watching the show made it such a massive success and why it's so valued today as that generation is now older. They continue to build new innovative platforms that lead the way for gaming and continue to bring in new generations such as Pokemon go.

The game for sure looks and feels like many of the recent pokemon games but seriously I feel they kind of messed up a bit on sword and shield with some of the weird pokemon you could capture it seems like they ran out of creativity or got a little too overboard with it lol

Sword and shield was garbage I hear from most people. Feels like they try to bring a new "thing" to each game which no one's asking for.

I played this for a bit but never got into it all that much. I'm excited to start trying out new pokemon snap though! I just hope it's not a let down like sword and shield was. There hasn't been all that many great games to come out in a long time that I've looked forward to playing. I guess that's why I keep playing Fortnite lol

Haha yeah, I never liked battle royal and I'm kind of annoyed at fortnite knowing epic games deserted Paragon to focus on it, although of course it made sense for them and was very profitable but still, bring back paragon. :(

I'm not having a lot of hopes for snap but I hope the next "normal" pokemon games are a bit more fun and less weird and unnecessary additions to them like that mega monster bs in sword and shield.

Paragon was cool had a lot going for it I thought. I believe there are a few new developers trying to bring it back but lost track of the names as it's an open source project now.

I am the number one pokemon fan, I never heard of TemTem, but as you tell it seems to be almost the same as pokemon, I think it even has a little better worked graphics to my taste, have normal sizes and the characters are not dwarfs XD, sincerely is a bit expensive for me, but I hope it comes down in price and play it someday, I will enjoy it a lot, as I am always waiting for pokemon black and white type games, or the same type.

I had never heard of this game. I'm wondering why the name "TemTem" for a Pokemon game? It's quite curious, maybe that's what made it not so famous or something, I would suggest a rename.

The last time I played Pokemon was on Nintendo DS, I've never been that much of a fan of the saga, but it's a pretty cool game if you're someone who likes games where the goal is to complete a lot of achievements (for me, Pokemon are achievements XD). When I have more time I'll take a look at the videos to see what it's like, maybe the graphics are appealing to the eye.

It's not Pokemon. It's a different franchise inspired by Pokemon. It's pretty cool. Battles are more tactical and less based on RNG. Attacks won't miss and sleeps/paralyzes lasts for a set amount of rounds.

The game looks amazing, it has some things that are missing to the very game of our childhood, but as always these same advanced games that surpass the king of kings are created by fans does not mean that the game TemTem is better than pokemon, in fact my personal opinion is that this type of games that are very similar to others do it giving credit to the first, just like the Metroid saga despite being a bit dead lately there are thousands of games of the same genre that created it in honor of the first ones that came out, TemTem looks amazing and I would like to see more of your adventures in this game, I can't play it because my computer is missing some pieces, but I would love to see someone else play it and share it with others.

I have been on the verge of buying this game on PS5 for a few months now. Still not sure if I should pull the trigger.

TemTem has awesome PvP. No RNG so no missed hits or criticals, no "confusion", none of that stuff that has made pokemon competitive really frustrating at times for people. It does take an obnoxiously long time to train tems tho

Nice info, thanks! I liked the PvP so far, especially when a TemTem switches target if the target you initially had it attacking faints, that was such an unnecessary thing on Pokemon where it would just not do anything in that case and waste a turn.

I had never heard of this Pokemon game and I think it's strange how it went so unnoticed, or at least for me, who likes this saga so much. It looks pretty good and the graphics are quite attractive as well as the fights. I think it has a lot of potential even though it has been released for a while now and I never heard anything about it, it seems strange to me...

It's not a Pokemon game though. It's just inspired by it. It's a whole new universe/franchise :)

Oh, no wonder it seemed so strange to me and I had never heard of it, that clears everything up, thanks Pusen, I'll do some research on that game in a while.

wow this game is better made than the sinoh remake that nintendo released I was so disappointed when I saw the trailer agh I liked the part of customizing your character and how the movements look in combat it looks really cool.

Has Pokemon style graphics but I can't say much about fight styles and the rest, closest I've gotten to playing Pokemon was the recent movie.

The interface on this one is way better than pokemon I feel,Well sword and sheild is fine a few of my friends experience glitches don't know about temtem I guess I have to check it out for myself now.

sometimes it's necessary that these games come out to see if Nintendo makes better Pokemon games. At first glance Tem Tem looks pretty good, I like the graphical aspect, the colors make the game attractive. Let's wait and see how far this development goes or when Nintendo sues them LOL.

Creo que Pokémon me gusta tanto que no pondría en duda que es mejor que cualquier otro juego 🙆

I don't know why, but I smell a demand from Nintendo. As soon as I saw the miniature I thought it was related to Pokémon, so it has a strong resemblance. I don't really know if it will be better but I prefer single battles more than double battles, so I don't know if I'd be really interested. We'd also have to see how balanced the battles are and if you can strategize to encourage competitive battles, does it have multiplayer? That would be something to consider as well. Graphically it looks pretty good, it will be interesting to see how the game evolves.

This game takes away all the RNG that Pokemon battles had and makes it pure tactical. Attacks can't miss and so on. Combat is extremely balanced with a competitive online battling scene in mind. It plays like an MMO where you run around the world with other people. There's a huge battling community to it already.

ooo temtem, I need to play this more, brought it a while back and just never really played it much. I've quite enjoyed it so far.

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Nunca había oído hablar de este juego de Pokémon y me parece extraño cómo pasó tan desapercibido, o al menos para mí, a quien le gusta tanto esta saga. Los juegos Pokémon existen hace mucho tiempo y no había visto uno con unos gráficos geniales.

I had never heard of this Pokémon game and I find it strange how it went so unnoticed, or at least for me, who likes this saga so much. Pokémon games have been around for a long time and I hadn't seen one with such great graphics.