These indie games included with PS Plus are MUST PLAYS

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You don't want to miss these games 🕹👾🎮

This new PS Plus Extra subscription just keeps getting better. You may have already seen my previous videos about this new service from PlayStation. If you haven't already you can see how the three new tiers work in this video and you can check out some games that I think they should add to the service in this video.

Today's video is about something new though, I want to talk indie titles. Indie is short for independent and it usually translates to games that aren't released by the major studios. You usually get a much smaller development team, but often times this results in far more passion and better results than games with millions of dollars backing them.

Personally, I'm used to big-budget titles, but I have been known to play some indies from time to time over the years. Now that my PlayStation Plus membership gives me access to so many new games, I have been anxious to try some out that I have heard about when they were first released.

I have four absolutely amazing games to discuss today. All are critically acclaimed and I've tested myself to confirm they are a great time. I have decided to pair my normal walk-and-talk video with some gameplay for each title so that you can see what they look and play like.

You'll be hearing about the following four indie titles that are available on PS Plus and also other platforms such as Switch, Xbox, and PC.

The Messenger
Dead Cells

I am astonished at home with each of these video games I am starting to get. I knew they reviewed well but didn't expect to take kindly to the art and gameplay styles. I'm happy to say that I like each one so much that I plan to try to finish them all at some point. It will continue to be difficult to juggle so many games, but I'm lucky enough to have the time to play them now.

I hope you enjoyed today's video. I try to mix my content up and don't want to always post about the same stuff. So if you are a fan of gaming, crypto, a good sense of humor, or just general positivity and life advice, then be sure to give me a follow so you don't miss out on future content.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this post and watch my video. See you again tomorrow for another!


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I was thinking of upgrading. The increase in price isn't a lot to ask for the hundreds of games that I will receive in return. I've not played Messenger but I hear great things. As far as the other 3 are concerned they are pretty great but I like Dead Cells a lot less than the others. Blasphemous is outstanding.

It is so worth it, especially if you are already paid up for many months with Essential like I was. Plus that new cat game Stray is launching with PS Plus on July 19th. I've been so hyped for that game and getting it for free is enough reason to upgrade. Plus the a giant library of other options, both big budget, and indie.

I would also put Dead Cells at the bottom of this list, although still great. I just don't always love rouge-lites. It'd be difficult for me to choose a favorite out of the other three. Blasphemous shocked me at how good it actually is, I was worried since the Metacritic score is only like 78. It should be in the 80s at least.

These 4 indie games are perhaps the 4 best indie games in the gaming world. My favorite among them is The Messenger. Because it makes you extremely attached to itself with its story and gameplay differences. You don't even realize how time passes while playing. Not only that, but the art and music side of these 4 games is also very strong. Thank you Daltono for introducing these games.

So you have played all of these? Great to know that my feelings towards the games are felt mutually. I really haven't had this much with indie titles... well really EVER. These seriously are some of the best. A lot of people will continue to sleep on them though just because they aren't some flashy next-gen game. There is a lot of fun to be had here though.

I played Dead Cells, The Messenger, Celeste, and I watched Blasphemous on social media. You're so right about that, there are a lot of people who don't play just because they look old school, but they don't know what they're missing.

My opinion has changed about these games for sure. I look forward to future indie titles of this caliber. Sounds like you need to get your hands on Blasphemous soon. What system do you play on? Console? PC?

I'm playing on PC. You're playing on console, right? I hope games of this caliber come out soon. I can't play it for now because of the price, but I might if it's on sale.

Yep, I'm a PS5 guy. I'm assuming you use Steam then. I see Blasphemous is currently $25 on there, but they also have a demo on there you can download for free. I'm sure you would enjoy trying that out and perhaps keep it on your wish list and wait for it to go on sale sometime.

I've already added it. I didn't notice the demo, I'll download it today and give it a try. Thanks for telling me that.

Anytime man. Nice! Looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

good Sunday night friend I just read your post and I can't watch the video because the language makes it difficult for me. But now one of those Indie games some can be good because of the budget. Which of those games you mention in your post let's say you could try to finish first. And it's good to have time to play a little since not everything in life can be work, we also have to have fun.

I think that one of my most wanted features for 3Speak is automated translations. I'm not sure something like that is even possible though, maybe with some type of AI it is. I like how YouTube has the option to have automatic English subtitles, but that kind of still makes it hard if you aren't super comfortable with reading English. It's a lot of work to copy and paste each section of text into Google translate.

I would love for my videos to be more accessible to people outside of native English speakers. Sadly, this is my only language so I can't do much to help here. I do appreciate you still stopping by and taking the time to comment though.

To answer your question, I'm not sure which one I'll finish first. I think I'd put Dead Cells as last though. Otherwise, I'm equally in love with the other three.

I like videogames although sometimes I don't have time to play, but tell me which of all those is good to install on a mac

It looks like Celeste, Dead Cells, and Blasphemous are all three on Steam for Mac. Out of those three, I’d recommend Celeste probably. Unless you’re looking for a serious challenge and lots of dying, Blasphemous may be a good option there. Celeste can be hard too, but at least you don’t have to fight enemies. It’s mostly just climbing mountains and avoiding deadly objects.

Here is the link to view:

Yea! Ninja game!! looks like an old sku game like ninja gaiden or strider. (the games I played as a kid.. nintendo and sega days.. pre-PS and xbox stuff)

I like the guy in blasphemous blocks with his sword.. holds it in front like a sheild.. very cool!

It’s definitely a throwback to those old style of games. Reminds me how much fun they can be.

Blasphemous continues to impress me quite a bit.

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Great selection I agree with all of them! 👍