My 100% Completion PlayStation Games

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Control gives you the ability to levitate and use other supernatural abilities against extra-dimensional enemies.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set in a beautiful open world jungle in Central America.

Maneater allows you to start as a shark pup and grow into a mega shark while feasting on everything in sight.

This Call of Duty campaign is set during the Cold War and is full of plot twists and high difficulty.

Despite it's flaws, Cyberpunk 2077 brings a futuristic setting to life and gives you plenty of fun things to do.

Bugsnax offers an addicting gameplay loop which made me feel similar to trying to catch every Pokemon.

God of War is one of the best games to release on PS4 and is a must play for any PlayStation owner.

Anyone who has a PS5 should finish this game, it comes for free with the console.

Quite possibly my favorite Star Wars game of all time. It features great combat and exploration.

Ghost of Tsushima is the best game that I have played in recent years. It is a near flawless experience and is absolutely gorgeous.


Tekken, fifa, and ufc the only ones I play. I fooking adore those games. Actually smoking some and playing them with my mates is what is ps made for 😂

I played Tekken for the first time on the original PlayStation. Such a good fighting game.
FIFA I also put a lot of time into back in the day. Never really enjoyed the UFC games, but thinking about that makes me miss the old Fight Night boxing games.
Smoking always seems to make gaming more enjoyable, not that it isn’t already 😉

Another perfect example of a collection.

Thanks bro!
I'm obsessed with my new ability to keep my work more organized 🥳🤩