These games would be a great addition to PlayStation Plus's new game catalog

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Will PlayStation listen to gamers❓

In my video yesterday, I talked about everything that you need to know about the new PlayStation Plus subscription options. If you haven't already watched that one, check it out here. The main new draw is the fact that PlayStation has finally clapped back at Xbox's Game pass. If you opt for PS Plus Extra or Premium, you will gain access to a catalog of great games to play.

Although the list of games is already full of great options, I couldn't help but wonder which games could possibly be added in the future. The library will be updated monthly and I expect there to be a lot of great titles coming and going.

I decided to put together this video to go over some of what I believe to be the best options for potential new games to add to the PS Plus catalog. Everyone will have their own opinions about this, but I've tried to include many different types of games. Most of these actually make sense to add and I feel would provide fantastic value to this new PS Plus montly gaming service.

I hope you enjoy the video and please do leave a comment to let me know which games you are most looking forward to. I'm sure my list isn't perfect, so I'd love to know what you think should be added or removed.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to further communication and continuing to share content on here each and everyday. If you are a fan of my latest videos, let me know. I plan to keep doing these through the week and am having a blast with it!


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Dude, you picked some really great games. I hope all of them will be on PS Plus and I hope indie games like Frostpunk will be too. I wouldn't say no to Fifa 23 either, although it's not possible 🤣.

There are just so many to choose from, I tried to narrow things down to some super high-quality games and ones that I've been curious about for a while. I believe Frostpunk is already on there actually. There are so many good indie games on there. I've been loving The Messenger for instance.

Messenger is really great. It is a very enjoyable game to watch, play and story. Let's wait and see.

I am really excited to see Sony and Microsoft duke it out to get awesome games into their services. We are ultimately going to benefit as gamers. 😂

I don't see myself ever switching from PlayStation, VR2 is just going to increase the gap between PS and Xbox at least in my book.

all good. :) That dragon on borderland wonderland game looks awesome. It'd be so cool if u get to ride around on that and just destroy! :P

There is a game where you ride dragons. I’ve never played it, but it looks badass!

COOL! 😉😎🦾

I choose the phanton warrior and his black dragon!

reminds me of this book I read as a teen..

They rode dragons and made this long ass lance to fight other dragons. :)

That book looks super cool! Definitely similar to that game.

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