That fallout looks excessively good. I've only played Fallout 3, they say the best is New Vegas, but this one looks amazing.

Yeah with graphics cranked up to ultra it sure does.

I played all the Fallout games besides 76. New Vegas was great, loved the open desert feel.

The fallout series is one of the best and 4 has a very special place in my heart. I don't know why 4 gets a lot of hate but we're all entitled to our wrong opinions, haha.

I have had alot of fun playing the series.. from the classic top down version, to tactics and all the way up through 2/3/4.

Did not know Fallout 4 got a bad rep, thought that was 76.. lol!

Haha, you ain't wrong... 76 got the worst flack out of the whole series. 4 did get some hate but it felt like petty nothing else to complain about "hate" I personally loved it. My favorite from the series is 3 & New Vegas. Is Tactics good? I still haven't played that.

Yeah I like Tactics, its was more of a D&D game than what you know the modern Fallout series to be. So if thats your kind of fun maybe its a good game to check out.

I never paid much attention to this saga, maybe I should. I quite liked your post, I think the way you describe Fallout 4 is quite engaging, maybe I should play it xD, I loved the graphics, that's for sure.

If you got some free time its worth playing. And thanks, glad you are enjoying my story telling of my gameplay.

Hehe yeah my graphics card can easily handle this old game.

go get em doggy! your shotgun looks great. :)

Hehe yeah dog meat is a good companion.

Thanks man

I do not know why but I could never enjoy this game

Aww that sucks.. I love it.. probably played it 10 times over now.