A piece of beauty blooming in our vegetable garden!

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Hello All Nature Lovers And My Hivean Friends!

Nowadays, when I stay at our house and take a walk outside in the afternoon or morning, I see a variety of flowers. All of these are vegetables and flowers. Which is blooming in our vegetable garden. Which look very beautiful and mesmerizing. We have various vegetable plants in front and back of our house and those plants have sweet pumpkin flowers, gourd flowers and sim flowers which look amazing.







It is a vegetable flower. This is bean flower. It is a winter vegetable and contains beans in quantity in our region during winter. In winter and present time these trees are seen in every house in our village area and many bean flowers are blooming on those trees which are really beautiful to look at.

We can see two types of bean flowers here. One of them is in this color which I have shared with you as a photograph and the other one is completely white in color. I see these flowers every day and while walking around our yard and home this afternoon I liked the flowers so I took a few photographs which I now share with you through this community. Hope you like my shared photography.


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