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Hello friends, how are you today, and wherever you are, of course you are in good condition and you should always be successful, I hope today is better than the previous days. I'm back to this community to post as usual to all my friends here, of course, who are always active in this beloved community.

At this meeting I will show some pictures in the morning that I captured when I went to the plantation area and the rice fields in the morning.
And that morning I went to the plantation to see some of the sights there. And when I went in the morning especially the weather according to the weather forecast was a thunderstorm today and it was a bit cold in the morning and also cloudy.

Before I left for the rice fields, I went to the plantation area in this area to capture some of the natural scenery in the morning in the plantation area where you can see the coconut trees that are tall and so shady and so the links here are very green. very interested in the morning view like this.

I also walked slowly in the plantation area in this area so I could clearly see the beauty of nature in the morning in my own area and I am very happy to be able to share beautiful natural moments in the morning for all my friends.

only a few moments I was in the plantation and I went back again to go on foot I went to the rice fields in this area to see the morning natural scenery which was so beautiful and cool that was so visible when I went to the rice fields I also captured a few moments in the friendship area and I also enjoy the beauty of the rice fields in rural areas which are very beautiful and very wide.

And in the rice fields, it can be seen that the farmers are cleaning the fields there to get ready for the planting season in a few more days to come and now they are already starting to prepare the rice seeds that have already been sown. I am so happy to see the many farmers in the fields working on their land.

The beauty of nature in the morning, especially with the weather like this, which is a little overcast, I will blaspheme, but it doesn't rain in the morning, and I really enjoy the beauty of the rice fields in the morning. I am very happy and this is my second day to enjoy the beauty of nature in the morning. Alright friends, this is all from me and the second day I enjoy the beautiful nature in the morning and see you again in the next post, of course with different articles and pictures, enjoy your beautiful day with your family. I hope you are more successful today than yesterday.

Thank you all to all my friends for your support and visiting my new blog, I hope it is entertaining for you, only for all of you in this beloved community, greetings of success for all of you.

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LocationAceh indonesia

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