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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Another week of Battle challenge with another monster from the LIFE SPLINTER CHAOS EDITION and here i am participating in this challenge which is hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks Always for the great support and arranging these challenges for us on weekly basis.



Rarity: COMMON
Element: LIFE
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Shield

This week's challenge card is from the life splinter of chaos legion edition that i never ever used yet in my battles but using it only today in my alt account of Splinterlands game because i am in gold 1 league and near to hitting the diamond league soon so i can not use this card in my main account and already this is a level 1 card that i did not upgrade yet because of the SPS airdrop as i invested my money in the liquidity pools to increase the SPS earning.




In the battle lineup, i will explain each card one by one that I used in the specific position for this lineup and the summoner i used from the legendary untamed airdrop edition of life splinter with cool abilities.


Somewhere in the distant sky, perhaps just out of an eagle’s sight, floats the mighty landmass known as Solanki. Solanki and its counterpart, Lunaki, have for nearly a thousand years escaped the awareness of the Splintral people, but soon the veil will be lifted.CHANSEUS THE GREAT

The summoner CHANSEUS THE GREAT is a legendary life summoner from the untamed airdrop edition that i got from the airdrop so you will know how the airdrop works where i bought 600 packs and qualified for the untamed edition legendary summoner airdrop but i missed some cool summoners like ZAKU and Mimosa :( but luckily i bought it from the market and owned all the legendary summoners of untamed edition :P/


In the first position, i went for the untamed card SHIELDBEARER with taunt ability that it will divert the attention of all enemy monsters so the rest of the friendly monsters will have a chance to attack their targets one by one. Also, the summoner gave some abilities to the friendly team which is repairing, triage, and resurrecting to bring the dead monster back to the field and this ability is very useful in the armor ruleset only.

In the second position, i used an untamed edition rare card with flying and reach ability the luminous eagle which attacks on the enemy monsters from the 2nd position to give additional damage with blast ruleset to the adjacent enemy monster.

In the third position, i went for the main monster of this week battle challenge the Chaos knight from the chaos legion edition which is a great card having the shield ability and some cool armor to protect himself from the melee and range monsters but can not stand again the magic monsters. This monster works great here in the friendly team because of its shield as it got less damage and the summoner repaired the armor of this monster, unfortunately, the magic monster killed it but still, it works.

Here is a legendary magic monster with life leech ability and this card works great and increased the life by life leeching and blast ability to attack on the enemy monster's health instead of destroying the armor first. This card work great in the battle and stayed for a long time. However, this card has some cool abilities the one is life leech, while the divine shield and Stun will be unlocked at further level.

The mana was high so choosing high mana monsters will be good to fully utilize the mana cap and also the high mana monsters are strong compared to the low mana monsters as you can see the sandworm and billa the radiant legendary magic monster above i explained so this monster also did his job by targeting the enemy monster.

In the last position, to fill the mana gap and card slot i went for this card which is also a life monster from the chaos legion edition with a slow ability to reduce the speed of the enemy team and give the opportunity to the friendly team to attack first on the enemy team.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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