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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Another week of Battle challenge with another monster from the Neutral splinter of chaos legion edition hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks Always for the great support and for arranging these challenges for us on weekly basis.



Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Void Armor

LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR is a neutral monster from the chaos legion edition which can beat you with its giant killer ability and having the void armor with demoralizing can reduce the melee from your enemy team monsters. I am participating after a month in the weekly battle challenge because i do not have time for it as i am trying to complete the post quickly because today is an electricity breakdown in the whole country of Pakistan and we are suffering from it since morning its almost 13 hours no light but with the help of generator i am online and have spare time to participate in this battle challenge.




In the battle lineup, a one-by-one card will be explained in a sequence i used in this lineup and battle with mimosa summoner of legendary untamed edition.



MIMOSA NIGHTSHADE is a summoner i used in this battle for the weekly battle challenge post i went for this summoner as recently i shared a post about the chaos legion summoner i bought at level 5 for selling out one BCX of MIMOSA NIGHTSHADE in regular edition the reason is this because i already have a gold version of Mimosa worth $800 currently while sold the regular BCX for $38 got both of the BCX gold and regular from a $2 pack of untamed edition in which i participate for the summoner airdrop but missed the starting summoner of ZAKU and MIMOSA but now i have all of them got from the airdrop and recovered my investment and now i am in profit which gave me 10x profit now.


In the First position, i used the legendary monster from the chaos legion edition LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR which is the main monster of this week's battle challenge but i do not have any BCX of this card nor i got it from the packs so i went to the market and rent a level 2 version of this monster for battle to use this in battle and write a post for weekly battle challenge the renting price was low and it cost 18 DEC for two days which is nothing i am already earning DEC from renting out my cards so for battles sometime you need to rent cards that you will use in your battles so this card work well and the enemy team did not won because of Summoner which lower the range attack of life chaos legion summoner and its all friendly team and the summoner and this card works well and gave me a victory.

In the second position, i went for another airdrop card from the untamed edition which work well with its reach ability to attack from the 2nd position with its awesome melee attack while i got 7 BCX of this card worth $3 per BCX so total worth of 7 BCX is $21 free from the airdrop by investing in the untamed edition packs but regretting now that why i did not participate in the chaos legion edition the cards are now very expensive but slowly i am upgrading the cards with my rental income to reinvest the money in SL game.

In the third position, I went for the common chaos legion monster SILENT SHA-VI which is a great sneak ability monster with enough life speed, melee attack, and the next cripple ability and got a void ability from the summoner which worked well for me by targeting the last enemy monster taunt monster used by enemy team in life splinter so this card did well.

A great legendary Monster from the Rift Watcher Edition i am the lucky one to have at least one BCX of this legendary card which i got from the pack of rift watcher as i have invested in the rift watchers edition when the packs were selling for 8 and 7 hive at that time i bought some packs like 15 to 20 and got this legendary from it and it worked well with its scattershot ability and it has double strike but costing high mana i want to upgrade this but the price is too high so first i will upgrade the rare and common cards.

Another Legendary Reward card from the death splinter i am owning 3 BCX of this card which works well in all battles, especially in the equalizer ruleset it gets more Life and has the nice magic attack and it cost 7 MANA but work well with its life leeching ability to increase its life by leeching with attacks from the enemy monsters.

In the last position, i used a reward card from the beta Edition with rare rarity which works well in my battles as i have a level 5 version of this card with 4 range attack and demoralize ability i am using it all the time in my battles to reduce the melee attack from the enemy team and other monsters like a phantom soldier and more cards for reducing magic, affliction and ranged reducing with the summoner.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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