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RE: Write your idea for the PGM token ! Win fabulous prizes! (ita/eng/esp) end post payout

in Olio di Balena2 years ago

They caught my attention with those chaos legion packs in the prize, I'm going to write my post today to participate in the contest.


I have a doubt, is it ok to write my post in Spanish and English? it is what I usually do with my posts.

 2 years ago  

Yes, that's fine they are among the most spoken languages ​​on HIVE!

 2 years ago  

Great!! Can't wait to read it

 2 years ago  

thx ;) !PGM

Sent 0.1 PGM tokens to @zottone444, @mvl2304

remaining commands 5

Buy and stake 10 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM per day,
100 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM three times per day
500 to send and receive 0.1 PGM five times per day
1000 to send and receive 0.1 PGM ten times per day

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