2 for 2. :)

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This is a usual sparring partner of his from his own school, but this kid was much bigger that the last kid Alex faced. They were pretty even.. size wise.
One of the first techniques they learn are snapdowns. Alex tried it a few times, although they seem more like dragdowns. :P He'll get it.
I thought this was funny, but Alex had the other kid in a headlock for a second.
The thing that scored for Alex is when he got under the arm of his opponent and got low..
He drove forward and took him down! (also he got his hand behind the other kid's knee, taking away any attempt to try and catch himself)
This is how the match ended. Alex on top and in control.. time ran out.

Alex (aka lil Beast) won his second wrestling match. This time his opponent was a teammate since there was noone in his weight class from the other team. It's cool. good practice and he really saw how he needs to work on certain things..

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Congrats to Alex / lil Beast (his rapper name?) :D

😎😁 nah, i just felt like calling him that since he is doing so great at wrestling so far.. pretty soon he'll be like this beast..


(after he gains about 200 lbs :P)

I'm sure Alex will continue to develop into a fine wrestler. He'll have to decide how far he wants to go. Pro wrestling and UFC champ could be the ultimate goal, and step by step he can achieve intermediate goals and fine tune his plans along the way. Go Alex!

i forgot to say, in case u aren't a pro wrestling fan.. Brock Lesnar is known as 'the beast' and he used to wrestle in school and also was the UFC champ before. :)


Wow, congrats to Alex! 🎉🎉 He definitely is doing great with wrestling. You must be very one proud dad! 😊

😁😉💪😎 yup! sure am!

Strong kid. Congratulations Alex 👏👏





💪😎🤙 those two were my favorite OG wrestlers.. they had the best frenemy relationship!

Yes, very professional duo.
My cousin reminds me of Macho Man Randy Savage a lot. My cousin has that same high shoulder, big muscle vibe. Even holds his shoulders up like that. He does a really good imitation of Macho Man.

I want to start shaking peoples hands like that!!!
That handshake is so sincere. It’s almost frightening! Lol!