Cradle Moon to celebrate a friends birthday

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Went to Cradle Moon to celebrate Dans birthday.

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With Birgit and Tam

We've been there before for a hike.

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The view at Cradle Moon and such an unusual cloud

We chilled around the pool area with Birgit and Grant and their daughter Tatum quite a bit.

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With Tam and Grant and Birgit's daughter, Tatum and Grant

WhatsApp Image 20201115 at 08.45.30.jpeg
Grant photobombing

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Litchi and Mint Martini

WhatsApp Image 20201115 at 08.44.06 1.jpeg
Beef and chicken Tacos from Salsas

Was so incredibly hot but also beautiful to be outdoors and in nature again after taking my gran out earlier for a nice breakfast. Was a fun day all round and so good to be outdoors in this beautiful weather.

Hard to believe we were freezing not so long ago.


Such a lovely vibe, thank you for sharing. I like Grant :)

Thank you for stopping by my post and commenting.