My Journey With The Covid-19

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I know most of the readers here had encounter with the Covid-19 and I know it had affected most of our life. I want to write about my experienced during that unbelievable moment. As we know, Covid-19 is a shortened form of Coronavirus Disease 2019.

As I read on Twitter and Reddit, there is a reason why it was called coronavirus. It was because of the shape. In Latin, Corona means Crown, since the infectious part of looks like a crown or much like the corona of the Sun. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SAR-COV – 2) is the virus named and the causes of the disease.

My friends said, we would infect by the virus at least once, and I did. Me and my family did. It was while I was in Sandakan, my hometown, early year of 2022. Almost every status update on Facebook was about my friends being infected and quarantined.

How was Covid-19 changes my life?
I have to look forward and embrace changes. They said the old world was not well. Unfortunately, many things has to change. I was fighting for every change in my life. Struggling for all the ups and down. It's affecting all of us.

For me, I was in the entertainment business. I was jobless nearly 2 years. Almost all the bars and pubs were closed since March 2020, that was the time when Covid-19 strikes the whole world. We were all in panicked and restless.

Some companies were shut down and the workers will not be possible or possible to work for long. Many restaurants had been a victim, and some may operate on a small margin of profit. Big hotels were announcing their shutting down. People won't have a job to go back to.

Even the way we interact and communicate with each other was not the same. There was a lot of people fall into depression and the rates for mental illness was increased. Only those who were mentally strong and had a secure financial might not get affected much compared to the others.

What are the pro and cons of Covid-19 influencing the world? Honestly, the only pro here is having more time to spend at home and learn some new stuff to do. During the lockdown, we were asked to stay at home nearly 2 months or 3 months since March 2020. It's to prevent us from getting the virus. For those who loved to be alone, this is just what they needed.

While the cons are losing our lifestyles, our connection with the outside world, meeting friends, socializing and our world's economy suffered. We hit rock bottom since we need to have something to put on the table. The government may have helped us a bit, but it's just for a short period. But at least they help rather than nothing.

Back to when my family and I was infected by Covid-19. It was started from my son's school. We went to his school, where we were scheduled to pay for his admission fees and books. It was me and him, while my mother was waiting in a car.

It started with a high fever and then cough and flu. I know that something is not right because the headache and coughing was a bit different compared to the usual. So, we bought the self test kit and checked.
Yay! Its Positive!!! We have a baby…hahaha!!. It's not.

Once I know we were both positive,
I'll just update my condition into the *My Sejahtera" application for self-quarantine. My son and I were isolated in the other rooms. We just have to rest and eat some medicine until we were getting better. It took us roughly about 5 days or so.

The whole house were fully vaccinated, so mostly we were asked to self-quarantine at home and just self check our self. We even wore a mask at home. Even sleep with one.
Glad to say that we didn't lose the taste of food. So we ate normally.

Is there a person you know lost due to Covid-19? We did and it's sad news to us. I felt miserable because he was the only one who I trust with my hair. I used to go to his salon and had a haircut or had my hair styled by him. Furthermore, I always tell my friends that he is my cousin, but he was supposed to be my uncle. He was cousins with my late father.

His passing really shock us because we know he was not sick and out of sudden he passes away because of Covid-19 stage 4. I missed him every time I wanted to wash my hair or went to another salon. No other hairstylist knows what best for me except him. I know he's in a better place now. Al Fatihah.

Dearest lovely readers, there will be another variation coming to struck us. So, I hope we would take care of ourselves and remember to sanitize. Stay safe always and remember, health matter most.

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