This is great news and makes me start looking into again.
I did not use it for a while because I'm really in love with steempeak ... let's have a look!

created a Steem-Bounty community ? Like a tribe ?

I am quite confused :D

Community is a new steemit feature.

Hmmm, can I find it on steempeak aswell ?

doubt it since it a steemit thing. but i am sure they will adopt it. I am nor sure how they work technically yet.

I was slightly confused as well. One of the tags is hive-149578 so its likely a hive community and not a Steem-Engine Tribe but that's just speculation on my part.

Just created this Steem-Bounty community.

A new Steemit feature? How is that working, @knircky? Through tags on Steemit? Or did you mean — which is not ‘just created’?

OK. I just found how the whole thing works. Will be joining soon :)

A Steem-Bounty community sounds great.

I like @tsnaks wasn't entirely sure if you meant a Tribe or something else. A direct link to the community would likely help clear up that confusion for anyone else who stumbles in this topic.

There was a time I was making a cool cash from steem-bounty then, I might return back to my hustling days once again.

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Hello dear friend @knircky.

Can you tell me where your community is?
That is, how can I access that space?

This concept is new to me, I know it has some relationship with beta.steemit but no more.

Can you tell us a little more about this novelty of steemit and the name of the community you created, please?

All best, Piotr.

Hi @knircky
I just found your community and I was wondering what's your impression so far about concept of hives?