The world is waking up to the warmth of the sun while I am here posting pictures of what I want to do. Kind of.

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The fest for the year 2022 is nearing its presence into our lives again guys. Unfortunately for me I have misplaced my passport and therefore cannot go there even though I had planned that this year if it even came into actual real life event I would go.

But alas I put away my passport so well that I cannot find it!

Sometimes the skill to hide things are a double edged sword able to cut you out of the one thing you were aiming to achieve. Not lose your item. I should've jsut given it back to the missus in her drawer with the whole families kept together but I was too stubborn to contemplate it.

Hmm wonder if I have checked my safe. I think I have but you know what I will check it again after this post has been written. I mean why not just go over it again, I mean I did already tear down my whole office to search for the damned thing.

Some of you may be wondering why don't I just get a new one. Well for starters I was a minor when I became a citizen of Australia so my name I tagged on my mothers documents along with my two other siblings. One of them currently holds it as they needed it for something. And they have yet sent it back to me so I can use it for getting a new one.

I just have to be patient and always use the mantra I breathe out when I am about to crack.

Patience is the key to success.

In this case, succeed in keeping it calm and cool and able to function. LA functioning human able to think things through in a concise and succinct way to achieve anything and everything I so desire. Today? It is to just sit here write this little snippet of what chaos lurks inside of me.

Which is basically a mish mash of random thoughts coherently collated for your consumption. I mean why not? You are here to get fed with any thing I so wish to impart with you.

Today it is thoughts that come into my being as I sit here. I mean I could write a poem but them again I have already given you a picture of what I had been up to at this point in time thinking.

I mean we all have stimulus that pushes us to do things. Me? It was the email from who gave me a link to create this hivefest profile pic I am attaching to this post now. I mean why not!


I should give some substance to this post.

It is in my opinion the beginning of spring here. Because of these.




But mainly the first photo. It is my Blood Plum blooming, signifying it is waking up from its wintery sleep.

Summer here we come!

break page.png

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What a bummer you can't go! Any chance of being issued an emergency passport?/ I hear things are backlogged a bit there. I guess it's a long way to go for us Australians.

Yeah... nah... whispers back log is real...