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Pleased to meet you. Sincerely, I am.
Humans intrigue me.

I listen to their conversations, their thoughts. The silly little debates about whether I'm real or not. You'd think that might offend me, but it doesn't. I actually love when they doubt my existence. My power is at its peak when they misconstrue my voice for their own.

Slithering my way between soul and spirit, I salivate. Study. Strike.

"Do you really think you're good enough?"

Clever, no?
To pose a question, rather than an assessment.

You see, a statement stirs a defense - provokes the human mind into proving that they can do anything, anytime anywhere.

But a question?
Hmmm, a question - well, that's just....delicious. A seed, planted. Then, just sit back and wait for the fruits of doubt, depression and despair to ripen with time. tick tock, tick tock.

"If they only knew the real me..."

It doesn't take long before pronouns shift. "Do you..." morphs to "am I..." easily and effortlessly. What a courteous little host! The epitome of hospitality! Su casa es mi casa.

Hide me, protect me. Let's shield the world from this darker side of... hmmm -you.
After all, considering us, is there really a place where I end, and you begin?

"I don't have to feel this way. I don't have to give into this monster."


Shhhhhh... there, there. Come, let's be reasonable. A monster? Monster? Me?
Are you certain?

or - perhaps - am I just the deepest darkest part of you that knows you best?

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Very creative, nice content. While reading I was understanding glimpse of the creative idea behind the content, at first I thought it was a poem, is it?

It's an entry into @snook's challenge for us to create a monster. If you'd like to try...the link is at the bottom of the post! Hehe

But instead of creating a monster outside of ourselves, I thought I would spin it and take a look at the monster inside of us. How we hear that voice inside our mind that love to tell us we are unworthy, incapable, hopeless.

When we can see it as an outside voice that is trying to whisper lies to us.... Then we can battle it more easily. Defend ourselves against the attack

But when we start to believe that the voice is actually us ... then, the monster wins.

We are not what we are, but what we want to be..

Every day is a choice 🥰 thanks for your powerful comment.


Why are rainbows always so cheerful?
Because they just got out of a prism.

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Oh, now that’s just chilling -

or - perhaps - am I just the deepest darkest part of you that knows you best?

We all have both the devil and God in us. The most iconic movie on the subject “Pulp Fiction” - where the debased criminal will save a man about to be raped, but at the same time justify killing hundreds of people, without a thought, because it’s his JOB. This is exceptional and you have a unique talent. PEDESTAL! 😞

We see it so often right??? I left a comment above explaining a bit more for someone who was confused about the post hehhee

But your example is right on point... That dual nature inside of us. The battle, the struggle for one to win out, the desperate need to silence that darker voice, the fear that the voice might just be the stronger one.....

I thought it would be an interesting perspective for the monster challenge!!!! Hehehe

You should join it! It doesn't have to be a dark post lol

It can be a silly monster too and just have fun!!

The link is at the bottom of my post if you'd like to try! Hehe

Oh, that’s nice. I probably will then. I’m struggling a bit with aspects of time juggling. Crazy stuff. But I loved your story. 💕💕

Ahhhh yes.


The battle of never stops, does it? Hehehe. I found that when I track how I'm spending my time- it helps me to manage it a little better. See where you're spending your time and then adjust as needed hehehe
If you get pulled to Hive , time flies too fast hahahahhaha and then we wonder how our day is over lololol

I hope you're doing alright. 🤗

Thanks. I’m trying. Yes, I’m spending too much time on Hive. I’ve got illness in my family at the moment; it’s challenging. Anyway, I think you’re a very caring person to bother with other people’s tribulations. You’re nice! It’s rare!


For some reason it is like an imaginary friend... or an later ego, hmmmm really interesting.

It's like when you have dark thoughts....

Is it you?

Or is it outside of you?

The post is making it seem like it's an outside force that wants to trick you into thinking that it's it has more power.

Good morning Khoola!!!

If you want to join the monster challenge....the link is at the house and of the post. Hehehe

Doesn't have to be a scary monster..hehhee can be a silly one lol

Good Morning Dreem!

Reminds me of 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'

Yeah, already finished my Monster Story... I am thinking of changing pace to an adventure one.

Hehehhehee. Did you post the monster one yet????

I will have to come look soon hehehe

Our minds often give rise to unanswered questions.

Hehehe yes... But are they unanswered because we don't want to look deeper to find the truth? Hmmm maybe.maybe fear of the answer stops us.

yes... we are trapped in a self-made network.

Ooopppsss... *"Su casa es mi casa."?

No way... My house is mine, can't be shared with anything 😂.

Sadly, my house is also my mind's house. Daymn... Who is the real owner?

I pay the rent, do the dishes, do the home cleaning and whatnot, but my mind can still be at home even when I'm walking in the dangerous path along the street.

That monstrous mind always makes me to shiver whenever I see hoodlums roaming the Street.

What if anything happens to me? The physical me. Will the mind take over Su Casa?

Nice piece. Creative, thrilling, breathtaking... EVERYTHING 😂

hahahaha ooooooooooooooooooo i like that it got you to comment!!!!!!!!! :)

it was dark, right? hehehe

but so wonderfully dark and disturbing - but not just for the sake of being dark. But for the sake of serious introspection.

I had to do a nice twist on the monster challenge. I was going to go a bit more vulnerable hahahahahaha but nope - this is what came out :)

thank you for bringing su casa to mi casa hahahahahahaha

it was dark, right?

It was more than dark. It covered me with cloud of shivers. Lol. It was also a thoughtful content. I like it.

Hehehe Snook had shivers too...I'm coming to your dm today...hahhaa

I want to hear what your thoughts have been since my ramble 😂😂😂

Lol... Someone is about to get roasted 😂😂

I will sweep the floor and wait for thee 😂

and i'm trying hard to not upvote for a few days... i destroyed my voting power LOL

2 more days and I should be ok hahahahaha


Try Harddddder... I'm not sure of you can hold out for that long.

You know how it on here.

It's a bit irresistible 😂.

I'm rooting for you. Haha

I used my upvote several times yesterday hahahahhaah

But I think I'm still good for only 2 days left


I have to check hahahaha

THIS story gave me chills when I read it this morning but was not awake enough to leave a comment. I still am not but I do not want to forget to write something.

YOU CAN be very scary in your head!


hahahahahahahahahahaha scary is right... LOL

who knew someone who giggled so much could have such a....... monster too LOL

Interesting! So these monsters look at us and love our dark or beautiful thoughts about their existence huh? They don't even get hurt if we say bad things about them, I wish this was how real monsters are, did I say real? I think I'm referring to those creepy ones I see in my dream. Lol they always wanna snap me with their fingers, rip my hair off and mess up my beautiful skin. I don't like the monsters in my dream. Never!

I think they don't care if we call them bad things or not because they trick us into thinking that we are then.

So if they are bad, we are bad.

Double edged sword

The monsters inside us just want to rule us and use us for their own devices. If we begin to accept that it's really our own dark thoughts... We protect and defend them. Instead of tossing them out.

Pretty clever parasites, those dark thought

Create my own monster you say? Can I just copy me lol. Everything I have seen or been through in my life..... That might be the scariest monster anyone has ever seen. Black heart, little faith in humanity. Self doubt and loathing. I shall not go on.

no no no.... you are not that person.

I've been in your DM

I see something much different❤️

We can hold up mirrors to our souls and witness the duality of our psyche but deep down, to beat the monster within, we need to know and believe in the truth. Our truth. What we truly want for ourselves. We need to flip the switch and take back control of the narrative.


Simply open the shutters to let in the light ...

that's right.

the truth will set us free :) every time!!!

love you!!!

!LUV you too Dreems. This was a great post by the way.

Dang @snook! I had to read this twice. This reminds me a little of C.S.Lewis Screwtape Letters. We have to be careful not to listen to the devil inside us, the real one and ourselves. Isn't it amazing and also said how loud the voice inside our heads is? We, and I think women can be worse, our own worst enemy. What you wrote was very clever. I enjoy a good little twist.

this monster, she's a bit scary.
she could be anywhere and everywhere.

in any of us.

@dreemsteem - loved it! Everyone's dual nature comes up at one time or another, we can't help it. But you get to choose which monster you battle and which one you embrace.
And the scariest things are the ones you run from, rather than face.