January Journey- Do you Detox?

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If you have never done a detox before, ohhhhhhhh it's a difficult, but it's SO good.

It's the kind of good that you think - I should REALLY do this more often.

But you DO do it again.

You know how it's supporting your body, and cleaning your systems and giving your "car" a nice "tune-up". Just like your car needs to have the fluids checked and replenished and filters updated and all that?? Why do you think your body would need anything less?

It needs it MORE than a car - believe me! The car, you're going to get rid of in 10-15 years. Your body? You keep that! hehehe And you only get ONE!

This is going to be an experience. LOL For those who are unfamiliar... LOLOLOL Be prepared to hear a lot of stuff. Don't worry - for the squeamish - I'll tell you to fast forward!!! LOL

For the hilariously curious - we will have some fun! 🤣

Ok - that's all for now. It's day 1. I have 25 more to go. I'm gonna be squeaky clean by the end of January LOLOLOL

or not. LOL

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Got one that I can detox my brain from all the negative crap that is swimming around in it? Cause I would love to try that one. I was smiling the entire time I was reading this. Thank you for always making the best possible content. And I will certainly be in your Dms seeing how this journey goes.

hahahahahahaha well actually... when you clean the body of the toxins... your mind does clear

You'd be surprised what can cross into that blood brain barrier and create some serious distress in there.

We forget that the brain is susceptible to all those toxins too - and that feeling and emotions are regulated not by something intangible and ethereal - but actual physical organs! hehehe

so yes yes yes. when you get through the detox - your mind feels very much elevated and lifted above the stuff you couldn't believe you were swimming in!!!

but it is a difficult journey (but so worth it!!! hehe)

hi squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🌞

First time we met you were on a juice detox, that was about 4 years ago now and you're still reppin' it! Have you got any low-budget focused detox routines on hand?

Hahahahhahahahahahaha you remembered!!!!!!!!

That's where I first met Andy too!!! Llolol. She was pissing herself every time I wrote the next part of the detox hahahahaha

Yep...I will incorporate as much of what I'm doing (without giving away her specific details hehehe) that I can.

A lot of what she brings in is already used in many detoxes...so there's not a ton of proprietary info ...so I'll be sharing a lot more about what I'm doing.

That last time 😂😂😂😂😂. It was more about the shock of everything I was learning and how I was reacting to it...hahaha

There will most likely still be that hahahaha

But this one will probably be more about sharing why I'm doing what I'm doing each step along the way. And I think a lot of the things can completely be adopted by people who are following along!

This week, I'll be talking about moving lymph, stimulating the skin, sweating out toxins, and the famous one.... If you remember


If you do, shhhhhh hahahahhahaha

I'll definitely keep quiet! Not because I have a clue, but because I don't 😂😂, my memory is a little foggy, I'll blame it on the many nights on the red wine!

I'm up for it though!! Bring on the juice 😎

well. it involves coffee.



just wait for it lol

Also... hey, how you doing? doing great? good!!

Wishing you and the family a Happy New Year! Sending love and hugs!

Hehehehe and doing really really fabulous Cal.

It's Jan 4 and I've already experienced four of the many miracles that are coming this year .... I cannot wait to see how every day contains another miracle just waiting for me to find it!!!


did you find your miracle today?

if not... keep looking! hehehe❤️

Happy New Year to you, my Cal ❤️🥰😍

You are a cutey! Love you lots! ❤️

no you! lol

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Money is overrated mate 👍

how could I do some detox as long as there are so many christmas cookies around me? ;-)

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLl that's exactly why I have to detox!

i'm still feeling teh halloween candy and the thanksgiving pie and the christmas treats hahahahahahahahaha

i had to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi my sweetiebeebie hehehehehe
how are you over there on the other side of this world of ours?!?!?!

Can you feel my hug??? here it comes! hehehe

Hehe I am too greedy for chocolate so never did detox ;-) Shame on me ;-)

Hmmm feeling little bit demotivated dont know why. So your HUG is highly welcome :-) thank you

Uffff... Can someone tell Remy to get all the sumptuous KFC stuff?

Tiger's body is taking a break from all the dumplings and cheese and turkeys 😂.

Wowww... I can still recall the one you did two years ago. I dunno where you get the strength, but it's laudable 😂.

The good thing about this is that you know what you are gunning for and you understand your body so well.

This Detox will yield good fruit. I'm sure of it. Hehe.

Do tell us when you need a quick meal. Haha. We will forgive you for asking as far you ask after Day 25.5 😂

This one is different than a juice fast hehehe

Juice fasts are intense but have a much different purpose.

This one is very specific to pulling toxins from the system and then removing them from the body.

A juice fast doesn't necessarily do that very well ..hehehe

I'll be explaining all the benefits of the juice fast as I go along day by day...and explaining what I eat and why. Hehehe

Out of the 26 days...they are not so bad. But there is one day that is really not so pleasant hahahahhahahahahahahaha

I'll get to that in week 3 😂😂😂😂😂

This shows that there will be alot to learn in this.

Can't wait to see it. Hehe

Be mentally prepared or else you are setting yourself up for failure.

That's a great point there. If there is anything a person plans to do in any area of their lives, they first have to picture themselves achieving it in their mind.
The mind is very powerful, what goes on in one's mind usually comes to reality.

Thanks for sharing ma'am

Detoxing is quite important for the general well-being of the body.

You are definitely going to see changes by the end of January.

I don't know if this is real detoxing hehe
I just start a routine that includes drinking warm water first thing every morning.

Well that is definitely part of detoxing! Yes!!!

But you'll see all the things that are in this detox...hehehe

It's very comprehensive 😂😂😂😂

Some people already know what I'm hunting at hahahahaha but I'll wait a few days to share that part 😂😂😂😂😂

But certainly starting off your day with water is one of the BEST things you can do!!!!! And the temperature of your water is perfect! Hehehe drinking room temperature water is very nice on the body!

Been doing intermittent fasting for a year plus then fell off, trying to get back to it.

Maybe I should try a detox, never bothered because people always said it was a waste since our organs detox already.

That's right...the organs absolutely do their job!

But it's like I explained in the video... The car has a lot of parts that also filter and clean...etc

But do we buy a car and never change those filters? Never change the fluids? Hehehe

Over time, toxins build up ... especially in our environment now.

When our bodies were designed by our Creator, they were designed in a MUCH different world hahaha

Now...toxins are ABUNDANT.
We are hit with toxins in food, water, soil, air, medicines, and even we have toxicity in all of our stress!!

Some people believe that the organs keep up with the increase of toxins. Some people believe that we need to eat cleaner, cleanse more often, and actually help our detoxifying organs from being overloaded with all the poisons around us.

I believe that! Hehehe. But a detox is a very focused, very dedicated thing to do for 26 days. You eat specific ways and do specific things to stimulate your body to "wake up" and recharge in lots of ways.

I'll be sharing things that I do for the detox all along the way ❤️

I will love to learn more about detoxing, I'll keep an eye out for your videos and posts about it.

Hehehehe I'll love to share!

I think we learn things along the way and we should always share!

Then people can choose what is best for them and adopt a lifestyle that works best for them !! Hehehehe

I'll have a video each day but I'll also try to put stuff into text so that people with network issues can benefit too! Hehehe

Thank you, that will be appreciated.

I've never done a "detox" per say unless a fast is considered a detox. I often take 12-24 hour fasts. In fact, I rarely eat from 10 PM to 10 AM, sometime until 3 PM. I drink a lot of water and constantly do massage on myself, specifically the liver and spleen meridians. The gallbladder meridian is a pain and the kidney meridian is hard to find, but I'm learning those now.

A fast is definitely a type of detox.. and I have fasted many many times!!! Hehehehe and they are a wonderful way to not only gain control of the body and mind, but also to give your body a rest from some of the onslaught of toxicity that we are exposed to....moment by moment really! Heheh

But if you follow along, you'll see a lot of things that are done on a detox that make it a very targeted approach to removing toxins from the "storage areas" of the body..lol

They are not MEANT to be storage areas. hahaha. They are meant to filter and REMOVE on a consistent basis... But much like that inbox in the video....the "boss" is filling your inbox with work faster than you can complete it.

This is just simply due to the environment that we find ourselves in right now.... Just take a look at our rain and our pollution and our oceans and our soil... This is what is feeding the food that's feeding us. The air we breathe, water we drink...even when we just go for a walk...

I'm so thankful that I live at a high elevation and drink water from an artesian well...lolol. But even with that- I'm still surrounded by poisons.

Some people believe the body can handle all the poisons, regardless.

But one looks at our population and the amount of chronic disease, and auto-immune issues, and obesity, etc.... And you can see we are actually NOT keeping up very well. But we are just rather becoming desensitized and accept a "new norm"

I developed some serious autoimmune issues over the past years and it got very bad a few years ago. For me...this detox is hard (but not as hard as the 21 day fasts I do hahahhaah) but when I choose to set my heart and mind on completing it....it has ALWAYS been incredibly beneficial for my body, mind and spirit! Heheheh

But there are a lot of moving parts to this detox! Hehehe I try to do them all to get the most benefit from it! Let's see if I can keep it up for the full 26 days. Heheh

And then ease back into a modified lifestyle where I find balance in the everyday! Hehehe

I don't know if I am prepared to read a book about detox right now but you are inspiring me to at least cut out the shit that has crept it's way back into my diet. I don't usually stick with it because I don't feel much of a difference even after a month, but I am sure that having 6 cookies today wasn't good for my not-supposed-to-be-storage-areas. I would love to create an ecosystem of healthy bacteria in my gut primarily. My body doesn't seem to absorb nutrients very well and I think it has something to do with that.


You are absolutely right. Detox help to replenish the body. I last did mine last year, July precisely, it was a wonderful experience. Hopefully I take another one soon

yes - she recommends that we do it once every 6 months... but i've not wanted to do it (laziness and lack of motivation lol) for 18 months now

so i'm happy that i'm back on track! hehehehehe

i'm on day 3 today - and feeling great and looking forward to the next 23 days! hehehehe

It's good to be back on track. Wishing you a smooth one

I'm horrible because I snack like all day long so my body has like no time except when I sleep 😜

LOLOLOL but you're in good shape - so you can have some room to cheat i guess hahahahahaha
you keep yourself really fit. LOL snacking all day isn't too bad if its the right snacks! hehehehe

The example with the car and the body is so right!:)

right??? hehehe so many people think that we can just keep running our engine without proper care hehehehe

i'm on day 5 now and feeling so great! hehehe

thanks for the visit!

I couldn't watch the whole video. Network is slow 😣.

I only read this word Detox once. Is it a technique to lift your skin? Or managing the body shape or so?

No... It removes toxins from the blood stream (which are filtered into the filtration organs)

But often we are eating unhealthy ...so those filtration systems get FILLED with toxins to deal with later....but later never really comes because we are constantly sending more and more toxins there.

So a detox is a specific time set aside to eat very clean, and pull toxins from the body and then remove them completely.

Mine is 26 days... Day 2 is here! Hooray!!!! Hehehehe

Good vibes to u dear @dreemsteem ... ✨🌻 God bless you dear.

Good morning sweet @ykdesign !!!! Hehehhee thank you!

I'm feeling GREAT this morning on Day 2!!! Hehehehe

Your body? You keep that! hehehe And you only get ONE!

This is a question of what you believe. But there are many people, who believe that you can born on Earth multiple times. I also believe this. And I also believe that it is entirely our own choice. We came to the Earth by our own free will to test and experience this life. No one forced us to do this. Nothing is forced, otherwise it would break our free will.

Yes - definitely a question of what everyone believes! hehehe

But if I had another life or body - I am completely unaware of it. And so the only thing that I am consciously having a choice over is this life that I'm living with this body mind and spirit. And so - since that is all I know, I must be very careful to honor my body and do the best with what I've been gifted! hehehehe

Good morning to you @xplosive !!! :) I hope you're having a great evening over there in Hungary! hehehe