Upcycling food!

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As I mentioned a few days ago - I'm learning to not only feed myself, and feed my lovely little worms - but I'm also simply unable to get rid of all of these bits of fresh veggies that I can REGROW!

I've always enjoyed doing green onions (and I have some of those green onion ends ready to stick in water hehehe)

I've totally enjoyed regrowing lettuce and herbs! And my celery - well my gosh, I'm literally eating a bunch of celery every day! hahaha I can't get rid of those ends!!!

So I placed them in water and wait til you see what happened over the last 14 days!!! It's marvelous!!! Free food!!!

Now here is the problem.

Every time I get CLOSE to getting them growing on their own - BAM. I try to put them into soil and they just die. That's what happened to my basil! @bluefinstudios says I should have just kept it in water! (and yes - he is the Veggie Whisperer, so I listen to him!!!) But I THOUGHT that if I could take that plant and transition it to the soil on my windowsill planter - it would do better.

I was wrong.

dead. dead. dead wrong. LOL
I will not even show you how dead wrong.




last time that we had a challenge to guess what kind of plant my suprise seedling was - @wrestlingdesires won 25 Hive from me! But this time - I think I know what they are!

First... who could guess that after all this time in my worm bin, there were still some dormant seeds just waiting for the right conditions to sprout! hahaha I filled my windowsill planter with soil from my worm bin, and about a week later - a seedling popped up! You know me - I LOVE LIFE! And when some little seed can fight against all odds to stake its claim in the world??? I MUST SAVE IT (well, before I most likely kill it 😞)

So - I gently scooped out dirt all around the seedling and replanted it in its own little home! Then - 2 days later - ANOTHER mystery seedling hahahahaha
I repotted that one too and so far - they are both happy little plants!

After I finished my 4th watermelon today. (yes. 4th watermelon. LOLOL I'm on the kidney flush part of my detox and they are baby watermelons. 'nuff said hahaha) I had a few seeds. I just pushed them into the soil. hahahaha

I don't care if they sprout of not! Free seeds I tell ya!!!! Let's see what happens! hahahahaha

So - if you'd like to see my little time lapse video of my celery - go check out my video! It's kinda fun! hehehehe

This post is a VERY EXCITED #GROVID22 POST thank to @bluefinstudios keeping Grovid alive! hehehe If you want to try to plant some seeds - or take care of a new little plant - or even if you have a black thumb of death like me.... you can HAVE FUN writing about it and sharing it with all of us for DreemPort next month!!! Keep your eye out for updates! It will be fun! (yes @kemmyb - even you can get a tiny plant to take care of in your house in a pot hahahahah)

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Grovid to the moon and beyond... Hehe - until it meets the killer of Veges 😂.

That 1 minute video says alot. I Know that praticing agriculture is never easy, but I also imagined that doing it on a small scale just for the fun of it (like you are doing) would be easy. Hehe

If it's so dicey to plant seeds and watch them grow, I wonder how farmers manage to produce so much per year. Hehe. God is really good.

After I finished my 4th watermelon today

Haha... 4th? Wowww... Get ready to start planting enough watermelon for the next generation 😂.

hahahahahahahahahaha i planted two of the seeds - lets see what happens LOLOLOL

i tried to grow watermelon last year - it didn't go so well. the watermelon only became the size of a gumball hahahahahahahahahahahaha

i have to show you this! look!!!


i can't believe the difference in just 2 weeks!!! wow!!!! hehehe

now i'm excited for what happens this year LOL

Hahaha... I can see the difference. Just 2 weeks and you are already fully detoxed 😂😂😂. I mean, what else is remaining?

Time to grab those dumplings 😂

This is quite effective. Hehe

hahahahaha no no no - no dumplings

what are you trying to do to me! hahahahahaha

Looking fab, well done you x

thanks!!! now to KEEP IT GOING! HAHAHA that's always the challenge right? :)

It really is! It's all about creating a lifestyle that's sustainable, in the present, and easy to do each and every day. Keeping in mind... easy get's easier the longer you maintain your desired lifestyle. It's all about IDENTITY and BE NOW. If your daily decisions are congruent with WHO YOU TRUELY ARE... then BE NOW happens daily, naturally, and also feeds your soul! Otherwise your going to be dealing with and internal battle of wills (NOT WIL's! hahaha! 😝) One focused on the future and who you want to become... and the other focused on the past and who you were before... and then there's you being pulled apart in the middle in the present. BE NOW is being WHO you are meant to be moment to moment in the here and now... because there's nothing else you would rather be doing than staying true to yourself... from the inside out! That's how change is made and maintained. Most of the work is internal work... and the tangible health happens after the fact. Heal the inside... and the outside reflects WHO you really are. ❤️

Amen to that!!! and that's why I think i'm finally looking beyond the "end of the detox"

it has always been about achieving some goal in a time frame - and then as soon as I reached the finish line... i slowly treated myself for a job well done

but this time - the detox ends next Friday night... but I'm already thinking about all the changes I have coming THROUGHOUT the year! and i'm so excited to see it

normally the thought of 'ughhhhhhh a whole year' would just freak me out with that huge time commitment and waiting for it all

but this year - it's a totally different feel. it's almost this excitement hehehe to see the new me being revealed one week at a time! heheheh

i'm excited!

I'm clueless about seeds, plants and all that stuff.

Whatever I plant seems to flourish for a short time before it dies out of the blue for no apparent reasons. lol 🤷‍♂️


This beetroot is my latest victim attempt. I had it in a glass of water and its roots grew well, but then it broke the glass. 😆

Now moved into soil, I have no idea what to expect from it or if I'm doing it right.. As I said, I'm clueless. But yeah, can't resist doing that, as you described it best "when some little seed can fight against all odds to stake its claim in the world". 😁

ahhhh you are like me!!!!! LOLOLOL this is me.. right here... actual footage.


yep. i try so hard hahahahaha last year i had some success - but THIS year - i know i'm gonna have a ton of success. i know it. i know it i know it. hahahahahahaha

and WHAT. the roots broke the glass?!?!?!?! THAT IS ONE POWERFUL BEET hahahahahahahahaha

but you feel my pain right? here we are trying to love it... and we love that damn thing right to death. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Hahaha, love the footage! 😂

Yes exactly! We love the thing to death.
Our love is DEAD serious!!! 🤣

It seemed one strong beet for sure, the whole thing like expanded in width and broke the sides of the glass like a red hulk. 😁

you have NO idea how hard i laughed at this.

i can SEE it.

a strong beet expanding hahahahahahaha oh my gosh - a red hulk ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

hilarious clip😱🤣 I think you're taking the detox a bit too far though! !ALIVE !PIZZA !LUV !LOL

hahahaha wait why?!?!?!

what did i do that was too far!! LOLOLOLOLOL🤣

haha I'm talking about the grim reaper look in the animation silly with the dead plant! !ROTFL 🤣🤣🤣 READ my other comments too lol. You look great💗


yes - i guess i took it too far when you could see my bones

It is raining so hard we may need an Ark
Luckily I Noah guy.

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Yeah... For free food 👏👏👏

So cool that your better idea did become a better idea at the end.

The mystery seed worked wonders for you and then we have lots of celery.... 💃💃💃💃

Not sure if you know, but when you grow basil you have to pinch the little white flowers off. If you don't then the plant will stop producing and die. Same thing with rosemary if you let it go to long without harvesting it becomes extremely woody tasting. I had a basil plant that lasted me two years. But then my yellow lab at the time felt like it was time for a little Italian in her life. And boom she ate the entire plant.

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl what!!!! she at the whole thing hahahahahahahahahaha

yeah - this was just a brand new plant - just a little thing from the store! you can see it in the video ahahah no flowering or anything - it was just like a full blown plant hahahahaha i guess i should have just left it in the water like the instructions said LOL oh well!!!! one of these days i'll learn to follow instructions....

not 😂

Nom, nom,nom🎶🗯️🐕💨🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾⚰️🍃🍃🍃

ROFLLLLLLLL ok now i'm trying to figure out this emoji sentence

whistle - talk - dog - fart ROFLLLLLL walking - is that ... it looks like a coffin but also could be poop. hahahahaha a new poop emoji - and then 3 leaves?!?!?!?!?!

what does this mean! hahaha

read it like the Chinese

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL i dont' know how to read Chinese either! hahahahaha

Read right to left lols /...The yellow lab eats the basil leaves and kills the plant hence the coffin...then he runs away... I thought that cloud thing was showing speed hahahaha !ROTFL and starts whistling away to himself... why am I even explaining this????🤣🤣🤣 !ROTFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

hahahahahahaha oh i don't believe you!
prosecco was definitely involved in that Chinese emoji sentence hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah

There may have been a decaf tea😜

And no...there is no Prosecco involved tonight haha... I've just lost the plot... high on engagement... Ping!

Dirt has always freaked me out. Its been that way since I was a kid and the side of mud is just unnerving for me. However, I loved how you wrote about it. I admire your passion.

hahahahahaha my son is the same - he can't stand being dirty.

i dont' mind getting my hands dirty AS LONG AS i can wash them after. hahaha if i have to walk around with dirty hands??!! i'm done. DONE. hahahahahahahaha

i'm glad you enjoyed the video! hehehehe and i love your username hehe

Pirate Thanos has an an origin story you know. We need more people like you in this planet. People that'll help the Green.

no i didn't know it had an origin story? where is it? hehehe come tell me! hahahahaha

Hahaha.I dunno if my introductory post reveals enough that you will call it an origin story.

hehee ok i'll go check it :)

This is exactly what happened to mine when I tried it...I did celery and spring onions and they were doing amazingly well on my front room windowsill. SO ...I was like...plant them!!! In fertilised soil...they'll !LUV it....nope nadda not a chance in hell haha...they just died a horrible death. I wonder why this is? At least Blue has the answer...just leave them in water hehe. Posts like these are great because not many people know that you can grow food from scraps so easily😍 !ALIVE ...I hope your watermelon seeds take...how yum would that be to have a crop of those coming down the line 💗

hahahahahaha i'm totally gonna try to plant some more watermelon seeds this year too - like not just from a plant - but from a seed packet

i tried last year but i kept it in too small of a pot for too long i think

and YES - ok uh oh. so i can never transplant my celery and spring onions to the soil?!?!?!?! LOLOLOL

shoot. i wonder why this is!??!!? hahahahaha we need answers!!! LOLOL

i guess we can leave them in water but...
it just seems wrong hahahahahahahaha

we need answers!!! LOLOL

I know haha.

You might do better doing hydroponic type growing instead of drowning roots in soil.. you can let them live in water.

yeah - maybe that's what was happening??? I don't know hahaha but next time - definitely just gonna leave it in the water LOL

when you think about it.. you have nothing to lose

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I was so shocked when I found out I was right 😂 How long did the little guy live?

btw, for celery, you should take a knife and slice a tiny tiny sliver off the bottom, before you put it in water... that keeps the rust from getting too bad. ALSO, allows the roots to grow into the water.

AND, you are changing the water about every 3 days, right???

Yeah... I did that from the start...fresh cut :)

Then I also trimmed some back
And I change the water too...

Look at them now hehehe


That Juicing is the gift that keeps on growing!