Bringing Baby Bloggers to Hive? NOT without this tip!

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Don't fall into the same trap that burns out most users! Use this tip to protect you and the ones you're bringing to the platform!

Do you sabotage your journey?

One of the biggest ways I've seen people sabotage their growth on their journey is by assigning themselves roles they are not BEST qualified to handle. CAN they do it? Sure. We CAN do a lot of things. Should we? Not necessarily.

Most often, baby bloggers bring TONS of enthusiasm (AWESOME) but then bite off more than they can chew (VERY NOT AWESOME). Before long, the pressure builds and later EXPLODES, causing friendships to fracture, and draining all your precious energy away from their blogging journey.

This can be prevented SO easily, with the simplest advice.

The hardest thing to do is to actually APPLY the advice and SIMPLY STICK with it!

Hope this the video helps, not just for Hive - but for all of life!

It has sincerely brought SO much peace to my blogging, my projects, my friendships and my life!

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First of all you, love the way you smile, its so infectious.

Secondly, I saw your '5 questions with samostically' video and loved it. The beginner advices you gave are so helpful and coming on to your blog, and watching this video related to newbies (newbie here btw) is just perfect for me..hahaha

Going to binge read/watch your content now. Just don't get alarmed if you gonna see sudden stream of likes from me😅.

Thanks for being there and helping new members. 🙏🏻


well some of those old videos were just for fun - and lessons that I learned from the garden and such.
some are songs that I sing hahahahaha

so have fun if you like LOL but you might get bored with me hahaahahahaha

there will be new videos coming up for newbies soon - another one for next week! :)

(probably after Christmas)

and you're so welcome for the help - believe me. if we help more newbies - we ALL win!!! :)

I think we all want to see you sledging down the driveway, or we riot! This is what you were "meant to do!"

Hahahah. Ok, I wholeheartly (not a word) agree with you, when @rubido and @iaura got here, I didn't say nothing! Failure is the best teacher!

And they killed it straight up anyway. Speaking of killing, can someone shoot the bird?
Oh is it a pet bird? DOn't shoot, don't shoot!

Or...Is it a bird on my side? I've got to look around...

Anyway to go back to what you said about "what you meant to do", it's almost like when you know "This is true love", if it's easy, it probably means it's what you're supposed to do.
Some posts, you will find them very easy to write, they are the ones you were meant to do, other posts can be seen as "practice rounds", anyway I digressed once more bu byyyyyye


Another good one .... careful lady.. this is not going to be a trend of me watching video. :) Although this is not a long video.

i will have to keep luring you in :)

the cinnamon cookies will bring their aroma to you LOLOLOLOL

LMAO .. better try something else.. you do remember I have no sense of smell right?

oh my gosh - what?!?!?!

noooooooooo i did NOT know this!!!!!

so is your sense of taste affected by this too??? usually people with their sense of smell affected don't have a strong sense of taste either - hmmmm but i know you CAN taste cuz you tell me that your dehydrated foods taste yummy hehehehehe

but when did that happen?!?!

several years ago. I had a Canada Day event on at the Legion and a serious cold hit ... so in order to show up to the event I broke down and took sinus meds to control the symptoms. Noticed after the cold had passed my sense of smell didn't return .. mentioned it to a retired nurse who was volunteering in the kitchen. She said that is a common thing for sinus meds to do.

oh yesss - i do remember you telling me this now!!!!

how is your taste though??? totally ok? or slightly affected?

I would say not affected but the times I was asked to participate as a judge in a local food contest I declined just in case there is an affect I am not aware of.

hehehehe good move!

how interesting! My brother has anosmia too, but his anosmia is Kalman's related. He can taste things just fine though lol.

I'm Happy to blunder around in the dark until I've managed to bash my head on every available obstacle. Seems to help with my creative process. That or I just wing it and hope for the best after a few drinks.

Let's all vote for
Sledging while shooting birds going down the driveway in a Barney the dinosaur outfit.

ROFLLLLLLLll go look at my above comment with the bird that i just dropped for Ed!

hahahahaha the bird right?
the damn bird!!!!!!!!!!!

and i MIGHT do the driveway for you two idgits hahahahahahaha bu not now - cuz its melted LOL

Well, I agree with you. I still have so many questions, and keep bombarding my brother with them. I am trying to take babysteps in understanding things. My daughter wants me to make her an account, but I keep putting her off because I want to be able to help her. I can see how it could get overwhelming. I am trying to set myself up for success by blogging and commenting and taking it slow. I did joing discord today and dreemport, so those are additional step in the right direction, eh?

hahahaha you're getting there one step at a time

and TAKE YOUR TIME. don't even be worried about taking your time. We will all be here waiting for you :)

it took me 18 months to realize that my steem token was real money hahahaha
I was giving it away and didn't know how to withdraw or anything hahahahahaha

and what happened to me? nothing. I just continued to grow and thrive and learn one day at a time

you will be GREAT because you have so many people around you willing to help - AND because you are not afraid to ask!

The only thing you need to do well is - pace yourself ;)

that will be another lesson coming soon heheheheheh

This is the best advice I've heard in a long time!

It is not only true, it should actually be common sense. Yet, this is quite the opposite of what we are thinking when we think of helping someone else.

This advice is actually so timely for me. I spoke to my neighbor this afternoon. He and his wife are in their mid-fifties. He wants to retire next year in April, by themselves a yacht, and travel the world while capturing their adventures on Youtube.

I told him about what we do here and suggested he post their videos here too. He was highly excited. They are on their way to leave for the holidays now but he wants to speak to me when they get back.

This post is definitely what I will keep in mind when they decide to join our platform!

Thank you for sharing this with us!

oh my goodness! he would be a HUGE hit here!!!!!!!!!

For sure share them with us!!!! we want to befriend and help and join them on their adventures!

@biggerjoe watches 2 youtube channels RELIGIOUSLY that are about 2 couples that decided to travel the world by boat - and then both ended up having 2 children on board hahaha

he watches them like a show every week! hahahaha

they would do great here - i'm CERTAIN!!!

@bluefinstudios watches those kinds of youtube channels too!!!

That sounds awesome! I'll definitely chat to him as soon as they are back!

Maybe @biggerjoe and @bluefinstudios will soon have another channel to watch...and support here in!

hehehehe i'm sure they will if they are doing boating videos!

I just sent mynewbies to the group of support that teached me of hive and im done with it XD, I do ocacionally follow ups and i kind of get burned by: WHY DINT YOU TOLD ME THIS BEFORE, or stuff like that, but to be honest im a really bad teacher, as an autism im really bad at communicating with others so, damm XD

hahahahaha ahhh don't let autism be a reason for you to have bad communication :)

my son is autistic and I always tell him - you can learn how to do anything! And he is 21 now and an amazing speaker -and people often say they can't tell he's autistic at all :)

it has taken many many years of building this with him - but you can do this too! I promise ;)

and i'm sure that you can be an amazing teacher also! I think that autistic people are actually MORE skilled at doing things hehehe

They just need the right helper to show them how to unlock their potential!


you still did it right! hahahaha send them to people that can teach them BEST. (just don't limit yourself due to autism hahaha)

Merry Christmas to you!!!! :)

Big hug, well ill be damm XD great and lovely comment <3 you should post about it (If you have i havent read it) i would love to read it :)

hehehe someone else asked me to do this too - but it would probably be a series! hahahaha

maybe i'll do it in 2022... we will see :)

Pls do it, i beg you <3

ahhhh 😊 then I will try my absolute very best to do this!

that request from you really touched my heart.

I will think about how best to do it ok?

I will want to do it really well, and put my whole heart into it - so it might take some time. But I will try my very best :)


We ll see you agaiiiiiin.

Great advice here.
Totally applied to me, the excitement was high for me I guess I told so many people already.

I m glad I referred then to hivenaija telegram group, (a lot of them never heard of discord).

I guess they should also ask questions in the comments more often too. I mean I learnt a lot that way.

But truly.. It takes a lot of stress off your shoulders and makes your create better. I have see this happen with me too.

A great video .. Lots of lesson learnt and hugs reserved for @dreemsteem later.

EXACTLY. pass them off to others who are GEARED to do it best! :)

and when you have less stress in your own journey- you have more joy for your journey AND their journey! hehe

thank you for the hug - i have another video coming in a few days - heheh probably after Christmas

and feel free to pass these videos on to all your newbie friends to help them!!! :)

the more we send out the info - the better hehehe

Very beautiful place to choose for your video. I love snowfall!
I love your dress and earrings ❤️ I like your smile always, God bless you dear @dreemsteem.
Merry Christmas ❤️

hehehehe thank you!!! it was my winter coat i was wearing because its cold outside hahahahaha

You have to come visit and enjoy the snow for me!!! LOLOL

Love you my friend!

Cool 😎. I would I love to be the one behind the camera

I have been dreeming to hold the snowman some day 😂

And quite a wonderful piece of advice for newbies and intermediate bees

hahahahahaa you would have a great time playing in all this snow now hahahahaha

there is SO MUCH of it LOL

😂. You are making me dreem more of it.

I never stop dreeming of it hahaha

It's the broader idea of doing what I'm meant to do that I'm having the troubles with. 😁

Nice to see you again! Lovely christmasy weather and view you got there. Which I'm happy to watch from the warmth of my bed. 😂

Dreemy christmas to you! 🎄 and happy holidays.

Ps. I tried joining #DreemPort about a week ago, but was getting errors when clicking stuff, I tried again just now and it seems working fine. So, I'll be snooping around there in a bit.

wonderful!!!! I'm so glad that you tried again!

It is in testing so those errors do pop up now and then hehehehehe

Be sure to submit your own posts after curation hehehe the more submitters the more varied our daily pool is!!! :)

Merry Christmas to you too my friend!! :)

and... hmmm how interesting..

you're troubled with knowing what you were meant to do! hehehe

well - start with "what do you love" :)

By the way, I kinda messed up on dreemport. I read the guidlines before I slept and didn't curate, then curated when I woke up and there was no way to reread the guidlines after accepting them, so I kinda ermmm..Went too strict about quality of the content. 😬

Sorry dudes and dudettes!

Also, I'm not sure if one should submit their BEST post regardless of its curation window (the 7 days) ? But seeing it's a daily kinda thing, I assume just most recent.


Hahaha this is a long story you'd not want to hear.

But in short, it's to do with something much bigger than me, so it doesn't matter what I love or want to do.

Don't worry about it. 😋

hmmmm I understand.

but I mean every word of what I'm about to say. I hope that in the future - there is a way that I can be used to help change that situation for you. Maybe it won't be me directly - possibly I'll know someone who can help to change it for you.

But I believe that we are exposed to things for a reason, and for some reason... now part of your journey has intertwined with mine.

Let's see what happens in the future then :)

Until then, I'm cheering for you. ❤️

Much love ❤ I appreciate the thought and the sincerity.

Yes, many things happen for a reason. So who knows what the future might hold, staying optimistic and enjoying the journey is something in our control at least. 😉

Thank you for your kind words!