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RE: Choose the path that leads to life

in Proof of Brain5 months ago

"We may not have control of our circumstances, but we have control of our decisions." This is hardly the reality, because the factors around the circumstances rarely gives them a chance.

People who finds their self in awful circumstances that's not just a poor background but maybe societal discrimination will find it extremely hard to go by with life peacefully. Actions like that have psychological effect on people and make them resort to defensive actions which will be offensive to the same community.

There's no valid justification for stealing from people, it is an entirely bad idea to resort to, but sometimes. The community has a hand in breeding such crimes.


Yeah... The community have a part to place. To be more blunt, everyone have a part to play because there are people that have more than enough to the extent that some of what they have goes to waste, yet they don't consider assisting those around them.

This can trigger those around to consider taking what they needed forcefully.

But, by the end of it all, it causes more harm than good to the person that goes for stealing as a last resort. Life is tough for everyone. We all have our pain. Heheh.

Like you rightly pointed out, the choice we make is in our hands.

You're right there,Someone who choose to do bad cannot play victim. There's always a window for a better choice.

And besides, Nobody deserve to be robbed off his earn resources.

I'm just trying to put the spotlight on another place that's not much seen, we should always try look out our environment, there's alot we can do if we pay attention close enough

Yeah Man... Attention is needed.

We may not have it all. I don't even have all I need, but I can always help someone else who is in a more precarious situation.

That's how we all will be able to provide morale boost for those around us.

Sure thing. Thanks for the piece☺️