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RE: Farming Tales’ Future: UI Things I’d Love To See

in Farming Tales5 months ago

I really don't know anything about UI, and I'm not all too familiar with the game. But I love graphics and I see what you did with the one bar, it's very presentable and it's quite easy to just concentrate on that alone instead of looking around.

I don't even know what I'm saying, lol. But then I couldn't help leaving a comment.

I hope they like your design and make the proposed changes.

Nice one Ryze! ❤️✅


I'm touched and grateful that you'd leave such a nice comment despite not knowing much about UI or Farming Tales, you rock! Yes, I did my best to make it "draw the user's eye" so they'd know what to interact with and focus on, I'm happy you noticed! I hope they find some value in it too, thanks again, wishing you a great day! 🙏

I'm sure they'll find value in it. Like you said, you always help others Ryze, they'll surely Ryze up to the occasion and follow your lead.

Great job @ryzeonline , you're doing pretty great.

Well it's 2am over here but thanks anyways 😂❤️..have a great day too!

(grin) I do indeed hope that's the case. PeakD interviewed me about my redesign of their app but seem to be taking their time on implementation, lol ;)

Thanks for the kind words and vote of confidence. And lol, ok, wishing you a great night then! 😂❤️🙏