ok, from tomorrow we want to see you playing farming tales! You can't miss the most realistic farm game of the moment! We are waiting for you in our community!

Spokes will fly, wheels fall off the tractors, mad cows run away and all kind of disasters. No idea 😂 thanks for the invite!

AHAHA, I don't think I would have these problems with this fabulous guide! Try!

Haha, all good @joanstewart , I'm just grateful you swung by and left such a lovely comment, and are sharing to help it reach others and support me, thank you! And thanks for the wine, Cheers! 🥂🙏

Wish I had an inkling of inspiration to play just one game, physical cards and board games yes not often.

Online has never captured my in imagination, so share I will, assisting others find amazing content like this.

(grin) I totally understand, it is what it is, and by all means, enjoy card/board games for now, perhaps video-games eventually, or not, lol. Either way, we all benefit by your sharing contribution, so thank you! 🙏

Never video either, for some reason only when power outages occur we get odd game in of late. Have an awesome weekend.

Always do what suits you best, wishing you an awesome weekend too! 🙏

Will do and you keep doing what you do best too 🙂