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RE: Farming Tales & The Power Of Passionate Dev Teams!

Fully agree with you @ryzeonline
One of the elements I evaluate before playing and especially investing in a blockchain-based game is the activity of the development team.
Is the team structured? Are there various figures that are dedicated to a specific aspect of the game? Is there support for the player?

Farming Tales has a structured team and the player who wants to ask questions or has doubts can easily find an answer or support.

Then the passion is the most important thing as you said.
It's always nice to read your posts ;)


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Ahhh, yes, I love that you mentioned structure, that's another important aspect of dev-teams I could've covered, thank you for bringing it up. I'm glad you pay attention to this stuff and consider it before playing. I have a lot of respect for your thoughts on blockchain gaming and Farming Tales, and although I've been busy with my Farming Tales UI Ideas, it's wonderful to come back to Hive and read your comment. Thanks for your comment, beer, pgm, and luv! Wishing you a great day! 🙏