The Great Northern UK Hive meet up

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The best thing on Hive is without a doubt meeting new friends in real life. Rewards are nice but people are real , and that's why I like attending Hive meet ups even though I'm a very shy person. My first one was in Taiwan not long after I joined the chain five years ago, then there was one with Team Malaysia, and the biggest one so far was SteemFest in Bangkok in 2019. Now it's UK's turn this weekend.

The event was hosted by @c0ff33a one of our UK witness at his roastery. You're not going to get a better place than this for a gathering.

There were 11 Hivers in total, plus 3 guests. You'd think with 11 bloggers around there'd be plenty of photos, but sadly not one of us managed to take a group photo of everyone!! We were just too happy to meet everyone and chat that I guess it sorted of slipped our mind.

Anyway, for those who's interested to know who's who, here you go.... From left to right
@stevenwood @goblinknackers @shanibeer @slobberchops me @shmoogleosukami's dad @c0ff33a @shmoogleosukami @onw

@slobberchops @goblinknackers @molometer @onw @shanibeer @rimicane

@rimicane @dandays's wife Pura @dandays

You've probably seen the place is massive and most of the time groups of people wandered off to other areas. Like the techie corner where @shmoogleosukami (also a UK witness) and his dad and hubby was probably talking tech. Btw, you see the computer screen? That's a witnesses node, right next to a coffee roasting machine. Isn't it fascinating!?

If you're a coffee lover like @stevenwood, you'd feel like a school kid in a candy shop. You can see he's bursting with excitement at the sight of all the coffee varieties!! Just joking, it's my wide lense angle 😁

Here's another part of the roastery and another roasting machine. @c0ff33a did a special roast for us and that deserves it's own post which will come soon.


But let me give you a teaser if what we all came away with...

Yesterday was a small but intimate meetup and it was great to meet people from Hive in real life again. A few of us are planning to go to Hivefest in Amsterdam already. Can't wait to see you all again.

Thanks for lovely day everyone, especially @c0ff33a for hosting and running around making coffee for us all and @shanibeer for organising!! Next stop Hivefest!!


First off I do apologise for the wonky and badly taped sign on the door, if you knew just how painful it was just to do that though you would be a little more lenient. Needless to say having pulled something in my back a week ago anything that involves bending or moving generally is extreme agony. Iburofen does appease my angry back, but limited to three 400mg doses a day at least four hours apart when the angry back has munched it's quota it does like to take it's displeasure out on me.

Crippled back aside I think the day worked well, @shanibeer did the hard work of getting you all to my executive coffee shed on the day - all I did was turn up and provide a cold buffet of sandwhiches, pork pies, sausage rolls, cake slices and and two massive fruit platters - oh and soft drinks plus coffee - and everyone seemed to be well into enjoying some coffee!

The excellent food I sourced from Weaver Rooms in Dean Clough, they did an amazing job in 2020 and again they excelled I know everyone enjoyed it because the food was for 15 people and it was pretty much cleared out by the end! If anyone would like to show appreciation on their socials links are

Cost for the food I covered with my Hive Witness rewards from @c0ff33a witness so thank you all for supporting my Witness current rank 47 - any Witness should be able to justify why they deserve votes and I hope this event gave my voters good reason. Also thanks to @slobberchops who donated the HBD from his meet up post to go toward the food cost.

It was a superb day despite my painful back, seeing familiar faces from the last meet up and also meeting new people - the hardest thing as the host is trying to keep everyone happy and full of coffee means very little time for chatting and hanging out.

Thank you @shanibeer for organising, @stevenwood for help with set up and being an amazing interesting person to chat to, @slobberchops for bringing @onw and also @goblinknackers , @rimicane who was new to me but I already know I need to keep an eye on her posts, @shmoogleosukami returning again and always someone I can relate to because we both relate to tech and run Witness servers, @molometer who I instantly recognised from his YouTube and HiveBlog but also has an interesting back story - because he knew @oldguyphotos before me and together they took me on this Blockchain journey, @dandays who was just super interesting to chat to, some people have just this rare skill that they can talk and just hold your attention completely - and he really has it. I loved his story about how he visited a coffee plantation in Costa Rica with his wife - and they use mosquitoes to pollinate coffee plants and attract them by planting banana trees close the coffee trees. Amazing - I did not know that! And of course @livinguktaiwan another face to a name I have known and interacted with for years.

Super day, amazing people and I am sure we can make it bigger and better again in 2023 my back allowing......

keep everyone happy and full of coffee...

I still haven't slept!!

I don't know what's in that Rwanda brew but I'm sure I'd fail a drug test—Zing! It's ok though, don't be alarmed, I'm happy to report the oven, washing machine, stairwell entry and window sills are so clean the royal family can eat off'em.

Our pleasure, @c0ff33a. Thank you.

A pleasure to meet you and your good lady Sir, feel free to pop over whenever you like I work Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm - if you ever are in Halifax I would be happy to top you up with caffeine

First off I do apologise for the wonky and badly taped sign on the door,

You should have seen the taped sign in Bangkok (SF4). That was after walking through darkened narrow slum streets fearing for your life to get to the venue. Yours was perfectly fine.

Thanks again for hosting the event @c0ff33a, we do appreciate it.

I'm so sorry I wasn't aware of your back. You were marching up and down all day making coffee for us and making sure we were well looked after. I felt so guilty that you didn't have a chance to sit down at all and put your feet up. Hopefully you have had a good rest to recover today.

Thanks once again for hosting us!!

great to meet you @c0ff33a, ... and thanks for the free beans (looks like somehow I swapped bags with @slobberchops and so mine is ground and he has the beans) .. not a problem though, the recommendation on the oily espresso beans I go also was a good one, they are in the bean to cup and hit the spot!.

I'm pleased to hear it went well. It sounds like you all had a great time.

Hopefully you can join us in one in future, I believe @steevc may be planning one

This is so cool. It must be nice to meet people from Hive in real life, I'm glad you guys were able to meet. I only recognized @shanibeer because I've already seen her on a NeedleWorkMonday video call 😅. And all of you looked great.

I hope you had a good time. Greetings ❣️.

Bringing onchain relationship off chain is so rewarding, meeting people in real life. You guys should try it sometime, seems like there's quite a few of you in Buenos Aires?

There are some people from Buenos Aires but they are my own friends who I helped to join Hive 😅. Then there are some Venezuelans but they live a little far from where I live. This province is quite large, but perhaps we could find a middle place for everyone 😃.

I'm sorry I missed it, but distance and COVID kept me away. I hope we have have more meetups over the summer to warm up before Hivefest. I expect a few Brits will make it to Amsterdam.

Enjoy your coffee.

Oh dear! Hope you don't have any serious symptoms.
It will be fun to do another one over the summer if possible

It's been like having flu :( Improving now though. I may do a small meetup soon. Will sort out the details.


You have the lurgy?

I tested +ve last night after suffering for a few days. Definitely didn't want to be spreading this as it's nasty.

Cool to see all these faces :)

Hive Fest... Sigh... I don't know...

You should come, they are a blast.

Middle of September, during school year is tough. Let's see.

Bring the family!! Problem solved 🙂
It will be a good educational trip for the girls

Did you know that if you take kids out of school for vacation in the middle of a school year parents can actually go to jail?


😫 in UK they fine the parents but apparently a lot of parents still do it as the fine works out cheaper than the price they pay to go away during school holidays!!

Atrocities in schools but punish parents for vacationing. Those are pretty weird priorities.

Well, in the root there was a good thought, although now it is muddled.

In the US, there is a whole lot of domestic abuse among children. Many kids 'disappear' regularly. This is supposed to provide a safety net for the kids. So if they don't show up in school, the school district will call the next day, and after 3 calls authorities will come knock at the door. Now, perhaps in case of a real danger that is probably too late, but I appreciate the thought.

Also there are many kids in my daughter's school district who get their meals of the day in the school. We had to keep the kitchen open even during summer, when the school is normally closed, otherwise many of these kids, some of my daughter's friends will go hungry ..


Child abuse and poverty is a problem everywhere in the world, even in developed nations ☹️

Looks fun. It's neat seeing some faces - that can be rare on Hive.

Sounds like a future coffee post is in the works. I'm looking forward to it!

We got a special roasting demo of the blockchain coffee, definitely deserves its own post

Oh so happy to see you all had such a wonderful day! Great photos :-)


It was great meeting some old and some new friends, just wish I took more photos

OK, I read between the lines and between all the great pics - that it might be a good idea to order some #coffee from @c0ff33a

A !BEER from me....

Yup, quite a few of them bought extra yesterday, serious coffee drinkers! Here's the website

I bought a small pack and have given it to my Daughter, they make pretty good gifts for the Coffee freaks in our lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the food was excellent, I got a broader sense or the scope of use cases of Hive and a very strong community backing the coin.

I had several tasty lattes prepared by our wonderful host and learned more about how the Hive witness system works.

Thank you for this opportunity to expand my Hive horizons.

I really enjoyed meeting you and discussing the deeper workings of Hive Blockchain, I'm sorry I could not answer off the top of my head the Hive Burn System but I will get hold of a few people in development and let you know the answer.

It was great to meet you @onw and glad you found out more about Hive yesterday. Hopefully we didn't overload you with too much information

I keep on forgetting @slobberchops face isn’t like the one on his profile picture😅🤣 So nice to see you all together!!! 😍

That was me... in my younger days 😁

You could have warned us to 'tuck the bellies in' before taking my 'fat picture' 😃

Don't worry, you're just showing your true side which we all love ☺️

Awww, I'm touched... (and I'm going to run everyday so I don't look like this in Amsterdam) 😀. I used to be such a skinny lad..

It's your story, tell it however you want.

For once Slobberchops I think I have the advantage. I definitely won the big belly contest.

There's definitely a few contenders!!

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First tipu and then I'll read and comment for real ...

@tipu curate

even though I'm a very shy person


It's lovely to see the faces. I had a few surprises recently, and even from these photos today. I do hope I'll get to attend a Hive Fest one day :)

Amsterdam is pretty near!!

It was so nice meeting you in person! And everyone else! Loved the social aspect and real-life conversations. Thanks, @c0ff33a and @shanibeer, you guys made this day special!

Likewise. The drive down Birmingham was as smooth as silk, must have been my lucky day

That's nice! Did you manage to pop into the city after all?

We were a bit tired by the time we checked into Premier Inn, and there was a nice Turkish restaurant nearby so we just stayed nearby.

Yay that is cool and in a few months we get to meet!

Yeah!!! At last!!

So cool to see @livinguktaiwan 😁
Great to see some faces behind names. It truly looks like a great time 😎

I really enjoy these gatherings, especially after the past couple of years where our movement is so restricted

Yes, understand fully… we were locked up long enough.
These moments are special. Especially with people from Hive, it’s one big family 😁😎

great seeing you again @livinguktaiwan, .. hope you see you and others in Stee(oops) ... HiveFest. 😃

Likewise @goblinknackers and hopefully will see you again in Amsterdam soon

You shot me! Rolled in fashionably late, cut out fashionably early, ducked a couple camera screens and you still got a shot in. Smooth moves, you.

Had to nab that pic (secretly, quietly, unsuspiciously)

This was so cool to see! Thanks for documenting your meetup and sharing the photos of these fellow Hivers. I knew a few faces already, yours of course and especially @shanibeer’s since we Face call often. Great job organizing Shani!

So nice of @c0ff33a to host at his roastery and shower you all with those goodies. It was nice seeing @dandays and his wife there too!

It was very nice to have international guests at our Brits meet up and to come away with goodie bags, don't you just love these meet ups!!!

Looks like you all had a great day - it was brilliant that you could all meet up !!

We should should have dragged you down from Scotland!

I was really wanting to go to be honest, but couldnt make it work this time - maybe next time ! Or maybe we need a Scottish event !

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It looked like you all had a fantastic time, I am intrigued about the special brew though!

Still behind with my post (as usual!!) but you can get it here as well. It was very nice to get a batch of freshly roasted one just for us 🙂

Thanks for the link, it does sound good!