Delicious chocolate and coffee biscuits | Recipe

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Greetings to all coffee lovers! Today I come to share the recipe for some delicious coffee and chocolate biscotti that I prepared this weekend for my family and they loved it. The special thing about this treat is that they are 100% vegan. I invite you to take note and prepare them at home.



☕1 cup wheat flour
☕1 tablespoon vanilla (13 grams)
☕2 tablespoons of organic cocoa, without any additives (26 grams)
☕1 tablespoon of vanilla (15 milliliters)
☕100 milliliters of melted sugar cane panela (sugar cane sugar)
☕50 milliliters of espresso coffee
☕50 milliliters of soybean oil
☕30 grams of organic bitter chocolate drops, without additives
☕1 teaspoon baking powder (4 grams)



☕In a large bowl place the ingredients one by one, first the hatina that we pass through a fine sieve to sernir, then we continue with all the ingredients and we beat at a moderate pace with the mixer until a homogeneous cream is formed.

☕In silicone molds, we place the layer and place 1 and a half tablespoons of the mixture. Place some chocolate drops on top of the mixture and bake in an electric oven for 12 minutes at 250 degrees Celsius.

☕Remove from the oven and prick with a skewer stick to see if they are ready. Unmold and serve with a cup of coffee.




In 3 easy steps you can have a delicious snack to share with your family. Thanks for visiting my publication. See you next time.



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 2 months ago  

Those look very good. We call them muffins generally but I know that the term means different things in different cultures.

It's awesome that they are vegan as well. That's pretty cool.

They are the same cupcakes, muffins, biscochitos. Thank you for visiting my publication. Greetings!


Excelente publicación y video

Muchas gracias por visitar mi publicación 😊... Saludos!


Me encanta merendar rico así todas las tardes si pudiera

Con estos bizcochitos meriendas a gusto... gracias por visitar mi publicación.


How delicious they look! My mouth is watering!

I assure you that they are delicious...
Thank you for visiting my publication


Woooou friends @chacald.dcymt. But what a divinura 😍, honestly they look great, and totally appetizing.

I need something like this right now, and if it's with a great cup of coffee with milk even better 😋. Hahahahahaha.😄

Thanks for sharing.

A bear hug for you... 💖


I assure you that they are delicious...
Thank you for visiting my publication.😘💋❤️☕☕


Tell you what, these look amazing! I really need to learn to cook, some amazing recipes getting shared in this group.

Yes ☕🧁....☺️👍🏻

Thank you for visiting my publication. Greetings!

4:23 de la madrugada, ando navegando por hive y me encuentro con esto...

Por eso no me gusta navegar por hive a estas horas, siempre, pero siempre, me encuentro con alguna receta que antoja... peor, esta es de café y chocolate, las cosas que me quitaron y no puedo comer...


Nah pero genial tu video y tu post jejeje muy bonito la verdad y antoja que es lo importante. La foto del final quedó genial.

🥺 lamento que no puedas disfrutar de esta combinación...pero puedes adaptarla a lo que puedes comer... ☺️👍🏻... Muy agradecida por tu visita 🤗... Así compartimos un biscochuto y un cafecito virtual ☕🧁☕... Un abrazo. Eres siempre bienvenido.


This recipe made my day, no doubt that it is a visual pleasure to see these cupcakes :D

I assure you that they are delicious... A vortual blcado for you 🧁☕☕.

Thank you for visiting my publication.