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Hello Hive & Community Members

Welcome to 3CsCoffeeCuration.
(Issue No.13)

A compilation shining the spotlight on this week's awesome coffee posts from Cinnamon Cup Coffee members.
The selected authors share their passion through stories and photos, for their favourite black liquid gold, commonly called coffee, and some special meals that complimented it.

👐 Coming up, you'll learn the importance of maintaining your coffee machine; the proper way of using a Turk, and a confession of love for a Nespresso machine.
Do you believe life's better with a little bitterness?
Apparently so, especially if drinking from a unique kick-ass mug. Witness a phenomenal estate sale deal of a heavy duty coffee grinder; lots of recipes, including a festive Biscuit recipe and more.
Discover what a proper green tea looks like, and don't miss some demonstrative coffee vlogs using a modern manual coffee maker, and some coffee reviews.

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The Best Sugar Cookies For Coffee Breaks

"What goes really well with coffee at any time of the day? Biscuits!!I've been messing around with baking and finding the best recipes for the last 6 to 7 years. There have been a few recipes that I've kept for the long haul, they just seem to be (almost) flop proof and are super tasty. Unfortunately this recipe does not cater for any dietary requirements. I'll try some in the future that are healthier alternatives and when I find one that sticks, I'll let you all know. I've included a section at the end about biscuits as gifts too - because, well who in their right mind doesn't enjoy receiving home baked biscuits right? @andrastia

Life's Better With A Little Bitterness

"Today is an exceptional day. Why? Because I got more than fifteen (15) minutes for coffee break today! Yay! These little things are one of the reasons why I still yearn for better days! I drink black coffee two to three times a day or even five times if I had to stay up all night. I work in a real estate company where I was assigned as the owner’s site engineer which requires paper works and site work." @nikkabomb

How To Brew Black Coffee In A Turk Properly

"How to brew black coffee in a Turk (cezve) properly? If you say this to someone, then from the first word - everything seems to be clear and simple. But no - not everything is as simple as it seems. Real professionals (not amateurs) who brew coffee very well know that this has its own secrets. For the first time, as a child, I tried coffee in Georgia and Abkhazia (since I was born and lived there until I moved to Russia), where it is brewed on hot sand." @antikus369

Freshly Grund Bamenda Espresso From Cameroon & Peanut Butter Jelly Sins

"Bamenda is from the Coffee Cooperative Boyo from the North-West of Cameroon. A Fair-Trade product. It is a 100% Arabica-bean and has a special aroma of walnuts & chocolate, so yummy, especially freshly ground. This is my little hand mill with a ceramic grinder. To avoid the contact with plastic of the freshly ground Bamenda i "catch" the coffee with a glass." @luca1777

Maintaining Your Coffee Machine Is Very Important

"Coffee machine maintenance is very important!I've just spent the last hour or so doing some much needed maintenance on my coffee machine. It's generally recommended to descale your coffee machine once a month, more frequently if you live in an area with hard water.The area I live in the water hardness is like 440mg of dissolved solids so extremely hard, this is why we use bottled water with only 60mg of dissolved solids for our coffee machine and kettle, Much less scale and also makes better drinks." @shmoogleosukami

Little Luxuries Nespresso Coffee Machine

"I have a timeshare week down in deepest darkest Cornwall at the Clowance Estate. Yve and I bought a week here back in 1986 when it just opened and it has been a great little bolt hole at the end of summer. One small down side last time I was there was the lack of a decent coffee maker and I was stuck on instant all week. So one of the first things I packed for coming down this time was my Nespresso coffee machine. No more instant for me." @diveratt


The Grandaddy Of Grinder, Estate Sale Finds $60 Paid!

"Over the weekend I went to an estate sale and found a Tomlinson CM-400 Commercial grinder, in someone's house of all places! Maybe I shouldn't be that surprised since I'm going to be using this in my house too lol. Without further ado, lets check this baby out!Made by Tomlinson in the 90's this grinder is a bit of a rarity." @badnewsbeards

I Don't Always Drink Coffee Like A Hipster, But When I Do...

"This kick-ass mug is sold by Rampage coffee and handcrafted in the USA by a "master potter." Its visual design alone evokes feelings of laid-bad toughness... The freedom to design our reality by surrounding ourselves with objects that leads to the meaningful expansion of intelligence, consciousness, and awareness. No one knows this more than the youth who lived under the chains of communism in the Soviet era. @litguru

Enjoying A Unique Latte With Baileys

"When I'm in Plovdiv I often like to jump there and enjoy the great temptations. I am talking about the confectionery "Niko", which is famous throughout Southern Bulgaria. Today we will drink latte. Who doesn't love lattes? And if we add great chocolate to the bottom and some Baileys ... I think we're in Heaven." @life.cruiser

No Day Without Sanger Espresso Coffee

"Sanger espresso coffee in my area of ​​Aceh has become a favorite drink, Sanger is a combination of creamer and coffee, while sanger espresso is a combination of creamer and coffee. In my area, there is no doubt about this coffee because the majority are coffee lovers. Actually, when you stop at the shop, there are many choices for coffee, for example, Ule Kareng coffee, sareng coffee, arabica coffee and Robusta coffee but for now the most enjoyed by coffee lovers is Sanger espresso coffee." @khaidir

Having Coffee With My 87 Year Old GrandMother

"Who does not like a delicious hot coffee in the morning and even more so in good company. In this case, I am with my 87-year-old paternal grandmother, a woman and a reference in my life, since she raised me since I can remember and who underwent surgery 1 week ago for an intestinal tumor. After spending a week in the hospital, she has recovered well and we are all very happy." @simolestomequedo

Coffee Tradition In Aceh

"FROM THE PAST until now, one of the things that accompanies the life of the Acehnese is coffee. Drinking coffee is a necessity and this applies to almost all Acehnese. This can be proven by the fact that almost all villages throughout Aceh have at least two coffee shops, and this number will be many times over if you visit the sub-district city, as well as the district city. Meanwhile in the provincial city, Banda Aceh, there are countless coffee shops, which are all of them almost never empty of customers." @bookrak


Enjoying A Cup Of Espresso After the Rain

"After the rain poured down Petro Dollar Batuphat, a friend and I decided to go home in the Kutablang Matang area. But before arriving home in the middle of the journey in the dark of night, under the drizzle that still wets the empty streets, I planned to enjoy a cup of coffee with him. I think, this is the right time for a cup of warmth for the body, coffee will be very delicious if you drink it after the rain. " @afridany1

How To Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee

"This afternoon I’ll make Iced Coffee Vietnam with my own way. For the people of Indonesia menu Iced Coffee Vietnam has its own story which will be remembered by the majority of Indonesian society. Here's the story

5 years ago, in early 2016 there was the murder of the tumultuous Indonesia, namely the murder of a beautiful woman named Wayan Mirna Salihin (we call Mirna)."

Excelso Brazilian Santos Review

"What Exactly Is Brazilian Santos?According to espresso coffee guide, Brazilian Santos is named after the port where the coffee is sent to other countries.Recommended or not? I would say yes. This one is highly recommended because again, various sources mentioned that Brazilian Santos is the highest quality of coffee than just the “Brazilian Coffee”. Other than than, the taste is great if you like something earthy, smoky or caramel coffee. As for the price, it varies between one place to another but it’s still relatively cheaper and in the mid-range price. There are better brands than Excelso and if you can get the fresh beans of Brazilian Santos, I would recommend getting that instead of the powdered ones, always."@macchiata

The History And Story Of Indonesian Coffee

"There is a legend about the discovery of coffee into a drink or food, which is a story of a sheepherder in Ethiopia who noticed his sheep be energetic after eating the red berries of a certain (coffee fruit). I'll give you one fact, that although coffee is an agricultural commodity that is very widely planted in Indonesia, the coffee plant is not native in Indonesia. Coffee and Indonesia concerning the history of colonialism in the past. Indonesia (at that time java island and around) in the century 17-19 has not become a sovereign country and is still divided into several small kingdoms." @isdarmady

Coffee To Fall In Love

"Today I want to share with you an excellent combination for a perfect breakfast and it is a tasty coffee without sugar accompanied by a rich paledonia, and I decided to call this post a coffee to fall in love, and who would not like to surprise that being we love with this rich courtship, adorned with beautiful white flowers." @loboblanco

Cooking With Coffee: Coffee Panna Cotta

"Panna Cotta is an Italian sweet with a soft texture. It is usually vanilla flavored and accompanied with jam or red fruit jam, but in this case, we are going to innovate and prepare it with coffee flavor, and to achieve a contrast of flavors, with passion fruit sauce." @chaodietas


Mocachino Afternoons

"Yesterday afternoon was very cold with a lot of rain, and I wanted to have something hot, but delicious. I decided to prepare a delicious hot chocolate, but with a touch of coffee, known as mocachino for all my family, we enjoyed that cup and it was a pleasant afternoon." @davidpena21

Made Coffee Agar-agar,As A Chocolate Drink Filling

"I made a chocolate drink which is really chocolatey... The filling is agar-agar. I made agar-agar using sugar creamer coffee powder drink. Agar-agar is often made using ingredients such as syrup, Milo, margarine, and others. Well, I used coffee😋." @faisalhanafih

Coffee With Milk For A Snack

"Definitely coffee is here to stay in my life and I can't imagine a day without drinking a delicious cup of coffee, depending on the time I drink it, it will also depend on whether I drink it with milk, black or in another special combination. I don't really remember the first time I drank coffee, what I do remember was that I always took coffee with milk to school for a snack and I didn't really care if it was cold, I always thought it was very tasty." @tejimundo

A Coffee Date With A Friend In Dalitan

"My friend recommended this coffee shop to me because it seems like she’s a regular at this coffee shop. I am someone that open with new experience, especially a new coffee shop to hang out. So, i said yes without thinking much to her. I am pleasantly surprised to see the place.' @firayumni

Pumpkin Jam On Bread W/ Tasty Fruity Delta Coffee

"When I went to see what could accompany my coffee I saw this beautiful pumpkin sweet that my api made a few years ago and it's still here but it's delicious I try not to see too much otherwise I've already eaten it all. Coffee is a delta as it could not but be very aromatic and fragrant that fills our soul. Then the bread is loaf bread without a crust, well spread with this delicious recipe that I'm going to teach you." @ricestrela

A Delicious Biscuit Cake With Coffee Cream

"Today in my work I was surprised with a biscuit cake with coffee. This cake is made with soluble coffee very good was to eat and cry for friends as they say. the lady who cleans us at work had this generous attitude of treating us with this sweet to top it off with biscuit cake with coffee cream and then eating at the same time you drink a nice Delta brand coffee until the afternoon it was different it soon had another flavor." @ricestrela

Cooler Weather And Great Ideas

"There is something about the cooling weather in Autumn that makes me appreciate my hot cup of coffee even more. A cold front blew through this week and cleared away the hot thick days. I hadn't realized what a stark difference that would make until I walked out in my red tank top and shorts to quickly realize I was underdressed. A fresh cool breeze greeted me and my cup of coffee. It was both refreshing, surprising, and most welcome." @shinyobjects

My 2021 Coffee Flat Lay Collection Part 1

"I brew my coffee hot but I like to drink it at room temperature. This is one fact about me that has never changed since I first enjoyed a cup of coffee. One reason is because I got used to taking photos of my brewed coffee first before consuming it. So by the time I’m ready to take a sip, it’s already at room temperature. Since I have saved a few good photos in the past weeks, I might as well share them with you. I have noticed your appreciation on my previous flat-lay coffee shots telling me that they’re really artistic and unique. So for this blog, I am going to share some other decent shots that you may find inspiration from. @nikkabomb


A Cup Of Green tea Accompany The Morning

"Today before starting my activity, I stopped by a coffee shop in my area, Indonesia, which was named POS KUPI, they gave this name because the coffee here tastes delicious and there are also many coffee lovers who gather and enjoy drinks here. But this morning I want to order something a little different than usual, namely hot green tea, this green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, actually this is one of the natural drinks used by the Japanese and our Chinese brothers for medicine for centuries." @khaidir

Breakfast With Earl Grey & Scrambled Eggs

"The menu for my breakfast this time is tea and also rice with eggs.The tea I'm going to drink this morning is earl grey, earl grey is the tea that I like the most because apart from the delicious taste, the smell is also delicious and refreshing. The earl grey I'm using is earl grey which I bought online from a shop called Rumahseduh, I've already shown it when I bought this tea." @aswita


Kopinata Decaf Robusta A Local Decaf Coffee Product Review
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"As I want to be less dependent on Starbucks, I tried to find decaffeinated coffee grounds. Apparently, finding a decaffeinated coffee is not easy where I live. There are only 3 places out of so many cafes that sell decaffeinated coffee. And that is the coffee alone. When it comes to coffee grounds, it’s relatively difficult to find a non Starbucks or Nescafe product. Decaffeinated coffee is also more expensive than the regular coffee ground. With its scarcity, I was very ecstatic to find a local decaffeinated coffee ground." @macchiata

Enjoying Coffee In The Swamps
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"How do you see a coffee business opportunity, open a coffee shop, does it have to be in the city? These days, many places are used as places to enjoy coffee in the city, while in tourist locations we rarely find real coffee, or filter coffee or some kind of espresso, and other black coffees. They only sell practical sachet coffee, and in my opinion sachet coffee is unsatisfactory and not suitable for seeking inspiration." @afridany1

How To Make Egg Tea
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"On this occasion I will share about my experience enjoying homemade egg tea. Egg tea is a mixture of tea and eggs, egg tea is very popular with all people because it is believed to warm the body and increase stamina." @yayan

Flair Ice Americano From Indonesia
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"Flair - Classic Espresso Maker: completely manual, lever espresso press is capable of brewing between 6-9 BAR pressure and I've been using this manual espresso machine since last year. I have done various ways to make a cup of coffee, from preheating the chamber, pressing the lever gradually, to the method suggested in the manual, but the method in the video above is the method that in my opinion is the easiest and does not reduce the taste of the coffee beans." @navre

Enjoy The Coffee With Friends In Kopi Kenangan
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"Did you know that, there's no best moments go by without coffee and besties. I think it will be more fun when you enjoy your coffee while doing chit chat with your best friends. That's what I've done last week." @viviehardika

Enjoy A Cup Of tea, Free Amenities
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"Three days ago i and @anggreklestari plan to staycation in JW Marriott Hotel Medan. Its the first time i stay in this hotel
Im so excited because this Hotel so great for the view the city.
I think, enjoying a cup of tea in 23th floor with the view is a good idea.
While chit chat about love and life problem with her and enjoy the afternoon in 23th floor is rarely opportunity." @aswita

How Does A 0.56 USD Café au Lait taste?
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"Today I would like to share one of our foodie experience this time in tasting coffee, recently I don’t have any problem with my gastric, so I take coffee almost everyday but in the small size just to make my stomach get used to it. Last Saturday, Mom and I went to a mall and like usually we needed to buy some fruits and any other needs in the supermarket but looked what we found inside." @devyleona

Hive & Coffee, My Daily Love
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"Do you have a favorite drink while writing?
I really like coffee, especially if you add ice. For me, coffee is the drink of a million people, not only when writing but in any situation.
Iced coffee is the best friend in increasing stamina and also keeping you awake. Sometimes writing becomes very difficult when we are tired or sleepy. Coffee is the solution because it's the caffeine that keeps us fresh when the body starts asking for a break, but that doesn't mean you forget your sleeping hours or even forget that your body also needs rest." @tinaagustina


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