Hive blockchain coffee and the secret episode

It's been two weeks since I returned from our Hive Team UK meet up. I promised a coffee post as our meet up was held at @c0ff33a's roastery. He had two large roasting machines on site, and offered to do a freshly roasted batch of Hive blockchain coffee just for us. I doubt even Hivefest can match that in their programme 😃


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The Master Roaster

@c0ff33a is a man of few words, but once he was in action in front of the roaster, he was more active than the beans inside the roaster, and took us through the process.

For starters, you need a roaster, duh!!! Here's the little baby that will be roasting our Hive blockchain coffee. I love its sharp funky yellow colour. It makes an industrial process so much more trendy and cool. Also, do you notice the pattern cut out on the top of the cooling drum? They look like round holes with a squiggle in the centre, but they are actually coffee beans. At least that's what I think they are. And my fellow blogger @molometer concurred with my observation.

The other thing we need is a computer. Don't forget we're talking about the blockchain coffee here, high tech advanced stuff. Just joking! The laptop runs a program which shows you the time, and the temperature inside the roaster. There's another line that shows you the data for the previous roasting batch for comparison purposes. That's to make sure all the beans are roasted at the same temperature and duration for consistency. And finally, we need the beans of course.

The secret episode

The roasting process had already started when we came into the room so we didn't get to see the beans before they went into the roaster. However, @rimicane someone was very determined to see the coffee beans. As the roaster was chugging along, something happened in the room that only a few people were aware of.....


The flash light

The robot roaster had a very bright flash light on the one arm. I ask @c0ff33a what that was for. Turns out roasting coffee is not all about technology, it still involves human skills. At any time during the roast, you can check the colour of the beans by removing a scoop that catches some beans are they are tossed around inside the roaster. The light is to give you better visibility of the colours. In the images below you can see how they have changed from green to to dark brown in a matter of few minutes.


About 9 or 10 minutes into the roastAnother 8 minutes in the roaster

The coffee waterfall

Once the roasting is completed, the beans are dropped from the roaster down to the cooling drum where they are swished around till it cools down. This process is actually quite therapeutic and takes about half an hour.

Then the best part happens. The beans are released the come gushing out like a coffee waterfall. It was quite a spectacular scene.

And finally, here are our very own freshly roasted Hive Blockchain coffee beans courtesy of @c0ff33a.

If you want to get your own Hive Blockchain coffee or any other good quality coffee, you can order them here


It was so great to meet you and your partner and everyone else who made it to the meetup.

It was so cool to see the process that @c0ff33a used to produce that very special #hive coffee on that cute roaster. I agree the cut outs in the machine were definitely coffee beans shape. It shows that industrial design can be beautiful.

I'm going to shoot a video on the coffee making process using our hive coffee beans at some point when I get my act together. 🤦‍♂️😂👍

I just thought about this. How many blockchains have their own coffee brand?

Well done Pauline on a very entertaining blog. I liked the captioned photos too 📷😂👍

I think we're definitely very unique to have our own blockchain coffee, and I look forward to seeing your coffee making video.

I haven't made any video for a while as well 🙂

I'm off to Devon tomorrow so don't think I'll get any videos uploaded for a while. I'm still filming but just cannot be bothered to edit anything? 🤦‍♂️ You know the feeling no doubt?

I'm flying my drone whenever I get the chance which isn't often but I hope to get some nice coastal footage. Weather permitting.

I've added the coffee video to the long list of videos to do! 😂😂👍🏼

You do get around don't you!!

It's probably too late now, but there are planned slow drive protest on the M5 today, you'll probably be caught in it

I'm here already 👍🏼 I went via M25 M3
It was ok just little traffic. I'm off to the beach to watch the waves 📷🎥👍🏼

I've had a few bags of Hive coffee and it's great. I bet that place smells wonderful. I'm just sorry I couldn't be there.

Always next time! You're all set for Amsterdam aren't you?

I'm getting booked up for that. See you there

The aroma of freshly roasted coffee is intoxicating. It was a great experience.

I'm heading off to Devon on Monday for a few weeks. Hopefully I'll get some photo and video content. I haven't uploaded a video in months?

I'm filming but not uploading much lately for some unknown reason? Baffling mystery. 🤦‍♂️😂👍

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This is so interesting! I would love to see it live in action.
I can imagine when everything was released and it's like a waterfall.
And I agree, the yellow color is so trendy! So visible 😅

The coffee waterfall was actually quite spectacular along with the aroma

Oh yes, the aroma! Addicting smell 😂

 2 months ago  

Hello @livinguktaiwan

I have been anticipating a post on the Hive Fest that's all about COFFEE, and this has exceeded my expectations.
I'm so sorry I didn't make it to this Hive Fest, but it's so nice to be able to match faces to names:)

So @c0ff33a. is a man of very few words?? You don't say!

I love the funky yellow colour too, and the machine looks amazing.

It was a pleasure reading this:)))

4 copy.jpg

I'm so glad you enjoyed this, such a pity you guess couldn't join us. I'm sure you would be like a kid in a candy store

 2 months ago  

Wow, that is such a cool thing to experience. I've never seen the coffee roasting process myself. It sounds like it really is an art and a science.

Great coffee post!

I think maybe not many cafés have their own roasters as its quite a big and noisy operation, so even if they had it would be located away from the customers.

Thanks for dropping by coffee mod

That's soooo cool! and sounds so exclusive too to be in the commu! Love seeing the process like this in person. So nice to have active community meet up every now and then!!

Seems like there are quite a few of you in Thailand, would be a good meet up!

Hmm.. who for example? if you don't mind me asking

I see quite a few Thais on Liketu, also kamichan, nathen007 and rycharde of course, and quite a few expat travellers in Thailand, some, or rather a couple that's gone off the tracks so won't be on my invitation list if I were to hold a Thai meet-up 😉

 2 months ago  

I seem to be in some sort of coma these days as I didn’t realise some of these events were happening. Must be getting old haha. I would have loved to learn how all this is done. Great post!

You didn't know about the meetup?? Tut tut tut!! Come to Amsterdam instead 😉

 last month  

Whens the Amsterdam one?

Mid September, it will be fun!!

I wish I could have joined you all. I’m trying to imagine the lovely coffee aroma. Great write-up!

Thanks Nick! Hopefully there will be more meet-up

Yes I hope so too

It's nice to see you all hanging out together. It's first time for me to see a process on how to make coffee.
The tool used was so cool. 😊

Philippines used to do a lot of meetups, have you joined their discord yet? There are a lot of experienced Hive users there, you can learn a lot from them

I'm not yet in their discord. Only pinmapple and motherhood I joined. 😊
I'm still exploring here in the platform.

 last month